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  1. "i don't enjoy arguing with others in warframe forum." that basically make me an angel.
  2. you got it backwards, buddy. warframe was intended to be a multiplayer game 8 years ago. but along the way, people who played it have decided that today it's better if enjoyed as a solo game first. anyway, do you pick the bounty from konzu in cetus, or do you go on free roam and do a free hunt? especially with the first method, the most reliable way to spot it is to immediately fly up and scan all waters with your eyes, one of them will have the blue light, immediately tag it before doing anything else. this also works well if you don't have enough lures upon destroying limb and it runs away. best time to find it is when it spawns, if you missed it, yeah searching can be a pain. i won't personally recommend the latter method because you don't get bounty rewards, on top of having to search for the dam thing. but if i do, i'll listen for the sounds. if it doesn't work for you idk what else to say. good luck, tenno.
  3. DE seems to love copy paste some commands or codes to save time. and with new war coming in fast making all of them really busy, guess who's codes are the most readily available? you're right... FROST and EMBER
  4. i notice your posts has become pretty arguey lately. in my previous post, i mention a fact, then wish op good luck. that's it. feel free to share your opinions, but i'll leave mine at that.
  5. as you can see from some of the replies here, i'm not that courageous with my assumptions. (sadly) it's just that common to be screwed up by such mechanics in warframe.
  6. there's no protection system in transmute mechanic, so it shouldn't be surprising. anyway, rivens are not for people who still got things to lose. they're DE's idea of an "endgame" so it's better if you play with rivens only when you already have everything and cannot get disappointed by anything anymore.
  7. there are two kinds of "i don't understand" in warframe communities: 1. first one is "i don't understand how DE fail to implement such obvious feature!!! cupholders in necramechs, DE!!! it will fix all of warframe, why is it so hard to understand?!?! cupholders in necramechs when?!?! imagine riding nechramech that doesn't have a cupholder!!!" 2. second one is the actual "i actually do not know the reason. somebody please kindly explain it to me" i sure hope OP belongs to the second category... because we had enough of the first category.
  8. as you might know by now, i suck with warframe details. 1500 hours later i still don't know half of the things happening in this game. but i do recognize them through sheer experience of being dumb and failing over and over again. so my personal ground rule is to never do missions with "killable" objectives (defense, mobile def, rescue, etc) later. i always do them first, so the nemesis is less likely to show up and by some miracle somehow managed to screwed it no matter how careful i am. i saved exterminate, sabotage, or survival for when they're about to show up, so even when they do show up, they can't fail the mission.
  9. or just go to your dojo, railjack, anything really. simply need to force a loading screen.
  10. oh wow, catalyst and reactor. those are 5/5 drops. orokin cells and weapon adapter are not that hard to get, but i have found myself in situations where i was scrambling for them. i'm sure there are plenty of tennos who can appreciate these. iirc cell array is only available for plats in the market cmiiw. but we have to admit that it's a pretty sexy decoration -considering we had nanospore and neuroptic mass in the past, literally turd decorations. so by the power vested in me by absolutely nobody, i'm very proud to rate this week's drop my first 5 thumbs out of 5! (👍👍👍👍👍) i could nitpick and demand more cells or something, but i really struggle to find anything wrong with this dropset. if warframe could have drops of at least this quality every week, i'm sure the current viewer's satisfaction will increase, probably even attract more new viewers, even if they're just casuals looking to get free catalyst or reactors.
  11. i'm struggling to list even one. and i can name 10 cool things about hidroid right now. that's how bad yuckreli is.
  12. wait there are rare relics?? i thought they all just come raining from the sky and fill my dang inventory
  13. welcome to warframe. where nothing are explained, and most people are confused. godspeed, tenno.
  14. - considering we have quests like sands of inaros with missable codex scan. - or quests where you can perfectly hit an unavoidable dead end for being undergeared -mostly boss quests, like alad v assasination or jordas precept. - or the fact that for a period of time we had missable quest rewards (frame parts, before simaris sells them), or super hard to reobtain rewards if somehow you screwed it up (ex: the broken war). - also considering DE's ability (actually "inability") to adjust order & pacing inside the game; ex: everyone know that lich hunting is lightyears better if the player already have all requiems ready at their disposal. most people who hate liches was noobs who fell into the larving QTE trap with zero preparations, they had to farm the relics, brute force opening all those relics until they got the requiem they need, on top of confronting a lich that's most of the time are way above their strength level. yeah, warframe is definitely not metal gear where everything are intended, nothing are accidents, every secrets, easter eggs, even exploits are meticulously handpicked and hidden under the watchful eyes of kojima himself and his team of scrupulous japanese. imma say asking for advices before tackling a quest in warframe is perfectly normal. just because i got screwed up by a quest, doesn't mean everybody have to discover getting screwed up like i did. i'm not a vengeful person haha
  15. And why it need to be a feature? Personal reasons I believe. Personally i believe that necramechs absolutely and desperately need to have cupholders. But i fully admit that it's just me. ========= Anyway everyone are free to send their CV to DE and replace steve. Make some real changes. Or opt for the micro solution that won't fix the world, but will save yourself from all kinds of trouble. Which is to #PlayWarframeSolo
  16. I did my personal record of 75 million one double booster weekend and never cared about credit booster again. If i make extra couple thousands when it's on, then great. But i haven't farmed credit again. Right now I'm sitting on 20 million with majority of my primed mods maxed and stuff from stores bought. Hopefully i don't have to do another credit farming ever again cuz that stuff is boring ☹️
  17. Thanks for elaborating yourself, saved us both of unnecessary argumentation. It's still morning here. But I'll have a drink to your health, and mine. Cheers
  18. I never know because it didn't even make a dent to my damage output.
  19. Yeah i have mine modded with poor men mods i equipped when i was still a rookie. Not maxed elements too. Used it for everything it works wonders so i never bothered. Until couple weeks ago when i was building my rj i realized i haven't update it forever. Forma it 4 times, maxed all the mods. Now it's just stupid.
  20. You know i absolutely would. We adults don't get buthurt just because some other people said something we don't agree with. Different people have different opinions. If you determined to punch every single person who think differently, you're going to broke your knuckles not even halfway through the list.
  21. unfortunately one does not simply become better in warframe. if anything, they become more knowledgeable. just like lessons in school, college, or work, you don't read one magic book and become knowledgeable. it's a cumulative result of experiences through reading various stuff and experiencing them. moreover, warframe is not skill-based, you don't need to be good. give my account to 9 y/o gamers, they'll destroy SP. weakness in normal starchart is nonsense. just equip slash viral or something, i guarantee 90% of stuff will simply dies. you can equip absolutely wrong elements and still destroy nodes. nobody should waste their time learning these. getting good mods and maxing them out worth way more. if you ask me, you wanna git gud, then get better gears. - start with mods. get primed mods from baro, corrupted mods from orokin vaults. - then frames. get those nukers. mirage, ember, saryn. get the defensive frames, gara, limbo, frost. the undying, wukong, nezha, nidus, inaros. the invisibles, loki, ivara, ash. use them to finish missions, quests, or to farm for better gears. - weapons. get the stupid cheap meta stuff. bubonico and co. then kuva and tenet weapons. at this point you should be tackling SP and arbitrations because those weapons are only as good as the mods and arcanes -which you'll get from SP and arbi. - lastly, you can pimp stuff like mechs, railjack, archwings, archguns. but only invest in these if you have covered your basics. they're there to make strong tennos even stronger, they don't make weak tennos magically strong. by the time you reach the point where weaknesses matters, you'll have everything memorized you won't even have to learn anything. take your time, warframe is a marathon, not a sprint. make a list of stuff that you want. if you can't get an item, don't be stressed just move on to the next item on your list. try it again tomorrow. do one thing at a time. when you're looking for a mod, don't worry about your railjack or archwings. just concentrate about that one mod you want. warframe can easily overwhelm people with no clear goal. good luck, tenno.
  22. Discounted numbers should be in strikethrough, with the new price under it. If you're positive you clicked on a discounted prices, contact support.
  23. In the final battle? I'll take my umbra forma rhino prime and his 60% kuva zarr thank you very much. Memes aside, clem is not that awesome. I wouldn't even play him on sorties.
  24. Thanks for confirming. Your engineer is definitely one of the guys that i am looking for!
  25. Thanks for confirming. Your engineer is definitely one of the guys that i am looking for!
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