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  1. Soy77's post in my lich refuse to spawn was marked as the answer   
    spoiler alert this thread have a good ending¬†ūüėČ
    i forgot to include it in my original post, but i did every nodes. from there some nodes just stays available forever. i did one node multiple times i lost count.
    (and probably it's just my luck, but they were the longer nodes. spy, interception, defense, and disruption)
    hey you're always a help
    oh boy if it's true, that's some pretty messed up coding
    nobody should do 30 missions just to make their lich shows up
    i also tried most things i could've thought:
    kill everything, go stealth and don't kill anything, kill all thralls, do not touch any thralls, i haven't tried getting myself injured or purposefully dying though...
    continue reading mate we have a good ending to this story...
    sadly i did not have one at that moment, i just kept trying, and with every tries i only got more convinced that it was a bug.
    hopefully this will never happen again to any of us, but i will definitely stockpile them ultimatums from now on. it actually sound like something that'll work.
    in the end i forcefully persuade my friend to spawn a lich for himself, then we go to a lich node together.
    unlike mine that's messed up, i was hoping that his game will spawn lich just normally.
    and since that lich will be 50/50 either him or mine, i was really hopeful.
    and there she was, on first try. digimon fakk. screaming some empty threats that i couldn't hear over my excitement and relief.
    i never killed anything so fast in my life.
    so that's that. turns out playing with others can somewhat "force spawn" your trouble lich.
    of course it's only a percentage and i'm pretty lucky she spawns first. but at least we know that it works.
    and that ultimatum idea sounds really great as well. hopefully none of us would have to, but if this nonsense happen again i will just spam ultimatums until it works... or until i make another bug report about ultimatum doesn't work.
    thanks everyone you guys are the best
  2. Soy77's post in news of cross save/progression? was marked as the answer   
    no official date yet.
    you'll see it on warframe's website and social medias when it's out.
  3. Soy77's post in I have a question about Prime Vault was marked as the answer   
    yes when they get unvaulted again, you can buy the vault pack that'll give you both frames and everything else in the package. you'll simply have two valkyrs, sell one, keep both, the choice is yours.
    alternatively, you can just buy the cheaper saryn pack that'll give you just saryn prime and its accessories.
  4. Soy77's post in General melee modding for SP and sorties was marked as the answer   
    The general? The general is slapping blood rush and condition overload.
    SP also need speed & cc. People swears by berserker fury but imho just slap your favorite speed increase mod. Range is always primed reach.
    Lastly build some crits in there so when blood rush kicks in, you'll actually do some damage.
    The rest are not too "general". People have their own opinions. Some like 60/60 because they don't do weeping wounds. Some put up to three elements in there, viral+heat is pretty popular. Some swears by primed bane mods and do their statusing via guns.
    I thought by now it's generally agreed that putting CO and PPP will give you diminishing returns. 
    I'm not saying that you're wrong, by all means that combo still do damage, and everyone should do what they believe. Just wondering about the thought process that took you there?
  5. Soy77's post in Why The Relics Axi O5 And Neo N15 Totally Dispersed From Drop ? was marked as the answer   
    Why relics got totally distributed or spread over a wide area from drop??
    Oh you mean "disappear"?
    Nah they're there, mate. Still on the same missions that wiki told you. Just case of bad luck.
    Also personally i think relic farming is the absolute worst farm in all of warframe, therefore i never do it. FYI i said that having farmed sibear, ivara, bullet dance, necramech, shedu, and mantis skin.
  6. Soy77's post in Why The Relics Axi O5 And Neo N15 Totally Dispersed From Drop ? was marked as the answer   
    Why relics got totally distributed or spread over a wide area from drop??
    Oh you mean "disappear"?
    Nah they're there, mate. Still on the same missions that wiki told you. Just case of bad luck.
    Also personally i think relic farming is the absolute worst farm in all of warframe, therefore i never do it. FYI i said that having farmed sibear, ivara, bullet dance, necramech, shedu, and mantis skin.
  7. Soy77's post in How to farm Argon Crystals was marked as the answer   
    we're all noobs at one point, and we all had our noob questions in warframe. i perfectly understand.
    but you're one of the member in this forum who consistently keep asking noob questions, i just can't help myself to question "when is this guy going to learn to use google?"
    argon farming is not a new thing, thousands of other players have asked about it, the wiki have every information you'll ever need, youtube guides are all over the place, i personally learned about it way back then by reading some years old thread here that i found through google, before i perfected it for myself by figuring out and tailored a more efficient farming method that works better for me.
    seriously dude, it's not that i don't want to help. but you're doing a disservice to your own warframe career if you keep getting blocked by small stuff like these.
    learn to use google and the wikis. and youtube guides.
    good luck.
  8. Soy77's post in Nightwave Rewards - Certain NW Items not available? was marked as the answer   
    You thought incorrectly.
    Intermission seasons are meant to fill in the gap between actual nw seasons, and they're supposed to bring *some* of the older rewards, not every rewards.
    None of the items you mentioned are specifically promised at the beginning of this season, but i do believe that none of them are gone for good, they most probably will come again in some other events. Just not in this season of intermission.
  9. Soy77's post in Best Defense Frame? 2021 was marked as the answer   
    My personal picks for "actual" defenders are frost, gara, and limbo. Cuz they actually keep bullets away from the target. Extra points for limbo cuz he can protect moving objectives as well.
    With that said, they're not my first picks if I'm the one who have to deal damage as well. i.e. playing solo. For that i usually go with but not limited to khora, octavia, mirage, vauban. They don't really protect the defense objective, but they're really good at locking down area and dish enemies fast.
    Screw meta slaves. Bunch of losers trying to prove that they're better than everyone else on an almost absolutely skill-free game. Possibilities are quite endless when i play with my friends. Nyx is good, wisp can also buff everyone, trinity can heal friends and objective, nova can dictate phase of mission as you guys need it to be, chroma, ivara, volt. Just go with what you like.
  10. Soy77's post in K-Drive question, building multiple was marked as the answer   
    is this not an option? Sadly, no. Just like with amps, zaws, etc. you're just gonna have to make another parts for another kdrives.
    as I understand it you can only obtain the blueprint 1 time & the blueprint is 1-time-use.. will Simaris at least let me Synthesise more if I want to have more? They're 1 time use, but you can get infinite amounts if them. You get the regular parts from ventkids and infested parts from grandma races. Simaris only deals with 1 time rewards that you can't get again.
    or do we at least know if DE intends on adding the system to take apart modular weapons that have not yet been gilded, so that I can choose at a later time? Not that i know of. Would be cool, though. The amount of research i had to do before making these modular nonsense are ridiculous. If they let us experiment more it would be great.
  11. Soy77's post in Can Mesa now hunt eidolons? was marked as the answer   
    Terry? Yes. I just soloed terry with an unranked atlas yesterday.
    Tridolon? Most probably no. But don't let me stop you from trying. Just don't try it on pubs, people will curse you for it.
  12. Soy77's post in What items can I safely sell from my inventory? was marked as the answer   
    Ah i see... Then i have some good news and bad news for you, my friend.
    Good news is, you can sell some stuff from your inventory. Most of them are unsellable, so you can easily sort stuff that you can actually sell and just judge from the amount of duplicates you own. Like those harrow parts, nobody make 850 harrows (obviously) so you can keep 2 or 3 of them and safely sell the rest.
    Bad news is... Warframe's item & inventory system is 8 years of hot garbage mess. For example, DE made helminth feeding as item sinkhole, yet plenty of people already maxed their helminth and still have abundance of unsellable items. On the other side, we still have weapons like sibear that needs 30.000 cryotics. There are those items from content islands that are useless outside their islands... You will live a happier life in warframe if you stop worrying about housekeeping your inventory.
    Let's end with a good news. Doesn't matter how many items you can possibly sell, they will be pale in comparison with effective credit farming. Last week we just had baro selling booster + annivery booster. That's TWO MILLION credits just by doing a couple minutes of index (actually another good example of how imbalanced everything in warframe are).
    So yeah, just let go of your worries about maximizing your inventory, farm credits when you need some, and pile up junks in our inventory just like the rest of us.
  13. Soy77's post in Decided to return to the game. Need help! was marked as the answer   
    I always advise returning players to just treat the game as if they're rookies. That way they won't get pissed everytime they don't know stuff that they think they should know. And every new discoveries can feel exciting again, like playing a brand new game.
    Only now that advise could be taken literally, should you end up making new account.
    There are no go to build. Depending on your warframe, just slap some health and armor mods in there. Or max energy / ability efficiency, ability strength, if you play the more ability reliant frames. New and lower level players have privilege to just have fun without having to worry about builds.
    Just recheck your starchart progression. Build a couple new awesome stuff like a mech, a spaceship, couple of pets, or a hoverboard. You'll be back in no time!
  14. Soy77's post in Need tips for trading as an only-solo player. was marked as the answer   
    What type of mindset should I have when trading? "Most warframe players are honest. But scammers always exist". So be polite but be careful.
    What is a 'trade to trade' and how should I approach it? Never heard of it
    Should I talk first or the buyer? Depends. if you sell on wfmarket, buyer normally contact you first. But if you happen to stumble "WTB posts" on trade chat and have the item that guy wants, then you contact the buyer first.
    Should I feel uncomfortable near other people who are selling better stuff (Rivens, etc.)? No. Never. Which reminds me, scammers sometimes try to make you feel uncomfortable so you'll fall into their trap. Such as saying that multiple trades are normal, or all the veterans trade this way, etc.
    How long does it take, and how should I talk to an impatient person if there ever was one? 0 seconds? If one of you don't like the first offer, they have full permission to not replying at all and avoid some useless price bargaining. Although i would appreciate a polite "sorry mate that won't work" before immediately close chat.
    Should I set my pricing average from 2 different prices? (For ex. if the prices on warframe.market are 2 and 7, should I average and choose 5 as my final pricing?) If you want to buy an item that are priced 2 and 7 in wfmarket, which seller would you chose, the 2 or the 7? If you want your stuff to sell, you have no other option but to go for 2.
    Should I rush trading or take my time and try maximizing my profit by not quickselling? Up to you.
    I have one rule for trading: only agree to the items that are on the trade window. If you sell 6 arcanes for 10p each, then the trade window need to have 6 arcanes traded for 60p. No multiple trade session, no paying upfront, only believe in that one trade window.
    Trade process can be as simple as it should. Buyer copy msg from wfmarket, seller receive msg and say "sure man. Inv me". Both go to dojo and trade happens. Both says thanks and be on their ways. Literally only two lines was exchanged to make the trade happen.
  15. Soy77's post in Who else thinks this would be epic? was marked as the answer   
    I think it would be cool.
    Also, you're a cool person. I thought you just gonna go with "come on DE, how hard it is to implement it?? It's makes so much sense I'm baffled you didn't include it already. Bad DE! Go to the corner, DE! Give us real contents, DE!!!"
    Anyway, I know it have a slim chance of happening, but i love your idea
  16. Soy77's post in my pc crashes if i play warframe was marked as the answer   
    There are three million things that can go wrong with computers, especially custom built pc. And sadly "it works fine with other games never help much". I mean, what other games? Undertale? Of course. Or assassin's creed odyssey? Can it run crysis? On what settings?
    Also, I can't figure if your problem is crashes or full system shutdowns? If it's the latter, yeah I'd probably check your power supply.
    Other than that: troubleshoot. Try lowering settings. Try playing other types of missions. Try to pinpoint why and when the problem occurs. Best of luck, tenno.
  17. Soy77's post in Best way to download warframe was marked as the answer   
    Well, there are those steam discounts. You'll also have your controller setups, macros, and stuff. Basically you'll get the general steam-advantages, there's no real specific warframe-advantages.
    But steam always checks for updates and stuff, that's 5 seconds wasted everytime i want to play warframe. Also, I'm not a fan of unnecessary overlays and other stuff running when I'm trying to optimize performance. So i downloaded it straight from their site.
    i say if you're already using steam, just use steam. But if you're not planning to play a lot of other games on pc, download it from their site.
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