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  1. Likely, your warframe settings file is corrupted. It doesn't get removed when you reinstall. In the playstation settings, delete the warframe saved game file and launch the game. The saved game file doesn't contain any of your game data, just the settings you use.
  2. I also had this issue. I tried a dew things including turning off the ps5 and restarting. I'm did the same thing as TheWhitley and everything is fine now.
  3. Nightwave ended all regular alerts. The only way to get nitain these days is from nightwave or as a super rare drop from some sabotage caches.
  4. That is what has always worked for me. It's possible the forums don't support that glyph yet. DE isn't very good about keeping the forums in sync with all available glyphs. Have you seen anybody else with it on the forums? You could try a different glyph as an experiment.
  5. Any chance you posted something that kickbot thought belonged in another chat section? Sometimes you get kicked from a channel for repeat offenses. These usually don't last beyond a re-log. I'm not aware of players being banned from a single channel otherwise.
  6. It is true. You can see the info posted here:
  7. I'm a bit confused. Once resources / forma are donated to a clan for building or research, they belong to the clan. There is no way to get them back. If the clan is disbanded all resources that belonged to the clan vanish.
  8. Check your archgun inventory. It's likely related to this: Arch-gun Weapon Inventory Slots Explanation and Fix When we first introduced Necramechs to Warframe, they did not have a “head” component that you could change. You just owned an entire Necramech and that was it. In order to increase the cosmetic flexibility of Necramechs we made the head modular, giving you the ability to change it the same way you can change a Warframe’s Helmet. A script was run that retroactively gave you the Helmets of Necramechs you already owned so you didn't have to build them again to get the Helmet.
  9. you won't have to start over on PS5. It uses the same account. Some countries require games to have a price (Germany is the only one that I know of). In that case DE sets the minimum price for the game. PS5 Announcement: Germany Price post:
  10. While I'm not sure this answers the OPs question, this does explain why in germany warframe costs 0.25
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