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  1. this might be a dream comes true for a weapon lover like me :" please DE pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. Hello Tennos and Senpais. I made this post to send my hope for the future of Warframe and maybe a gratitude letter for Warframe and DE. please pardon my broken english. So I started when Empyrean almost ends, only got 1 session of scarlet spear and was MR 3 or 4 (I kinda forget but it was so early). Just like lots of new player, I am so in awe with the graphic, the fluid movements, the mechanic, and many more! while also there's some cons here and there, like how vast and broad the game are its quite confusing, some game mode also unplayable and bugged. Now Im MR20 and have fe
  3. @[DE]Helen Thank you for the speed up information! Its weird to wait 3 hours before stream to know the drop, now we can plan our time better!
  4. this drop is quite... a turn off... at least got a 2 week break from watching the stream...
  5. For me personally, I believe that Warframe Trade Chat or Trade basically is a FREE MARKET. I sometimes sell stuff cheaper 5-10 plat than the average prices. Sometimes people offer higher than my expectation, but that's trading. Just like IRL Trade, Price will fluctuate reaaaaaaaaaaly quicky when there's high supply rather than demand. It's inevitable the more people playing, the more people get to be a 'veteran' the prices will drop, and drop, and drop, and drop. There's why there's this thing called 'Vaulted' mechanic, it's to keep the market fresh, but what can we do when there's s
  6. The sole reason Im MR21 now is so I can sell Syndicate Stuff Everyday, maxed any neutral syndicate very fast, and yeah probably thats all. I dont really 'try' the weapons, its just for collection or fooder. In the end how many plat u can make is slightly affected by MR.
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