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  1. Just posting to report facing a similar issue. Tried reseting game, moving around the Oubliette etc, still no luck. Seems to be working now! Maybe the latest hotfixes or some other reason, but hopefully working for others too, and thank you! Have a Riven now!
  2. Hello. Don't know if this is the right place for this, but Nihil fight via the Nightwave seems to not give a Riven, and I seem to be able to repeat it? I checked around and this seems to mostly effect PSN users. Watched some gameplay of others getting the Riven after the fight (including Rebecca just now on PC Warframe Twitch stream). I've tried moving around the Oubliette before fighting, fighting the battle with the Vitrica, to let Nihil definitely know I beat him before already, using Gara and the Vitrica just in case. Still no riven. On the plus side, am really good at fighting
  3. Not sure if this the right place, but was really nice to have my art featured!! There were so many wonderful entries, in both idea and execution, was humbling to be amongst them. In any case thank you?!? and congrats to the other people who entered!
  4. Physical Valentines category. Hope everyone is doing okay and feeling okay! My handwriting is bad and I am really bad at taking photos, so for anyone who is curious, the writing is as follows (in your best Cephalon Simaris voice!) Also its a pop up card! Though... kind of hard to actually show the proper effect, I should have probably thought about that when I started! "Hunter, you Exceed Expectations, you are far more lovely & Interesting than any Specimen in the Sanctuary!!" "It may seem to Ordis that I had a Heart Glitch... an Infatuation and Appreciation for you Hu
  5. I think so too, as far as room for develop, I look at being a considerable challenge, depending on the degree of refinement in accomplishing what one might consider a suitable experience. There is so much to do in Warframe, its amazing and great for variety and selection, yet it can also be consider daunting too, and a challenge as far as clashing priorities. I generally believe every Warframe player, has multiple priorities, when playing the game, even if we can't always articulate it as such with precision and clarity. For example, I personally want to 1. Experience as much of the content t
  6. Personally, I prefer a more methodical slow approach generally, when I play Warframe, so I empathise a little with those who desire more precise coordinated team work. That being said, and I know its already been talked about, but I don't expect anything from a random group in a random mission. Like another user said, some people play speedily for rewards, and that might conflict with a person that likes to go slower and enjoy the gameplay, but thats not a solution either. Everything to do with Warframe, personal styles, and the various modes and objectives within Warframe can compete with eac
  7. I offer warm encouragement, and try to re-motivate squad for another attempt. I remember my very first Sortie Lua Rescue, that, whilst not a Spy, has an annoying mechanic, that involves Hacking, Alarms, Timing and can involve accidentally messing up a fail condition for other players. I messed up, because I wasn't really aware of its fail conditions, and basically failed the mission for the random squad I had been running with. Was also one of my first Sorties, so well, basically I felt horrible and avoided doing Sorties for a while. Now, personally, I tend to be harder on myself than other pe
  8. Since building a Dry Dock (for a Clan) takes a fair bit of resources and time I believe. Now they are giving that accessibility freely. For a good reason mind you, to better help people in general get into Railjack, but its about acknowledging the grind many people undertake in the past, and to reassure them their hard work isn't being overlooked. By the same token, they also talk about how some Intrinsics that they generally consider should be implemented by default, will be adjusted to be as such, but for those who did grind for Intrinsics, they'll do something for us as well (I can't
  9. Hello. Is it possible you are mixing up personal Railjack's with Railjack accessibility? I believe what they intended to convey (or at least my interpretation) was that clans that poured resources into creating Railjack research/clan Dry Dock won't have to feel annoyed, by the fact that Dry Docks can be more easily accessed publicly now, via Relays (which is a change to better help accessibility to Rialjack's for those without Clans etc etc So personal Railjack's won't be done away with. (Or again, thats what my take away was). Hope that helps!
  10. Yeah, I think its good habit to develop. People often share the same worries, criticisms, and so on, so probably a high likely hood someone has already expressed as much in the first two pages of a thread. Then naturally, if thats the case, also a strong probability, solutions, answers or clarifications have also been stated or offered. That being said, I learned to not expect that from people. There was a stream one time, where one of the hosts repeatedly explained that they were aware there was an issue with the drops, and that they and Megan would look into the issue, and find away to
  11. Unfortunately, its not that common. People often tend to have a gut reaction to an opening post, and then go to post their strong feelings, without really checking to see if such concerns or questions have already been asked and addressed. I sort of get it... kind of... People love to express themselves, and nothing inherently wrong with just expressing ones immediate concerns or reaction, or presumptions. Personally I like to read through the replies quickly, second guess my assumptions, weigh up the possible positive and negative consequences of a change or proposal, drink a fine glass
  12. Did you read the part about me wanting DE to get into scientific cloning to create a real life Vay Hek though? I think it was promising (and hopefully a friendly hint to suggest I was being sarcastic) my apologies though, because I know Poe's Law is a thing. Though... one day... one day I hope all us Tenno, can unite and band together under a common cause, and finally defeat Poe and his stupid puny Laws!! Whoever he is!!
  13. I for one, am deeply offended by this new change. Isn't it enough I tune in to Twitch? Now I have to press another button to claim my item? Whats next, are you going to make me run a marathon to get a ship decoration DE? I'm outraged! You'll be hearing from my lawyers soon. In the mean time, perhaps think about purchasing a drone that looks like a mini Orbiter to physically deliver my Twitch drop directly to my lap, so I no longer have to press any buttons ever or claim anything. Actually, you should invest in real life cloning technology, artificially breed a man, legally name him Val Hek, an
  14. I feel like this is semi common bug, but when Profit Taker Orb appears in Fortuna (I'm assuming, since is usually accompanied by Coolant Raknoid's) though could also be Exploiter though. Hard to tell since its clipping through everything. Though yesterday, for the first time, I experienced just a sole Coolant Raknoid in Fortuna running around. I guess it checking in on Ticker to snab some Bonds for its daily standing. Haven't had the Kubrow is 10 times bigger bug yet, but have had the Kubrow is now only 10cm tall bug. Was looking around for my dig dog, its on the bulky and large size. It
  15. These are my demands. - Devstream 151 should be 151 minutes long. - Necramechs for our Kubrows and Kavats. I feel kind of mean going into a Necramech leaving my pets unprotected. They should get cool mech suits too. - I know he is not the next Prime, but Nidus Prime should be on the horizon, so we should get more info on Cyst Prime, and how/whether Nidus Prime will be able to infect other Frames with a new Cyst Prime. - Modular Fishing Rods/Spears. Perhaps some can have build in dyes, others can be built for speed. Others can spear two fish at once! Alt fire? Kuva Tulok
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