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  1. TennoCon 2018 Digital Pack available now!

    Have you tried using the web interface for the store?
  2. Corrupted data

    Delete the warframe save data file and the problem will go away. The file doesn't contain any of your game progress. It only contains your settings.
  3. Awesome, can't wait to play.
  4. TennoCon 2018 Digital Pack available now!

    I can see it in the NA store. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2097-CUSA00080_00-PLU0200000000000
  5. No special emblem after getting it

    It was meant for players who had finished at least 1 trial. IT was accidentally given to all console players, and DE later removed it from the people who shouldn't have gotten it. See the thread:
  6. Invati Sekhara vanished

    See the thread:
  7. Super Helpful Idea For Tennocon

    I would be interested to know how chat bans work...
  8. I'm at work right now... Anybody able to post the download size?
  9. Prime Vault Accessories Pack

    DE has said they will not do it for the current unvaulting, but will start with the summer unvaulting.
  10. 2018 TennoCon Exclusive Armor Set

    According to the website, yes.
  11. Clan or Dojo Rework add-on

    You are literally a day late... :) From yesterdays's 22.16.0 release notes: You can now access your Arsenal via the ESC Menu if you have a completed Observatory Room in your Dojo.
  12. Linking twitch prime?

    You can't use the @fakepsn e-mail for twitch linking. You need to click on the PS4 part of the window. It will redirect you to a sony login page. There you will use the e-mail and password associated with your PSN account. https://imgur.com/a/lIAT0
  13. Corrupted data

    You need to delete your saved data file. This file only contains your settings, and none of your game progress. Also, if you are a plus member, you should delete the cloud backup as well.