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  1. Did you score that 4010 points in a single run? Clan scoring only counts each members best score.
  2. You should create a support ticket. They will be able to remove him for you. http://support.warframe.com/
  3. Actually it is. Right under clan scoring: Clan scores are determined by the Total(Sum) of the best Score for each participating player. NOTE: Mission 3 is the only Mission that will allow Clan Scores to be contributed.
  4. You didn't read the whole thing. Blueprint is awarded after the event finishes. Only the victory tier is awarded immediately.
  5. Synthula is a rotation A reward from low level endless missions. Clan Emblems are a fixed cost for all clans. It costs 150 plat to submit and 30 plat for the emblem to wear.
  6. Let the downloading begin!
  7. I'm waiting for the 8 Track version!
  8. Unlike most rooms, you can only build 1 of each clan hall in your dojo.
  9. Update wise, they said the corpus spear would be included in our build, and they covered the list of tennogen items being added. Beyond that, there really wasn't much news.
  10. No, DE didn't give a date for cert submission. It sounds like they are close to sending a build to cert, but they are not ready to give a date to us.
  11. We're still waiting for DE to submit a build to cert. DE won't set a date for the operation until the build is ready to be deployed.
  12. It's an hour long.
  13. PAX Panel is Tomorrow(Sunday) at 10:30am EDT.
  14. Answer is yes. She'll need a ticket, but nobody is checking ID's at the door. I bumped into a couple of younger tenno and their parents last year.