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  1. it's possible. but DPS volt requires a lot of capacity, so if you get greedy and try to do both, you'll just end up with a volt that's not great at either. volt is not the best all rounder anyway, so imho it'll be better to build him for specific mission types. VS build is basically just slapping every duration mods that you have. so forma doesn't really matter. by DPS i assume you mean nuke? well, they're the ones you'll want to keep in mind when putting formas on him. so my advice would be to just build a nuke volt, which means a lot of power strength and range, probably a bit of efficiency or energy capacity. then make a VS volt on another config.
  2. warframe is not a triple-A game that will show you the way and guide you through the path of progression. you have to set your own goals, and do it one at a time. think of it like minecraft, everybody just do their own thing. some people build a house, some people go adventuring, etc. there's no first boss and last boss, there's no real path of progression aside from what the players want to do for themselves. ============= now, for your problem. you already list a couple of things that you need. so just go get them, one at a time. be patient. what mod you think will make you stronger? google where to find it, then go farm it. one at a time. feel happy when you can check one thing off your wishlist, then move on to the next thing. one at a time. before you know it, you'll be stronger than you possibly have imagined.
  3. MR8 is pretty early. i would suggest just treating yourself as a rookie instead of a "veteran" and just enjoy the contents like it's your first time. by going in with a mindset to learn, you'll save yourself from disappointment of taking your previous experience for granted. both mesa and wukong are vaulted. which means unless you're willing to spend real cash and buy it from other players, they'll be pretty hard to get. technically you can farm platinums for free, but for an early player it can be pretty hard, and you have way better things to farm at that level. people here have gave you great advices. if you ask me, around MR8 the contents are not really challenging, any frames and most weapons will do just fine. use this time to get yourself acquainted with the many mechanics of the game. do your starchart, finish your quests, just find one thing that you're interested on doing, google how to get it, and have fun doing it, one at a time. the gears will come naturally. welcome back, and good luck tenno.
  4. you know what is even more idiotic? going around on the internet, calling people idiotic. there are far more civil and polite ways to show disagreement. also failing to differentiate illustration and comparison. very idiotic. so stupid, it's an insult to people with actual mental disabilities.
  5. Even better suggestion: make prime frames acquisition harder than vanilla frames. It's hilarious that the better version is the easier one to get. Aside from helminth and fodder, there's 0 reason to farm for vanilla frames. Seen some suggestions about needing to own vanilla version to claim the prime frames. Now if the stats carried over, imho it would make perfect sense.
  6. New member, 1 post. Just made the account at the same hour as he made the thread. Yeah it's a bait thread alright. If i made a serious post here that defend inaros, I'd look out for myself. That dude is up to no good.
  7. When McDonalds first opened on my area, their ice cream cone was free. I understand gamers want free stuff. But sadly right now it is not. Nobody from epic, DE, nor steam will read this thread nor make a change. so either suck it up and pay up, or just accept that capitalism doesn't allow us to have it for free right now. Either way, stop fighting among tennos cuz none of this fight will get anybody anywhere.
  8. Huge update last night, Saske himself graced us with his presence and mod the thread, New war is actually just around the corner now. I'm interested.
  9. i 100% agree with the context. However, i kinda want things to stay that way. Maybe... With 8 years worth of contents, which doesn't have linear progression system whatsoever, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Warframe is a very confusing game with awful -if not straight up nonexistent, tutorials. Probably it's best that formaing weapons is expensive and troublesome. It gives rookies message that "this is a thing that you can do later. just worry about the basic stuff for now". So when they do actually reach a point in the game where they can afford to tinker with those stuff, they also have the knowledge to support it. I'm not sure if making those stuff more accessible to everyone who doesn't have the knowledge yet will yield the best results. But hey, it's just me. I could be totally wrong.
  10. if i was the one in charge, i would've called it "the TRICK or TRICK: Entrati Grab Bag", because there's no treat there. i'd either put the more valuable grandma token somewhere in there as the treat, or just dump the "trick or treat" theme altogether, and replace ganglion & pustulite with father & otak tokens. standard evergreen balanced dropset that everyone should be able to at least appreciate even if they don't need them. by the power vested in me by absolutely nobody, i rate this week's drop 2 thumbs out of 5 (👍👍 - - -) at least the streams are for a good cause, and people will tune in for QTCC. EDIT: i also fail to see the purpose why these drops are available for all warframe creators while there's only 5 of them. these people streams for hours, just watch one creator for 2.5 hours, then the drops serves no purpose for other creators. iirc last time we had these kind of program was with deimos prex cards. regardles of their value, the program totally make sense: people have technically infinite tries to collect all the cards, because they can jump from one creator to the next, and keep getting the cards. as a viewer, i don't get encouraged to watch other streamers. and for streamers, being warframe partner creator doesn't get them official drops that can entice people to come.
  11. so far there are no news about account-merging. aside from some diplomatic statements from DE that they'll look into it. DE will most likely focus on warframe mobile first, then they'll focus on making cross-play happen. after that, they will work on cross-save (cross progression). if we're gonna have account-merging, it'll only happen after those other stuff taken care of and running smoothly. so personally i won't hold my breath.
  12. i said i like you, and so far you've done nothing but prove me that i'm right. at least so far... instead of picking a fight with everyone who doesn't agree with your ideas, accepting that different people have different opinions, and some people here can be very skeptical about suggestions, is the way to go. just to chat, nothing wrong with being new and happy. when i was new around here, the trend was "how awful warframe is for beginners". veterans complaining about how bad the experiences are for new players. and as an actual new player who feel that the experience aren't that bad, i spent my early days here fighting those #NotMyShield veterans lol 🤣 oh how they must've despise me... if i'm still allowed to share suggestion, though... probably don't get too invested with youtube videos. it have the same effect like watching news everyday, it screws your mind. it make you believe that the world is really screwed up, how awful people are. but if you don't watch tv, sun still shine, tomorrow still come. some people call it ignorance, but everybody know that it's a bliss. i have better time inside the game when i'm not in a constant mindset of "this mode need some fixing".
  13. what? i'm an active member on this forum, and when i see stupid stuff, i call them out. regardless of the poster. you're flattering yourself. if you want me to stop bugging you, it's as easy as stop posting stupid stuff. because i don't bug you. i bug stupid posts. credit booster works on index. period. i could quote the wiki, but i won't since that's just how it works for years now, which every member before and after me can attest to. if you believe your game is bugged, send a ticket instead of contesting on how things should work with me or other members.
  14. i'm more of a ninja gaiden guy. you know, old god of war series, devil may cry... last game i enjoyed was sekiro. everything on hardest difficulties of course. pretty excited for bayonetta 3. very few games made my broke down and cry, but getting pure platinums on infinite climax difficulty did. might sound like a brag. but it's not. more like a message that even the most hardcore of gamers does not necessarily demand challenge from games that are not supposed to challenge its playerbase. people who want challenge? i humbly invite you to getting all pure platinums on infinite climax in bayonetta 2 and 3 (first game doesn't count because of the killgore bug).
  15. you're gonna need to check that again. because it's been a public knowledge that credit booster affects index, at this point it's part of common warframe knowledge. having strong opinions are one thing. but having strong opinions with these kind of basic unawareness does nothing to help one's credibility. it's like seeing a toddler disagreeing with mike tyson on the correct way to throw a punch.
  16. so Mastery Rank is your overall rank. you increase this rank by leveling up individual frames, weapons, companions, etc. if you buy a nidus, your new nidus will be at level 0. your volt will stay at level 30. and your mastery rank will stay at MR2. just level your nidus to level 30, it will contribute to increasing your MR. welcome and good luck, tenno.
  17. lol welcome to warframe, young tenno.
  18. https://store.steampowered.com/app/570940/DARK_SOULS_REMASTERED/
  19. fun fact: actual "ninjas" are ground breaking warfare scientists who use ahead-of-their-time weaponry such as shotguns and explosives. they also friggin love guns. why? because guns kill people faster and more efficiently than throwing iron stars. by the way, most ninja units are just spies with close to none fighting abilities. their secret weapon is carrying around a love letter for a girl in the house they're spying on. so if he got caught, people would just see them as desperate dude trying to confess his love in the middle of the night, instead of a spy.
  20. wukong twin -when equipped with a good weapon, can oneshot everything for the first couple of rounds, and still do great on later rounds. personally i put rubico prime on mine. because it's hitscan and he's really accurate. you can just camp on spawn and let the twin shoot everything down. he's tanky, his passive allows him to cheat death, and his cloud walker gives him great mobility. let twin shoot stuff while you run around collecting points. overall he's a really good index frame. can be built to win index with the least efforts, that's why a lot of people hate him and players who abuse it. next best dps i'll give to mesa and rhino. mesa don't need weapon for apparent reason. she will autokill everything on her line of sight. no need to waste time looking for enemies nor aiming. rhino is great because of roar for dps, and steel skin for collecting points. imho limbo is meh. he's the best for nw index challenge because of his absolute defense. but his kit doesn't contribute anything to offense. if it's just for regular play session i'd take gara any day.
  21. we have prime extractors. so yeah it's not impossible, and i'd love to see one. also: money > lore. DE care about lore as much as nintendo care about zelda timeline, and disney care about the skywalker saga.
  22. exactly what i said. newer frames will keep pushing the boundaries because that's how our world works; new smartphones are better than the old ones, new cars are better than the old ones, new everything will almost certainly better than the old everything. and yes older frames will get left out. from damage perspective, and from fun perspective. people who demands reworks to older frames need to understand that warframe is a timeline that keeps moving forward. it's different from conservative videogames that got finished at one point and stays at that one point in time, probably just get some dlc updates couple of times in its future. The Last of Us is the best game of 2013, but it stays on 2013. Zelda Breath of the Wild is the best game of 2017, but it stays on 2017. warframe does not a dot that stays at one point in time, it is a line that keeps getting longer with time pass. yeah new stuff will perform better than the old stuff. deimos syndicate system is better than cetus and fortuna. modern tennogen items looks better than the old ones. that's how our world works when we're not stuck at one point in time.
  23. Overpowered stuff are more fun to play than underpowered stuff. But if you insist.. well, okay let's nerf that one too. Let's make every weapons mk-1 braton and every frames vanilla excalibur. That should be challenging.
  24. I would like to know where this discussion took place and who are involved. Cuz imma call the police and report a crime. ========== Jokes aside, there are plenty of arguments inside warframe, most are pretty close. But this particular one are pretty hopeless. People who would like warframe to be slower are losing by a landslide. Hobbled is the most hated key for a reason. It'll be like taking "swinging" out of a spider-man game.
  25. Exactly what i said. No videogame are for everyone. If one doesn't enjoy playing contents in warframe, then probably warframe is not for him.
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