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  1. DE care about every contents just like any parents who have 850 kids cares about each and every one of them. sometimes they just have to... tend to some kids more just for a bit.
  2. I don't play warframe mainly for the murder spree like most of warframe players do. But i ain't a pacifist either. Ex: most people kill eidolons for powerful arcanes so they can kill more enemies. I kill eidolons because i want cool action figures to decorate my room. If some ancient giants had to die I can't help it, sorry. Most people do arbitrations because they want galvanized mods so you know, more killing. I do arbitrations because i want to complete my ayatan treasure collection. sometimes i battle a giant spider robot just to get a toy. Sometimes couple thousands had to die because i want a coin, a rock, or a teapot. Sorry guys i swear i didn't make the rules. I don't enjoy it either, but my bedside table really need that teapot...
  3. It was a joke comment please don't cancel me.
  4. i think when i ignored a person, threads made by them should be invisible as well. but oh well, it's warframe. anyway, i made this thread a couple of weeks ago. the dates are way overdue, but i think the title is funnily very appropriate:
  5. the best way that will absolutely work right here right now for rookies, is to simply open trade chat, and look for WTS messages. see if anyone want to buy something that you actually own. msg them, go to dojo, then git plats. DISCLAIMER: yes, trade chat is the most wretched hive of scum and villainy. and yes, prices there are probably not the most lucrative. BUT, they will get their plats at that very moment. compare that to spending time farming for items that they're not sure are going to sell or not (remember, they're rookies) THEN researching for good price so the items would interest potential buyers THEN actually posting the item to third party market site THEN sitting for god know how long until somebody actually want to buy it don't forget that they have to be online when the buyer happen to be online as well. if you ask me, just wait for the 75% discount and give the devs some money. it's worth it.
  6. then your better bet would be with snipers. rubico prime, vectis prime, snipetron vandal, lanka, etc. or gunblades. specifically redeemer prime with certain specific eidolon build and playstyle.
  7. sadly the shawzin experience is worse in consoles. from what i heard from fellow console tennos, the only way to play that thing is to manually play & record the song everytime you login, so you can replay it anytime until you logged off. then you have to do it all over again when you login - cmiiw.
  8. last couple of weeks i've been answering questions in these forums from new players who doesn't have enough slots and not sure what to do next. and although warframe is a super f2p-friendly game, let's face it: slots is where this game starting to ask for our money. lemme take you back to times when i was a rookie, i had this exact problem as well. i was having a lot of fun with this game, but i'm not sure if i want to spend money just yet. i'm just stuck with excalibur and rhino. i had mesa prime ready to claim in my foundry, but i don't have the slot. one day i heard about this warframe twitch stream that'll be giving out warframe slots. so i marked my calender and tuned in. there she was, beautiful megan playing some advance warframe missions that i didn't even understand. one-shotting enemies that stood on her way with god know what weapon. tbh i didn't understand a single thing happened on that stream. but i got my warframe slot. i claimed my mesa prime. then the cowgirl carried me through contents that i never been able to do before. i also keep coming back to the streams regularly because it gave me cool stuff like limited decorations for my poor orbiter. and that's the best thing these streams could do for warframe isn't it? it get rookies engaged with the community, and rewarded them with stuff that they couldn't get anywhere else. a person who only plays warframe alone, will eventually get bored, then take a break or retire from the game. but person who engaged with the community will keep finding interesting stuff. probably some new meta that others can't shut up about, or hyping about upcoming update that the devs keep talking about in streams. tennos who hang with other tennos will keep finding reasons to be excited about warframe, to keep playing the game. and that is the best thing that these streams could achieve: to get players engaged with the community, and keep them excited about the game longer -possibly indefinitely. that's precious, you can't put a price tag on that. giving out couple free slots for that kind of loyalty is a bargain. i mean just look at me: over thousand hours later, i voluntarily throwing my cash at warframe right now, exactly because a slot drop from this stream saved me from involuntarily doing it years ago. i'm an active member on this forum, trying to help out new tennos whenever i can, and made some friends along the way. rookie tennos desperately need these kind of drops. heck even i could never have enough weapon slots. if DE give what they need through these streams, possibly hooking them up with the community, that's two birds with one stone. these kind of drops should be the bread and butter of every streams: helping rookie tennos with actually useful drops, hooking them up with the helpful side of the community who will get them hooked to the game. don't give us those nonsense about "oh we give drops only because we love you, you don't have to watch it if you don't like it" my butt. we're adults, we work in campaigns and ads. when mcdonalds give you free fries, they're never actually free. somebody is paying for those fries to get customers hooked in. if you ask me, i'd rather give a free slot every week to everyone, than giving thousand plat to an unknown tenno that'll never be mentioned again in the history of warframe. THIS is how you do drops, warframe. ================== by the power vested in me by absolutely nobody, i proudly rate this week's drops 5 thumbs out of 5 (👍👍👍👍👍)
  9. Yeah as others have said, for now just focus on getting more slots instead of playing more frames. There are plenty of things to do in warframe other than "collect them all". Such as getting archwing, decorating orbiter, get floofs, etc. Just enjoy other activities until you can afford more slots.
  10. Eventually you will get rid all of them in favor of the primed versions. However, you will be getting rid of them through specific means, not just by selling them. This means will be revealed to you after you finished the deimos open world quests, as my main man the f00l have explained. So yeah if you ask me, for now just hold on, get more slots through nightwave/events/streame/etc.
  11. Yet some amount of subjectivity always comes with these kind of seemingly innocent questions. Like this one:
  12. People who thought frames like mortal kombat fighters are poorly misled. Mortal kombat fighters will stop getting added at one point, then midway will focus on development of next MK game. Frames are more like costumes for girls in DOA games. It brings the devs money and it will never ever ever stop for all eternities. There will always a new skimpy bikini for another girl next month and some people will keep paying. And there will be another one the month after that. And the month after that. It will never stop. Ever.
  13. slap primed firestorm on it, it'll become an easy bramma/zarr replacement for crowd control. personally i built mine for critical, it just destroys absolutely everything. you won't need fire rate because it oneshots the whole godam room, go with critical delay embrace the oneshot. if you ask me, i'd forma it some more and look for more chakurrs to increase the bonus.
  14. everybody know that when you play videogames, you are obligated to choose being female. their armors look better. because: 1. the dev who made it is a politically correct person who does not want to piss women so they put extra efforts to make the women proud. 2. the dev who made it is a sexist who want to attract more male losers by designing as attractive female armors as they possibly can. either way males are screwed. you and i are probably the two last person on earth who still sticking with male characters in videogames.
  15. worthless discussion. horse has been beaten to death multiple times, yet nothing have changed. usually the china-phobia people vs DE white knights will have the thread closed due to toxicity. at least that's what happened to countless similar threads. all i can say is just play warframe. no need to worry about the politics.
  16. i'm skeptical about any nightwave ideas. simply because it's already one of the most player-friendly battlepass system IN ALL OF GAMING. and yes i'm actually challenging anyone who know a game with more player-friendly battlepass system to post and explain it right here. ========== having players playing longer is worthless for f2p games. in a matter of act, it's bad because people will generally eat up more contents with longer playing sessions and retire earlier. huge part of the f2p service is to have players stop playing now, but have them login tomorrow. ever heard of the most successful f2p game called candy crush? probably learn its model so you'll actually understand about f2p service models before spewing nonsense on public places. no wonder i ignored this person... it was a good decision.
  17. because awful mission end screen is the least of our worries. waypoint still broken -forcing some people to abort missions. mining and conservation HUD diamond crosshair thingie are gone -making those barely enjoyable missions even more unplayable. balance in the game is like the ocean during thunderstorms. also warframe's latest frame is worse than hidroid and inaros combined. nobody got time to worry about some screen.
  18. my bad. but in my defense, he did opened with "I have a litch that I like his name but dont like his weapon". anyway, i stand with what i said. this community comes up with ideas 24/7 for the last 8 years. if it's that easy i would mention @DE and post my ideas here as well.
  19. appreciate the enthusiasm, tenno. but DE are not genies that grant wishes just because you @ them. also, you can rename kuva weapons through the kitgun guy in fortuna. it costs plats. from business perspective there's absolutely zero reason why DE should waste time and effort to create a whole new system that turns something which generates money to become free.
  20. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: pablo already said that reworking frames doesn't increase their use rate. it only make people who'll use them either way, to be happier. and since our happiness is not DE's main concern, they won't do it unless really really necessary. in short: reworks and revisits are dead.
  21. i know people start doing sorties at mr5 nowadays, but i'm old school, i believe they shouldn't even think about it before at least mr13. i mean if they do everything at mr8, watcha gonna do at mr29? got bored of everything and rant at forums? 🤣 mr8 enjoy life, man... hunt some animals collect some floofs, make a kdrive pretend you're marty mcfly for 15 minutes until you realize it suck, crack some relics make new primes. deimos are friggin impossible. i basically gave up and left it, conquer SP, come back with my SP gears, then i can finally start killing stuff there. again: with SP gears. idk how normal players approach it.
  22. 1. what's an mr8 doing against lv85+ enemies? 2. you should be farming good mods at lower level and making good builds, so when you actually get to fight lv85+ enemies, you can actually kill them. 3. because yeah just as toasty and everyone here said: good builds > good weapons. 4. if you're fighting appropriate enemies for mr8, any weapons are good. the enemies are so weak you can use whatever and they'll still die. use this opportunity to max the fodder weapons so you can increase your mr. doing it later will be a massive chore. in short, ditch your main progression. sidequest to training arc instead. look for weapons to increase your mr, collect good mods and max them to equip on your main weapons. then go back to main progression after you're actually stronger. good luck, tenno.
  23. first of all.. calm down, my man 😄 beating aco is easy. but it would be wasteful if you get banned later for surrendering to rage or slipped a curse word. back to topic, i took a quick video to demonstrate the importance of procs in SP. pardon the trash resolution, want to get it up fast. but it's short don't worry. watch his health. as you can see he died from just the procs. could've been faster if i actually do anything. your melee build screams normal starchart instead of SP. capacity hogging umbral -on top of being unmaxed mods, whooping three elements, overlapping base damage mods... personally i'd take off at least sacrificial pressure and volcanic edge -or use just heat and take off viral instead. replace sacrificial pressure with blood rush. if you don't have primed fury, berserker fury is better. prime enemies using your guns, and try to build up some combo before aco spawns. bubonico is decent in SP, but it needs A LOT of investments. at the very least a maxed primary merciless arcane. and ignis wraith is one of those weapons who do absolutely awesome in normal starchart, but falls pretty hard on SP. it'll need even more investments to be useable. good luck, tenno.
  24. i've heard about people disabling volumetric lightning, glare, film grain, and ambient occlusion under the display options to get the most out of her eclipse. i'm too lazy to come out with a testing methods to check if it really works, but i do it too anyway.
  25. because anybody serious about playing warframe shouldn't be hanging out at those places. yeah, public chats are the place to get banned. even a peaceful guy like me had a couple of near misses there. the best guaranteed way to protect your account is to never type anything on those cursed chats. also, because #PlayWarframeSolo
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