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  1. The only thing being sacrificed will be our forum accounts when we all get banned for this *bleep*
  2. Y'all have lost your minds. I'm off playing Slay the Spire until this drops xD #ThanksChrono
  3. Oh my god now everyone is posting in colored text *facepalms himself off to Lua*
  4. How about we should expect DE to get better at knowing when their S#&$ is ready to be shipped xD Like, at this point, why don't they have a dedicated 2 week buffer every time and then stick the landing regardless of wether or not it's ready a week earlier? They couldve just said "it drops the day after tennocon" and everyone wouldve been just as hyped and they couldve EASILY met that date
  5. It's called "hype backfiring" 😉 I just wish it wouldn't turn out so ugly each time
  6. Yup. Some of them didn't look.. as energetic as usual. They looked like the last months were getting to them.
  7. Well honestly i was calculating with a Friday release to begin with so i don't mind too much. I'm just sorry for the imminent destruction of sleep rythms for the poor folks who'll have to stick around for hotfixes probably throughout the whole weekend, less than 3 weeks before it gets ruined yet again by a convention. Honestly, at this point, i fear for the crunch DE are putting on themselves. Maybe the team needs to grow a bit or they need to tone down the ambitions. I don't wanna see them overexert themselves or god forbid actually have this passion project turn into something that physically affects them.
  8. i didnt even read it, LOL Hey @Frontez what's your source for this?
  9. Okay, my bad, there's a fourth step i forgot Right click your image, select "show graphic" or "copy image address" and then post THAT link to the forum
  10. Step 1: Go to imgur.com Step 2: Drag and drop picture into the page Step 3: After image is uploaded, rightclick it and select "copy image URL" or "View image" (and copy URL from your browser) and put it into your post You're welcome
  11. DE are asleep, post Capturas https://imgur.com/a/D63Tbyp
  12. Bru obviously we're sacrificing our Amp arm for the quest, not a Warframe. And yea.. i will play the Quest with my good old Nova Prime.
  13. Good morning to y'all from europes afternoon - how are things coming along?
  14. I've said it in the past and i'll say it again: I basically expect the large updates to drop on fridays or saturdays and that is A OK. If it means launching with less gamebreaking progression stoppers and crashes, i don't mind the waiting time 😄 Plus, you did keep the hype train rather low this time around which is much appreciated. The one thing im worried about is that you said this would be the "finale" to the cinematic quests - and honestly, i love the cinematic quests WAY more than open world content. Maybe i have just burned myself out on too many open world games but the plains never really clicked with me designwise and i doubt they ever will. i'm just too much of a grinder and an achiever to enjoy vast amounts of traversal to get S#&$ done (in particular plaguestar has really burnt me out on the concept)
  15. The Excavation and Launcher changes sound very nice. I hope they work out as well in the game as they do on paper, i think there will still be an issue with overlapping Excavators when you basically finish your relic and simultaneously pop a 2nd one (because then, once again, you'll have to get 10 reactant within 1 excavators time) Launcher changes have me hoping i can wake up to a certain cinematic quest being fully installed 😄 Lovely
  16. I literally slipped into TennoVIP 2015 gamescom LAST SECOND - if you actually come back to germany again i'd love to get my ticket up front this time 😄 And i'd bring the 2015 Mug which i totally forgot to get signed back then. Like the happy pleb i was. Any ETA on the date for that? I hope TennoCon stress doesn't saps you into canceling it again 😕
  17. I spent about two dozen hours crafting an Exodia Triumph set for my Zaw because i actually like Channeling and i saw a big opportunity in the Zenurik Channeling node. I very much enjoy that build as a massive damage multiplier to this day. What will happen to my Exodia Triumph with this? What will happen to my Primed Reach? To my range Rivens that i partially spent thousands of platinum on? Am i just the unlucky one landing under the bus with this? Also i cannot help but notice how the jumping charge attacks are specifically shown off on the plains because they fit the large open worlds a LOT better than the tighter tileset corridors which still make up ~98% of the game's content. That just feels... wrong. Might just be my deep antipathy to the plains shining through though. But i think the rest of my concerns are very valid. It's getting annoying to constantly see the powerfull stuff i worked so hard to obtain get removed, "reworked" or nerfed, to the point where my mental image of power fantasy is actually getting sizeable enough dents for me to currently just... not play Warframe. After 5 years and 4500 hours i disagree with the recent developments in power fantasy cuts so much that i've gone and tried Destiny 2 (and, surprise surprise i hated it for the harsh limits in its power fantasy gameplay)
  18. Does this already include the neutering of melee combat? (I'm all for fixing abuse cases but taking away a 3,5x combo damage multiplier can not be fixed by touching base numbers. My melee weapons will be useless, this will move Warframe closer to the bullet sponges of Destiny 2 even more)
  19. Keep playing whack-a-mole with farming builds. You will eventually stop or all frames will just be used for melee. You can not stop power farming strats in a power fantasy game which asks you to level up weapons 7 times without cutting too much power for the regular gameplay simultaneously. It won't work. Oh and for the next moles: "rework" equinoxs day form 4 and maybe wukong while you're at it, or just hit ember again (she's still dumb vs low lvl enemies) Disclaimer: i just finished my 4th forma on saryn, post may contain critical levels of salt
  20. Yeaaah im gonna give this another month before i invest more time into it. This REAAAAALLY should have had the wave reward backup system.from endless relics implemented into it by default. Lost 2 Khora BPs and 1 Braton Receiver to failed transitions and hard crashes and i just cant be bothered in this state. "There's a game in this bug" - Monto 2018 (about a different game which i'm going to go play now 😊)
  21. Are you SURE about those droprates? Im now 13 runs in and i literally havent seen any drop other than endo and relics apart from the very first run (which dropped the fortress captura scene) Even just from Rotation C alone at ~14% to drop a weapon/khora part i wouldve expected one non-relic drop by now. After 9 runs with 4 relics IN A ROW (even the endo seems to have left me) im fairly demotivated. Feels like im not getting anything i want at all. I mean those 13 runs were 20 minutes each so we're talking about 4 hours 20 minutes at least (probably closer to 4 hours 45 mins with transitions, 5 hours with party setups) for not a single interesting drop... And while the fact that the rooms always follow the same order does make sense for a scoreattack competing perspective it makes the elite mode go dull a LOT faster (not to mention the OVERWHELMING amount of crashes and disconnects my teammates and i experienced so far)
  22. What has me most anxious about that is the cause of that content drought. I mean there can't really be any doubt that it's clearly caused by the massive undertaking that is the venus open world, which has to beat the plains of eidolon by a large margin if they want another comparable playerbase spike. And considering just how little i actually enjoy the activities offered by the plains compared to the "regular" old mission structures, i feel like at least for me personally all this wait won't be worth it. If it means these "smaller" updates with a new frame, a new mode, maybe a quest are reduced from 5-6 per year to 1-2 per year in between massive open world releases, i may end up playing Warframe less and less. This current content drought has already caused me to reduce my playtime by roughly 60-70%, time i just spend in other games where i haven't achieved "everything" yet. So yea, the waiting sucks. But on a month-wise scale. I don't really need to bicker over days when it comes to releasing an update on wednesday or friday xD
  23. If team size was an indicator for game quality, Destiny 2 would've been a very different game, considering it had close to 1000 people working on it >:)
  24. Now take into consideration it's currently 7am at DEs offices, so we'll have to wait at least another 3-5 hours before it lands. AT LEAST.
  25. Man you guys i hope you bring some BOMBSHELLS to TennoCon because i am REALLY starting to feel the content drought. Sorry but the plains... i dont know. It feels like 80-90% of all new releases are just minor additions to the plains now. Even the entire Update 23 is just... two reskins of a boss i have killed almost 200 times with some more bang behind them. And that's kinda all we got since the plains launch, literally half a year ago. Yes you may have released quite a bit of stuff in the last 6 months but for someone who doesn't enjoy the plains too much anymore after burning himself out on the initially broken economy (not to mention the fact i grinded the original plague star through 44000 faction rankup favor before that was fixed). And i effectively lost 70 Eidolon Shards (and thus captures) on an arcane set which had its requirements lowered from 100 to 30 after i had already built it. 70 freakin kills, literal hours of killing the same boss over and over and over again. With hefty real-world timers in between where im not even allowed to access him (aka the day/night cycle on the plains) The FEELING is just off. I know you're still working your butts off to make Warframe a great game but it *feels* like the content flow has just... stopped. We got an incredible tease of what you're capable off through a certain prologue... but it lasted all of 10 minutes. THAT'S the stuff i fell in love with. I totally get the argument steve made on devstream, the cinematic quests are something you play through for 3 hours and then they're done. And you go back to the regular content. But they are SO AWESOME, they are motivators for hundreds of hours of "normal" gameplay working my way toward the next prime set, the next primed mod, etc. Seeing plains content, plains content re-releases (how many ghouls waves have we had) and (admittedly brilliant cosmetics) doesnt give me anything new to play with (as long as i'm not enjoying the plains that is) I love you guys, i really do. I'd love to meet you again in august when you come to gamescom like 3 years ago. I just would like to have something i can get my hours out of outside the plains until then on a more regular basis than a new prime frame every 3 months :(
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