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  1. AS YOU CAN READ THE TITLE, this could be fun to have. You could use the Melee/Guns for Cosplay opportunity or simply to collect it and use it to decorate your Bedroom/Gaming Office (wish we could have that feature added to the orbiter in the game). Here's my question for ya'll: What weapons you wish would be brought as a Nerf Toy? Me first: Melee: Dex Dakra, Volnus, Broken War, War, Skiajati, Paracesis, Scindo Prime & Pennant. Secondary: Dex Furis, Fusilai, Epitaph, Athodai & Pyrana Prime Primary: Dex Sybaris, Phantasma, Rubico (S
  2. This is not OFFICIAL, only a what-if. Chroma has been a downgrading Warframe since his release, and I want to make some changes that just occurred to me yesterday to upgrade his performance on our imagination. Whatever I put in here is in your opinion or judgement to express your thoughts about it. (also this is my second time writing something on the Forums.) (Every Ability is affected by duration mods for the duration of the Status effect on the enemies, like Lavos.) (PASSIVE): He will maintain the additional jump/Bullet Jump. Each of his abilities will have their own
  3. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I was asking that. To evade this problem, you unfortunately NEED to invade a Grineer Crew ship, it will spawn Void Fissures inside when you enter it.
  4. Okay, here's the thing: We have always been cracking relics in Void Fissures and now in Void Storms. There's also the option of not bringing relics, which this ONLY results in getting the void traces and no prime part, although, we have always saw this as a waste of our precious mission time since prime parts costs Ducat and Platinum and the void trace count doesn't change. With this in mind and having Sevagoth and his weapon parts drop from Void Storms, can't help but wonder: Does Sevagoth/Epitaph parts always drop no matter the condition or is it only when you crack a relic?
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