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  1. did the questions die where baro is by all the things in place to show them where he is and will be?
  2. they upgrade i still waiting for bug fixes that a years in the game and tryed everything to make them know but well
  3. i am pretty sure DE steve does not even know me so he cant realy respect me but the other way around that would be different but still then i only now his work not him in person so all i can do ist adapt improvise overcome
  4. well the grind is nothing i regards of respect thats how the dev their game but the feeling to try to contact support / forums or any person that says he will take care about a problem and after years nothing happens that makes me kinda sad. guess i need to spend more money to be heared or somehting likewise..
  5. railjack missions ends while in the mission you then have to fly back to the drydock or a relais and because of that you most likly get not task to return to your dojo
  6. well that not the only thing what is borken about the endscreen as long it does not hinder you like to do a capture for nightwave in under 90 sec i dont realy see a problem
  7. funny that since other begun to talk about it again it beginn happen to me again more frequently well there is only to fear what tileset gets the next rework hmm..... i only would like to try what the level 15 helmithn abillity meant to that but most likly just go trough the wall or something i mena i joked about the noclip augment for titania but i still want it haha
  8. it does not realy matter when it ends it ends and people still miss the point if you know the date you had you chance. i mean if you required that the work is done at the 28 you should not expect that you can use the 28 as well
  9. or maybe they should rework the idea that every intermission and season need its own creds and change them in a nightwave cred form for everytime to use but well im not going to be bother doing anything myself to ask DE for something that i can easily ignore more and be happyer ignoring stuff like that the funny thing is this will happen again and again and again as we saw in some of the nightwaves everytime it ends there will be people that may have missed the ending announcement but well
  10. where are we supposed to beginn and where should it end i mean there is only one faktor that can say if something is important well for the start common stuff like credits endo and mods should be maybe not be on the first places expept if the mods are "new" for the player since then they could be important to them. well then missions with specific rewards from Steelessenz over something like kryotik in digging missions to syndicate medallions should be a important item for the missions as some of them are basicly the primäry rewards of the mission then maybe stuff like Ambassador drops for and relic drop should be important so you can see them fast. but well as i writing that it comes to my mind i dont mind how the loot is sorted anyways because the hole thing is a mess somethimes more somethimes less and there are other problems i would like to be worked on so just let is be like it is i mean Scintillant is baiscly farmed and collected by basicly standing on it and you have a lot of time to check if you got it or not it is not like the mission just trows you out in a matter of seconds the worst thing that can be in the end screen are lies "that you got something you did not get or somthing you got is not listed" for everything else we have a very agressiv search funktion well it is not realy handy for players without a keyboard but most of the stuff need 1-3 letters to find it.
  11. well as far as i saw it is a layer problem where the the White recticle is always behint the marks of crewships dmg numbers and almost everything else but for the need where you want to fire it should be the top layer above everything else
  12. the problem is it has a non existing drop chance with already enemys that are same as rare to even find in missions so it is all about that luck
  13. guess i will have to wait a year or more untill i can get the weapon somewhere else
  14. known bug you just needed to go back and trigger the spawns that you accidentaly skiped i wonder why you not know that already
  15. well could just now confirm it is still happening myself was a long time not happening because i was not on the ship mission that often guess i try my luck again
  16. well things like this make me realy hope the hole hand out thing brakes again as so often. but as i know either it brakes and everyone will get it if they loged in that day or because of backlash we will get a way later to get it so why do i even care
  17. hmm ich hatte gedacht das geht aber das man selber einen lich haben muss ist echt ein wenig dumm zumal ich bei railjack eher auf random gruppen verzichten will da deren railjacks meist auseinander fallen noch bevor man in der mission ist aber es ist ja auch nicht das erstmal das sowas ingame vorhanden ist
  18. as far as i know it does but you still have to do the railjack stuff too what could be 5 mins depending on what there is to do
  19. well you could also trade things for platium and get the parts you want that way or use the syndicate standing to buy relic packs they should contain the relics too
  20. as soon sisters-of-parvos will live next week there will no longer loyalty as mention in the dev note on the homepage " COMPANION CHANGES Revert your favorite Kubrow or Kavat to their undeveloped juvenile state with the new Regress Genetic Aging option available in your Incubator! There’s no limit to the number of times you can revert your Companion, and their former stats and Customizations will remain intact should you change your mind. We have also removed DNA Stability and Loyalty degradation from the Companion System entirely, so you can spend more time fighting alongside your Pets and less time maintaining them. "
  21. new Bash Lab Dojo Room why do we need a new dojo lab room ? why not reuse the orokin lab that has basicly not a lot of use ?
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