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  1. Thats odd. I signed in using a different browser and didn't have any troubles. Perhaps they are haviing some early growing pains.
  2. Did you sign in? From the redirect, you sign in and click on the big forum button.
  3. The forums for keystone are open for accepted testers.
  4. This really belongs in the keystone forums, not here.
  5. "Bummer dude, doors are locked."
  6. I was able to resend the e-mail yesterday. Goto the Keystone Website and under the Reserve your alias button is an "Already have an account? Login in here" link. Once I clicked on that and entered my info, it took me to a you need to verify screen with a link to resend the e-mail.
  7. You should open a support ticket. They can look into your account and see where the plat went. http://support.warframe.com/
  8. It's a thing to post your referral link? https://www.playkeystone.com?referrerId=592454c84cde6f47ac45db01 I can't wait to give Keystone a try!
  9. You should contact support. They should be able to fix your account.
  10. Do you currently have 40 animo beacons? I suspect now that the node requires 40 to play normally that the sortie is stuck with the same mechanic.
  11. In color. You can't change the color of an emblem once it is in game.
  12. You missed one yesterday...
  13. You don't get the items until tennocon AND you have to actually show up to tennocon to get the items. The digital ticket is the only ticket that gives you the items electronically. http://www.warframe.com/en/tennocon-faq If I buy any of the ticket tiers, do I still get the swag if I can't attend? No, only the Digital Pack offers you goodies without attending the event. You must be present to receive Full Day, Collectors, VIP, and Legendary goods.
  14. I looked all around the page and I don't see anywhere on the page that it says PC only, but DE has mentioned it in the past as being PC only.
  15. That program doesn't exist for console players. It only works for PC accounts.