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  1. Hey Team, just a simple question i've been pushing since 2018, is there any way we could get the classic Bo staff skin back into the game? I liked fighting grineer hordes with an elegant simple metal rod, Matrix 2 style 🤩
  2. I mean i've sold a Loki for 600 and an Ember for 1500 before unvaults were a thing. Todays prices are relatively tame.
  3. Can we please add additional ducats to relics when you pick an item that no longer pays the full 15/45/100 appropriate for the selected tier? Doing so would add reward consistency across all relics AND maintain ye olde promise that our key collections would "maintain their value" after relic conversion... as the owner of 400+ relics which have gold items worth 25 ducats this promise is currently rather unfulfilled. Thank you and have a lovely weekend.
  4. Agreed. However this is REALLY not the way you should be going about patching a need for Endo. A few suggestions: - Maroo's weekly statue. Just grab it every bloody week. Thousands of Endo. - The new Railjack Missions and especially void storms drop a BUNCH of Endo. Railjack in general and just scrapping parts you don't need make for a really decent source of Endo. - Excavations are your best friend if you want Endo packages in quick succession. The Dark Sector excavation on Pluto is a formidable Endo farm - Arbitrations, should you have unlocked them already, are sort of
  5. Sort by Duplicates, click anything with 100+, type 999 Enter It's not THAT time intense
  6. Plot Twist, Plague Star but Forma are gone from the rewards table, replaced by Arcanes
  7. Aaand considering Daily Dose of Internet just showed me someone using one of these Bo staffs in real life, i now want this skin even more, so i'm just gonna keep pushing ^^
  8. Gian Point and the old pre-nerf steel essence farm (farm rates per hour still down 99% 🤣🤣) should answer this question handily If you wanna go further back look at Draco and the way void keys used to work 😂 Warframe is a Free2play game, if a loot cave is powerful enough to make paid boosters obsolete, it gets nerfed / deleted, so you better exploit early. How many Steel Essence and Vitus Essence farms have you played recently, eh? 😉
  9. It's actually worth getting because of the new frankly insane level 9. With a 0,1 second "reload" you can just literally spam (put an autoclicker on R every 0,5 seconds) having the auto-aim is sorta worth it. In fact i wonder if fighter farming could be script-automated with the autoaim, a held Mouse 1 fire button and an autoclicker on the reload. LOL.
  10. Major problem with that: It's no longer possible to start your own dedicated squad from your railjack, public matchmaking immediately throws you into a random crew with a random railjack already playing the selected mission. And sadly even the matchmaking ping limit is blatantly ignored, as i've now had to abort multiple sessions for having 1500+ ms ping (my matchmaking limit is set to 300). It's lagging so bad i see every frame walking in place, enemies ignore me completely and teleport around the place, and doors have a ~20% chance of just hard-refusing to open. Completely unplayable but bey
  11. You can put your legacy MR30 Glyph on the side for now ;) But yea it'd be nice if we could put our Sumdali's on it
  12. Last year we had all the beloved Dex items throughout the entirety of March March 2021 and the 8th anniversary of Warframe have almost come to a close, but for the first time, there was no anniversary event as of yet. Are there any plans to still grant these weapons and cosmetics to people who have recently started? Just noticed they hadn't dropped yet this year because someone in game asked me about Dexcalibur
  13. You click that railjack node and it INSTANTLY queues you into any open public squad on the node. Unless no squads have open slots, you don't get to host. The on-railjack menu now does exactly the same as the join functionality via the starchart, which IMHO is probably just broken
  14. Having just dumped the entire 220k Endo i had upon logging in (including my previous stash of 50k) and a chunky 13 MILLION credits while still missing one mod at the end (Blackout Pulse) compared to what i had before... it's rather unsatisfactory. 13 MILLION credits. That is an unadulteralted 65 rounds of Index without a paid booster. Still 33 rounds with the booster i just got, quite a lot of grinding. just to not get back to where i was Drop rates for railjack parts are noteworthy levels down (on average 1 (rarely 2/3) per mission with missions now being 10 times longer, rather tha
  15. I'm guessing since it's now 10am over in good old CA you are back to iterating builds? Any hope of us europeans still getting this thing in the next ~6ish hours or can i crawl back into bed after work? ^^ Clear if things had been smooth sailing and we were approaching a viable build, now would be a good time to update that opening post with an estimated time left - since that's not happening, there's gotta be some roadblocks?
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