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  1. I just thought a a good way to make atlas little bit better. The landslide should change its damage based on what status effect is on melee weapon so that landslide can be versatile. And rubblers can either stay the same with more damage or change it so that atlas’s rumbler also benifits for the melee weapon changing the damage allowing them to scale and maybe give them defense abilities like if you have impact on the rubblers do more damage, slash will cause damage done to rubbles get sent back to enemies and cause bleed proc and etc. this can even work with tectonics can also benefit from th
  2. Atlas is good make his petrify cost less then 75 make it 50 because he relies on it soo much or least 25 And rumblers make them do more damage so they can be THE FISTING SQUAD. Other then that atlas is fine
  3. There’s other players that agree the relic system isn’t good too much rng is annoying cuts fun from game. The relic system feels like I’m in Vegas and I’m hoping I don’t lose everything in process. I rather do a hard mission to increase my chances of getting it rather then just do a mission and pray I get it. Giving players a higher chance of getting the item they want for just harder difficulty is a fair trade
  4. That’s not a good comparison borderlands is a looter shooter and the loot I get is pretty good a worse looter shooter is destiny and even then I can get mission to get the weapons I want with diffrent stats each time in less time
  5. Hard is one word it’s impossible I barley get the items I want from relics and I use all my void traces that I have and rarely get it
  6. The relic system is again is annoying me and devs need to fix it i was about all my void traces and don’t get none of the items I actually want. Why can’t devs implement a system that just gives me the item 100 percent of I do it like Grendel systems a hard mission that gives me what I want for actually doing it rather then hours and hours of grinding wasting resources on one thing when I have other relics I want stuff from too. I rather do a hard ass mission and get the item that I want rather then gambling away my resources. And don’t say cause of playability or the devs want you to work for
  7. Nyx along with others need rework but u think she needs it more. I like the idea of a telepathic warframe but Think devs put to much focus into her mind control abilities she has mind control and chaos both which are cc I think either mix both into one ability or remove one of them since both do the same thing. Mind control makes an ally but the ai is bad can’t hit nothing like a Star Wars storm trooper chaos causes mass hysteria causing enemies to hit everything in site again needs a damage buff I’d say merge them together pressing it causes it to be mind control while holding causes mass hys
  8. Everyone says inaros needs a rework I think a buff would just be fine enough so that we including myself as an inaros player want to use his abilities rather then just weapons. His 3 should do way more damage least 1,500 on base and cost lest energy 75 is killing is a bit or his sandstorm should be like atlas land slide what we have on Melee weapons should increase the damage of the sandstorm and mod like power strength and rush should increase damage multiplier and speed multiplayer. Devour is just ok increase the sand shadows damage If you want the sand raiders from avatar to back you up I’d
  9. Kinda disappointed in it. Ok I get nerfing rhino roar and eclipse from mirage they are strong but should be have kept same cause some frames like inaros need damage buff for abilities. And the empower and stuff should be passive cause compared to roar I can scale roar and not empower. With empower being passive can give non damage frames more power
  10. That’s rng your friend and that one guy got lucky,others take multiple tries and sooner or later yes you’ll get it or you’ll lose interest in that grind and say screw it. If I get it for doing something way harder and longer for a 100% chance I’d rather grind on that. And besides you’ll still need to grind the resources so their is still grinding involved. Humans in general wilL out more effort into things knowing they are certain they will gain something they want out of it.
  11. I just thought if something for requiem relics why not use Kuva to upgrade ur
  12. I’ll try next time I was rushing and didn’t think about grammar or structure.
  13. I feel like they need the devs need to fix the relics I get their is a page to recruit people with same relics and you can find people that have it but what happens if you can’t and you gotta do it alone they should make a way to make it to get what you want from relics and even bounties a little bit easier maybe making a thing like what grendal did where it is extremely tuff but you are 100% To get what you want from the relic without wasting too much void traces. And same with bounties make them harder are a special mission which will give you an item you want so the grinding time can be sho
  14. I would like to see another knight like frame like chroma. That man weapon is a sword and shield that can give defense/offense capabilities. Like if he is shot by a projectile he can either retaliate by reflecting the damage back and multiplying it or absorbs the shot to either boost defense or absorbs it then release it all in one shot. And I think this warframes ultimate would be like the specters summons a chivalry of warframes you picked with or without the mods they gave equipped.
  15. Ok they sound similar but idea of Lancelot Ik May not be made but would be cool to see a frame that opposes Excalibur
  16. I like the multiple religious and ideaolgoies in warframe I like the idea of excalibur cause I love the sword and the Legend of King Arthur. I would use Excalibur but he is so common to see it throws me off to play him but I would love to see a frame that is the opposite of him ie lancelot or caliburn. Even like a Merlin or morgian frame that uses magic they can use all or vast amount of status effects.
  17. (PS4)Eranjager


    I played atlas again and remembers by he is a b tier warframe his rubble isn’t that good and abilities besides landslide is good. Should change tectonics to a wall around and area like the wall of China or have wall of rumblers blocking them out, the petrify just needs to cost less or if you have rubble on you can make cost zero so you can spam landslide which devs made sure you would use a lot. And rumblers just little bit more damage since the minion spawning or minion turning abilities aren’t that to great. Make them hit harder or give them a passive like depending on energy color like chro
  18. But wouldn’t it be more vein if all for health only so that he can use rage and hunter adrenal quicker then with shields. And true coding would be hard but I still think allowing him to eat excess stuff like unused ammo would be good. The cycling through abilities is annoying at least let use have all three buffs at same time rather than one at a time. His regurgitate seems weak compared to feast version. His pulverize is way to hard to control should make it a bit easier. I can’t remember what game it was but for pulverize should allow him to feast at same time he is rolling to get people in
  19. I just got grendal annoying asf to get him. But he is fun but he needs more buffs to him. First remove the shield like why does he even have that Tiny ass shield either just give him health only. The devs can add. To feast the more he feast the more health he gets. Also another idea he should be able to eat Anything containers un used ammo the little roombas moving around and buff to regurgitate the move should leave like a toxic puddle Or the longer the foe is in grendal gut the more toxic it gets and does more true damage . For nourish armor it should be changed so when he feast he gets extr
  20. Not mad. I mean Grendel is Certain by doing a No mod mode. That least should be given for other frames or weapons or at least. You want a certain item play a harder version of that with restriction to increase the drop chance or chance to get a certain thing from relic. Not asking for skill or nothing. Just I rather play a way harder mode to make my chance of getting the item higher or certain rather then playing bounties and just pray to get it. Yes I get other resources out of me doing them but it’s just tedious
  21. I was getting revanant took me forty try’s. I get that things shouldn’t be easy but the chances are dumb their should be a way to increase a certain item to increase that chance
  22. I feel like there should be a way too increase your rng luck. Be it mod,warframe or weapon etc. This luck is getting annoying cause it gets annoying to grind so what we keep playing game,their should be a way to increase your chances of getting a certain item. With relics yes you use void traces to increase odds but what about regular warframes just keep grinding and even with relics can’t their be a way to increase odds even further. Like with Grendel you can make the game mode harder or restrict the player to allow them to have even greater chances of getting items you want
  23. Ain’t gonna lie I love the story the comic was great. I really would like to see a animated tv series or anime of this game bruh. It’d be cool Least in my opinion I’ve seen fandoms and bruh makes me fall in love with game more
  24. Yes so what the deal with him getting stronger while staying alive he would be good in excavation,defense,survival interception basically any long game modes. Plus it’s just and idea people can find ways to make him balance him. He can have a gauge to uses that gauge to lower it and just have to build it back up again by surviving
  25. We have frame that get a passive for simply moving (Volt)around this idea seems that far fetched to you. We have equinox passive which is just equilibrium.
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