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  1. I had 2 through 4 as well. 2 and 3 in particular made me question if she's really willingly on their side. I think Erra yeeting her into the ship's core at the end of the Scarlet Spear cinematic did have something to do with involuntarily integrating her into the Sentient war machine. Why would she call herself the Queen of Nothing? She used to be called Queen of the (Tenno) Hive. Erra told her the "stench" of her conversion was still on her - she may not be accepted as a full sentient anymore (harkoning back all the way to Hunhow warning Natah that "They will say you are riven, and want
  2. Agreed, my main problem tho is survivability. My Mausolon still takes a good third out of the 20th-ish big one with the secondary fire (if the 60% multishot procs) but the incoming damage just gets really difficult to handle. So many sentients with so much health around, it's rough. And ironically the absolute stand-outs are the classic Battalysts with their stupid spinny lasers - they chunk me harder than anything else in the room and can take literally a couple hundred rounds to the face before going down.
  3. That's weird. Am i the only one who got a sentimental or even friendly sounding message? This just sounds like she's a war drone. I wonder if your operator alignment (light/dark) will actually play into this / actually DOES play into this.
  4. Considering you killed your 10th and mine popped up on the 10th as well that seems to align - maybe it is a chance on the 10th? I wonder if it CAN happen more than once and/or what the conditions are...
  5. So, as a friend of mine and i have already validated, there are multiple variations of the message you receive during the Endurance part of the Operation, once you kill 10 Orphix's. Last warning, if you haven't gotten to that point yet, SPOILERS ABOUND. I thought i'd set up a thread to compile the various messages and see if they actually contain more lore than i myself managed to gather - since a repeat run did NOT in fact lead to another message i presume it's a one time per account occurrence. Since my friend already confirmed mid-mission that he had indeed gotten another
  6. I have to say that the state of this update is on the verge of rivaling Railjack's launch. Baffling economic decisions and bugs galore. I have now gone through the 45 minute to 1 hour effort of unlocking the new bounties three separate times. I have attempted all three new bounties. And all of them were frozen by a blatant scripting error within the first 2 steps. The "goo up enemies before killing them" bounty simply did not count enemies as marked, no matter how much we marked them. The "science" bounty had the mist rift step in it which froze because the item isn't using charges (and n
  7. Trust me i'd like nothing more than to have actually challenging gameplay available, like Enemies that actually reward going for weak spot shots (i actually REALLY like Nox's design because of how much it encourages going for headshots and aiming a weapon) But truth of the matter is i simply CANNOT kill steel path enemies even with every maxed out primary mod in the game using a Primary fast enough. Secondaries work because i've collected good Rivens. No "challenge" provided either - Warframe isn't a flippin cover shooter. If i show myself to the enemies and i'm not Inaros, i get clapped
  8. I cannot help but feel this is Viver and Draco and T4 Survival and SO many other Lootcaves all over again. A new set of rewards are being plugged onto an existing mechanic so the existing efficient farms get hard-patched out, rewarding the people who have stockpiled and punishing those who have not. What was the point in making Steel Essence be affected by (paid!) resource boosters, if it'll now become a freakin mission reward from Kuva-Siphon-Like missions with no actual drop chance? I did not stockpile Steel Essence and now i'm gonna get screwed over for it. I honestly despise Steel Pat
  9. I've done 48 Tripple-Vaults, got myself the mech, the Cortege and a bunch of Necramech mods... but literally had TWO drops of the damn thing ever. Luckily one counted for 8 (resource weekend + booster + Smeeta) and one for 4 (Booster + Smeeta). 2 drops in 48 tripple runs (288 mechs)
  10. Update: After cheesing only the first Task of the level 15-25 bounty three times i hit the 18,42% chance and bagged the last Scintillant i need (thank the lotus for my Kavat, a paid resource booster and a double resource weekend granting me an 8-stack off a necramech a few weeks ago)
  11. Huh, so then the best method would be to force Stage 1 of a level 15-25 bounty over and over for the 18.42% chance and just abandoning ship every time if it doesn't drop? Seems a bit.... counterintuitive but i guess i'll take it
  12. I'm in a bit of a pickle still. At this point i'm 800 platinum deep into Boosters desperately trying to get the insane number of 15 Scintilant to construct all 3 Deimos MR relevant items. Yes, i still don't have them. So good old me thinks "hey, the T1 bounty advertises that it has Scintillant in them, lets check the odds". (after failing to drop one for 11 bounty runs) I head on over to warframe.com/droptables to check the ratios on those T1 bounties and what do my eyes spot? Here's the massive and relatively obvious problem with this: THESE BOUNTIES ONLY HAVE THREE F
  13. A bit sad because i already own every last item that'll be in that vault BUT glad to hear new ones will be recycled after. And also happy to stock up on Ember relics for my friends. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. I must be the unluckiest dude in all of Warframe, or there's something fishy going on. This is the droptable of the Nightmare Granum Void according to warframe.com/droptables Nightmare Granum Void Rotation C Mortuus Shoulder Guard Uncommon (29.63%) Stropha Stock Uncommon (29.63%) Stahlta Barrel Uncommon (29.63%) Protea Systems Blueprint Uncommon (11.11%) I've now gathered 8 Stropha Stock in a row, alongside 1 Stahlta Barrel as the first and last drop. So on a droptable that is supposedly pretty evenly split into 1:3 chances (with a 1:
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