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  1. It'll probably be added with the 4th Orb Mother ;>
  2. Can we add the OLD Bo staff model back as a skin, i miss beating up enemies with a Pipe, Matrix 2 styie
  3. So i found out there's a brand new elevator at the back of my orbiter that takes me up INTO my railjack, and then from there i can manually fly it into my dojo drydock with 100% no failure. Going up there was also added as an option to the escape main menu (and im a blind dummy) Sooooo if you have trouble getting your railjack into your drydock, try accessing it from your orbiter. Still, the "call my railjack" button shown at the TennoCon demo isn't functional, i guess that at least still counts as a bug.
  4. How did you get it back? Mine seems permanently gone, havent been able to make it come back even once
  5. Exactly this happened to me too. No Railjack in dojo, consoles for calling it / customizing it are completely dead. I can now watch it hover over my orbiter and absolutely nothing else. Can't host a squad, cant apply my upgrades, nothing 😞
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