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  1. the hologram lotus need to go, i would like to hire nora for the work!
  2. add umbra forma 100k standing please
  3. it still one shoot u that mod is a joke!
  4. add 250 armor to every squishi frame, problem solve!
  5. remove wolf invulnerability to tenno powers
  6. i did 88 runs to get the wolf weapon and the mask and i DIDNT like it, the grind was hard and real.
  7. aslo nerf equinox too because slash procs are too strong
  8. rise the drop rate i only got ayatan im tired of that game mode.
  9. i want to putchase it with plat because im tired of arbitration
  10. i think is time for that to happen there is no point on make us suffer 30 ranks of nightwave every 16weeks to get one umbra forma please DE make it real umbra forma bp requieres 5 normal formas 2argons 500 oxium 1000 cryotic 10 orokin cells and 10 Sentient Core to make 1 umbra forma
  11. gaurda make me feel sad so i master it and then i forget that she exist.
  12. auction house for RIVENS will be a good thing!!!
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