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  1. Some players just immediately starts the timer whenever I’m not ready for the next mission/sortie/fissure like I told them million times to don’t start the timer but they kept doing it ,I was the highest mr 13 (now I’m 14) and they were like 4-7, and i was thinking that players below mr 7 they didn’t know that everyone needs to be ready to able to start the timer,I mean I like carrying people but when someone immediately starts the timer it gets me frustrated rn, they just won’t let me change load outs/builds. please remove the gosh sake the timer cuz I’m getting frustrated when someo
  2. When I want to trade like riven for riven then everyone is not responding to me but when I say WTB riven mod then ofc almost a lot of people people responded to me ,like why everyone wants plat?? Why no one wants to trade ?
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