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  1. Delete your warframe save data file. It is corrupt. All of your in game progress is saved on DE's server.. The only thing in the file are your settings.
  2. What makes you think they would be different accounts from the current XB1 and PS4?
  3. Use that frame or the prime version at level 30.
  4. No, you don't understand... I had to make the ticket with a DIFFERENT account. My PS4 account couldn't stay logged into support. I have a PC account as well. I had to use the PC account to get support to fix my PS4 account.
  5. I had this exact same problem with my PS4 account. I had to create a ticket from my PC account, and get support to believe I had a problem. It took almost a month, but they did eventually solve the problem for me. They didn't really give me any info about what was wrong or how they fixed it, but they did fix it.
  6. This is by design. DE chose to make it always pink.
  7. It's a remaster update... It means you have to download the whole thing again. It's in the update notes: Warframe will go from ~64 GB to ~31.2 GB after it has completed the automatic re-download of the game in its entirety. This will appear no different from any other update, business as usual! It will download in the background as is expected with all updates. This is part of the first steps we are taking towards the “ensmallening” on consoles that we’ve seen over on PC - more details in the official dev workshop here. Keep in mind the information in the workshop was specifically dire
  8. You can buy them with plat from the store. Plat free requires you to run relic missions (or some invasion missions) and 23 hours to build one.
  9. As long as you meet the mastery requirement, I can give you one on PS4. I think the MR requirement is 9.
  10. You can turn that off... It's in the chat options screen.
  11. If you hover over you name in the upper part of the screen or view your profile, you can see it. Yours is 5570975
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