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  1. ONE HOUR hopefully steve said www.twitch.tv/de_steve Now with a twitch drop if you watch for an hour! GET IN!
  2. The Solaris United discord, invite link has just been tweeted out by the official PlayWarframe twitter account
  3. So, seeing as it is now slightly past noon the next day for you lot, i'm going to head to bed early and hope that when i inevitably wake up around 4-5am (meaning like 10pm in canada) i find it released on my PC XD If not i have to go to work at 6 am anyway Q_Q
  4. Honestly, the main problem i have with Melee 3.0 is still that IF we lose the melee combo multiplier damage, i'm going to lose effectively 75%+ of my melee damage. And no amount of fancy animations is going to make me feel good if i stand propped up against a lvl 120 enemy for 10+ seconds not killing them with half a dozen melee attacks until i get smacked down in one shot. I hope it doesn't come to that, but that's the CORE takeaway i got from all the melee 3.0 things i've seen so far. My combo multiplier traded for upgraded high jump ground slams which are not very usefull in tight corridor tilesets 😕 I hope im wrong! It's just the impression i've had so far
  5. ACTUALLY last saturday Steve streamed on twitch and said Railjack was aimed at "Early next year / late this year if we're lucky"
  6. This is gonna be great. But "November" isn't really much new information considering Steve said "3-4 weeks" on his personal stream last saturday ;^)
  7. Can you please bring back the OLD Bo skin as a staff skin option? I loved my Matrix 2 Neo vs Smith Steel pipe to Pluto and back and i would really like to be able to soak in that nostalgia again. Dont get me wrong the new Model isnt bad by any means but it's just not "my" favorite melee anymore Much love!
  8. I cant download the hotfix. Launcher goes white with the Message "Update failed" because it can't get the update from your servers for some reason 😞
  9. Preferably 9 to be honest. Having builds which are theoretically possible but flat out impossible due to not having enough points even at max forma with a potato isn't great - progression shouldn't feel hard capped
  10. Just in time 😅 i'm letting my prime subscription expire at the end of October because they removed Ad Free Viewing on Twitch Thanks for dropping a neat looking Sugatra before that
  11. Next week, ey? Nice. I hope that means Fortuna before the Christmas months. Really appreciate you working for us on your birthday ^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  12. Just wait and enjoy when that's the combo counter for all melee weapons (and possibly doesn't even add damage outside of ground slams, depending on how Melee 3.0 turns out) 🤔
  13. Thanks but we're still getting Limbos relic set from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Can you please update that droptable to reflect the one on bounties / non-elite Sanctuary Onslaught? 😘
  14. Really lookin forward to Fortuna but especially Railjack. It'll be worth the wait/HYPE.
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