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  1. According to the Delimos Patch 29.1.0 this was stated in the patch notes... Fixed inability to progress through some Corpus/Grineer Invasion missions due to an inability to enter the portal, and just getting put through a never ending loop that goes nowhere. Will be curious to see if it was actually fixed or not. Easiest way to fix would be to just remove that tile in total.
  2. What about the issue with looking at Khora's Delux Bundle Kavat Skin while having a Panzer Vulpiphyla Equipped looking headless?
  3. DE "CLAIMED" this would be fixed in the next hotfix around 1pm EST, pretty sure there has been TWO hotfixes since then. Just ran into the issue in TWO different sessions trying to do the Neptune Anthe Corpus Support Invasion. At least Deimos is still getting fixes...
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