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  1. Imagine you are on 2/3 mercies in ~25 seconds trying to revive your pet and a nuke frame on your party oneshots the heavy gunner you know you NEED to mercy to proc this. I'd just remove the timer honestly
  2. Steel path is the one thing in 7000 hours i never completed because of my dislike for instant hitscan death and the (perceived) need for melee spam. So now none of my MR30 7000 hour almost complete set of gear will be strong enough to compete with Steel path enemies - and to grow the power needed to take them on, i'm supposed to... farm steel path and Acolytes specifically (the one enemy even my 10k hp Arcane Grace Inaros with max melee weapon power couldn't beat reliably) Am i the only one who sees a frankly bizarre requirement vs "reward" loop there? I get to play an even more miserable version of Steel path to eventually obtain the option to jump through added gameplay hoops to be powerful enough to kill the steel path enemies i already didn't enjoy fighting? I.... i'm just speechless. I don't know what rationalization other than a falsely perceived desperate need to break up the power of melee could've justified this. Again, at MR30 with maxed old melee, Steel Path was miserable. Because Sponge enemies are neither difficult nor fun, they're just sponges.
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