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  1. The math is just HIGHLY suspicious though. The Repeller Systems despite being a gold drop dropping WAY too often and pretty much exactly at the combined rarity that the wiki lists for Atmo Systems + Repeller Systems really has me thinking for some reason the Atmo Systems are being replaced by Repeller Systems.

    Like, this isnt even monetized, i WOULD pay for the Atmo Systems if i could at this point. It really needs checking out, because it's at this point genuinely the worst grindlock i've seen in my Warframe time since 2014. It genuinely feels broken. DEFINITELY doesnt match the drop rate listed on the wiki. i wonder what the source for that list actually is.

  2. Pushed on to 80 Runs of Stage 2, Added 3 more Exploiter Orb Kills and 2 Profittaker Kills for shiggles and still absolutely no atmo systems and no way to buy them

    This really needs to be adressed. This one random unbuyable drop hardlocks me out of progressing to Baruuk.

  3. Can confirm with 99,86% mathematical certainty that this is NOT currently working as intended. Over the course of 66 runs i've had 11 packages of the RARE Repeller Systems drop, supposedly a 7,5% chance to drop but actually a 16% ratio which seems like a notable differentiation even over such a small amount of runs - as well as 17 packages of Gyromag Systems which is smack on the expected 25% ratio

    My guess? For some reason the Atmo Systems mistakenly cause Repeller Systems to drop in an overwhelming number of cases. The 16,66% (or 1:6) ratio is way too close to the combined supposed droprate of Repeller (7,5%) and Atmo Systems (10%) to be a coincidence.

    Oh and i did get exactly one bundle of Atmo Systems, on my 62nd run. Only when i uninstalled the game on discord and reinstalled it on Steam, they were wiped from my inventory. That's right, i had a bundle and after reinstalling the game back to steam, they got deleted. i have a support ticket open for this, but something about this item is just miles off in every direction.

    Not to mention it becomes utterly meaningless once you've hit that third rank as you can just trade it in for standing, aka for toroids. Just that stupid hurdle to getting that Rank of "Hand" makes me wanna put my own hand through my forehead in the process 😂

  4. vor 2 Stunden schrieb Zuhan:

    I don't think they are skipping it. I think they took some of the personnel from the development and moved them to Fortuna for its release in the coming weeks. They will go back to it after Fortuna has released. I suspect Melee 3.0 will release in December.

    Honestly, the main problem i have with Melee 3.0 is still that IF we lose the melee combo multiplier damage, i'm going to lose effectively 75%+ of my melee damage. And no amount of fancy animations is going to make me feel good if i stand propped up against a lvl 120 enemy for 10+ seconds not killing them with half a dozen melee attacks until i get smacked down in one shot. I hope it doesn't come to that, but that's the CORE takeaway i got from all the melee 3.0 things i've seen so far. My combo multiplier traded for upgraded high jump ground slams which are not very usefull in tight corridor tilesets 😕

    I hope im wrong! It's just the impression i've had so far

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  5. vor 39 Minuten schrieb Zuhan:

    They showed "The Sacrifice" 2-3 years before it was released. I don't see how showing Railjack a year early is strange.


    That said, I already have an area set aside for the Drydock in my Dojo.

    ACTUALLY last saturday Steve streamed on twitch and said Railjack was aimed at "Early next year / late this year if we're lucky"

  6. Can you please bring back the OLD Bo skin as a staff skin option? I loved my Matrix 2 Neo vs Smith Steel pipe to Pluto and back and i would really like to be able to soak in that nostalgia again.

    Dont get me wrong the new Model isnt bad by any means but it's just not "my" favorite melee anymore

    Much love!

  7. vor 12 Stunden schrieb Voltage:

    Will Power Donation give 7 capacity along with Steel Charge to standardize the Aura system? Inconsistency between Aura mods is why players who wish to use Umbral Mods always run Steel Charge. It would be nice if Aura Mods all offered 7 (or 9) additional capacity at max rank to level the playing field.

    Preferably 9 to be honest. Having builds which are theoretically possible but flat out impossible due to not having enough points even at max forma with a potato isn't great - progression shouldn't feel hard capped

  8. vor 20 Stunden schrieb ICUH:

    Man 39% status chance...
    That's really high.

    It's a beam shotgun so it's gonna be 39% per second. Beam weapons have had a problem with status procs because they apply them so slowly, particularly if you try to apply Corrosive to high level high armor enemies - so this thing will unfortunately share that problem even if it reaches 100% status chance per second with less than 4 hybrid mods

  9. With gamescom less than a month away and Tennocon's crunch probably still in your guys's bones, is there ANY chance you're coming across the atlantic again this year? i was so happy to meet you back in 2015 when you last did a TennoVIP at gamescom, but the announcement for Gamescom still hasn't shown up - i hope it won't be canceled like the last 2 years 😱

    Any ETA on entry tickets for the gamescom Event opening up?

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  10. vor 19 Stunden schrieb Praxxor:

    Incoming salt from rift sigil owners


    (I own one too)

    Yup. Considering the sheer amount of bullS#&$ we had to go through back in the day (i havent forgotten that draco interception while red text taunted the entire world about the 0,17% ratio of teams completing the mission) having it drop from a simple lvl 50 defense is a bit insulting. They could've at least matched the difficulty.

    They do seem pretty hellbent on handing out all the old prestige stuff to as many newbs as possible at the moment - by the current speed i think the only prestigious item left by 2019 will be f*in excal prime xD

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