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  1. that mode is a waste i got killed anyway 500 event point wasted.
  2. yeah from 100fps to 75fps some time lower.
  3. keep login then lol i forgot to buy ceti lacera from scarlet spear 3k away from mr30 xD
  4. my missing "ceti lacera" from scarlet spear because i forgot to cash it from little duck and im 3k away from mr30
  5. i dont own a clan but i have loots of hours in game i hope i can be the one to own it.
  6. remove kuva from tensin and no more steel essense farming yes restore how enemies behaive before ophelia nerf because that nerf is hurting the game
  7. well i know that is why it need to be removed so DE can undone the new behavior of enemies because i really hate how they work now.
  8. first - restore the behavior of enemies before the ophelia nerf!!! second - remove kuva reward from steel path because the new enemie behavior is messing with how the game was played before the steel kuva farming exist please DE remove it from the teshin rewards is so easy to do.
  9. necromech reflect damage in iso vault need to be removed is not fun and only make me angry getting killed by it
  10. auction house DE will charge you 10% of the platinum in the sold item! no ty go to warframe market!
  11. i stop playing litch because how much rng it has now i will stop playing empyrea because i never going to max out the ship gear and that push me away of traying!
  12. i miss the old chroma was so cool i played a loot with him, but now i rarely play with him, buff chroma armor is the only thing i ask please DE!
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