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  1. Sooo i only ever got 2 of these because i was just not paying attention to when this campaign would end :< Odds on ever seeing them again? Maybe in Baro's inventory?
  2. It seems that since the Heart of Deimos update dropped, the loot tables for the infested salvage mission on Eris Oestrus have been messed up 1) The mission awards packages of 50 Endo on Rotation C instead of 300 Endo, which directly contradicts the tables on warframe.com/droptables 2) You can get bronze mods like Pressure Point on Rotation C that aren't even listed in the rewards at all 3) I've gotten 8 Nidus Chassis and 6 Neuroptics with 0 Systems, so i'm stuck farming it over and over and over while the droptables are obviously dysfunctional Please investigate the deviati
  3. I am at 26 tripple vault runs with a resource booster and a resource drop chance booster. I have ZERO of the little sh*ts. It's the one resource that is hardstopping me from getting Xaku, a mech, or xakus weapon. And at this point i wonder why i bothered to spend 400 plat on boosters for a resource that after 30 hours of gameplay feels like IT DOESNT EXIST.
  4. 125 Mutagen Samples, 3000 Cryotic per feed package
  5. Remember the moment during TennoLive when Steve told Rebecca NOT to feed Railjack resources? Because the numbers were bonkers high? Well to my astonishment they are still bonkers high. 12500 of the common resources. 10000 and 1000 of RARE resources that i maybe find 20-ish per mission. As a single feed bundle which is now the only resource type my Helminth wants in certain categories. Is this truly intended? Are the feed amounts ment to be this insanely high? Like 1000 Kestrels and 10000 Trachons, REALLY? And why is a single feed package FIVE keys for the Exploiter Orb fight? I can't f
  6. Lucky you, i did another 15 isolation vaults and im still at 0. Can't even build Xaku because he needs 5 of them. His weapon needs another 5. You'd think they'd be somewhere on the rarity scale of Orokin Cells.... but nah
  7. I honestly ended up just paying a friend of mine 100 plat to go and tag one while i AFK at the base entrance playing Hearthstone. Peak progression system when it makes you willing to pay off others to do as much boosting as is permissible without just outright handing them your account details. ☹️
  8. If i were still going the standing cap would stop me, an MR 29 player, a neat 3k short of rank 3 for tomorrow, and then on saturday i could finally get it - except i can't, because i'm never getting these stupid bird tags.
  9. Because depth can only be appreciated if it's optional. If you lock systems that have a massive impact on the core gameplay loop behind randomized arbitrary grinding of "side" activities, you are going to alienate the player base that mainly wants to hunt power-ups for the core gameplay loop. And hours and hours of conservation to catch 2 "common" birds is just a joke, no matter how you look at it.
  10. Unbelievable. So they genuinely intended for a random chance of your boring side activities to randomly implode and not actually reward you anything. That's outrageous. Since when has Warframe depended on lootbox mechanics to artificially stretch out the grind? That is SO unlike their entire previous design philosophy.
  11. Fam ive spent 10 hours of ONLY conservation to get all of 2 "common" birds. You need 5 tags to promote to the needed syndicate rank 3. And at this point i'm so close to selfharm that i've decided that i will simply NEVER own the helminth system because i'd rather cut myself than have another bird not spawn after doing the correct call for the 30th #*!%ing time. It's so beyond broken i refuse to accept that this went through more than basic "are hard progression stoppers in the intro quest" testing. This was pushed out WAY before it was anywhere near ready.
  12. Before i say anything else, I have to give credit to the art team and the sound team. Deimos looks and sounds absolutely fantastic, and while i hated the deus ex machina ending of the Heart of Deimos Quest, the writing on the characters and the idea of them regaining their identities piece by piece afterwards was genuinely heartwarming. I've been a Tenno since 2013, i've played this game for 5935 hours on steam... and a simple "common" conservation animal finally broke my will to keep playing. At this point i've poured a dedicated 10 hours (and 400 plat for both resource boosters) in
  13. Where did you see that? I just carefully read the patch notes and none of them included cutting fish and the whole issue. Plus it seems you still do not get consistent amounts when cutting multiple fish, so since we had another hotfix that didn't address it PUSH
  14. Thanks for the fixes but it's mind boggling that the cut fish problem is still in there. It quite literally acted as a hard progression stopper for me, eating my first 22 fish that were supposed to give me the spinal cord item for the first rank-up without giving me a single one. I had to grind them from randomized map drops, SURELY this isn't intentional. Fish aren't supposed to be lootboxes, right?
  15. *Push* This is STILL happening, i tried again with wildly varying payouts for the exact same fish and quality based on how many i cut, how many different ones i mixed, i even managed to get 12 of a resource by cutting just 2 fish of 2 different types, it's utterly broken.
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