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  1. Still too much damage. I advise the elimination of damage from weapons wholesale. Not only that Crits should heal the enemy. This will force players to use creativity and unorthodox methods to overcoming enemies. Too many players use weapons and powers to try and just beat enemies with power, what's the point? Lets replace Impact Puncture and Slash status, with Depression, Apathy and Hopeless status. That way all weapons and Frames will be equal and enemies can be more relatable and thus engaging whilst also addressing power creep, since the enemies will technically never die. I mean... unless they uh... self inflict it. Unless we also land a juicy Red Crit to help heal the emotional/mental damage they have. Which means we now have meaningful choices in the game. There you go everyone, I fixed Warframe.
  2. Thats rough buddy. I think my longest string of no Ephemera, was 10, but then after that 3 out of 4 of my next Sisters had one. Maybe good fortune is with your next few Sisters... or 40. At least with how the new Valence Fusion method works, its easier to get the specific Ephemera you want, whilst not messing up your weapons elements.
  3. "TMP! (Trade Market Police)! Open up!! Freeze you criminal scum! Constable O'Riley ATL (attempt to locate) suspicious goods! Check those Floofs over there. What you got?" "We got a bunch of Floofs, weapons, and Warframe parts... "Prime parts Constable?" "Nah Serg, they are regular Warframe's, but someone has used gold paint and epoxy resin to make the parts... look Prime, def some shady activity going on with this seller." "Check the Floofs O'Riley... I don't like the expression that Black-Banded Bolarola Floof is giving me... cut em up, see what's inside...." "Gawd dammit Chief, how did you know... these Floofs are lined with Argon Crystal... pure Void Argon Crystal, here take a lick." "These low life Trade Market thugs... trying sell drugs in Floofs, counterfeit Prime Parts... does their sickness know no limits?" "Its a good thing the Trade Market Police were quick on the scene Lieutenant. Another day, another Bad Trade!" **Bad Boys by Inner Circle starts to play**
  4. I sympathise with posts like these, because who can't sympathise with feeling tired and frustrated, especially about a product that is also a source of joy, entertainment and from the sounds of it, one that you have tried to assist with in your own small way, contributed to with time and data. At the same time, I wish... how we use language and communicate ideas is important and reflected in the messages we send. Often individual Warframe fans, will attempt to speak on behalf of the Warframe community, with varying motives, results etc good faith, to attempt to give their personal opinion more weight, to try and weaponise their statements etc I think this particular thread is good faith, but it also doesn't necessarily reflect a lot of Warframe fans. Like just speaking for myself... a lot of the things accused of Warframe Devs don't parallel how I view the situation. Not only that, whilst I do see a lot of good feedback, and fan notes/feed back, I consider great, worth attention, and wish were implemented or considered or at least acknowledged... I usually see much more bad feedback, venting, ranting, poorly structured criticism, criticisms with no basis, highly specific personal preference disguised under the guise of criticism, and just a lot of noise. Also to be clear, despite what it might sound like, with the latter, there can be value with all of those types of feedback, because they can contain elements of truth, or be symptomatic of some issue somewhere that could need to be addressed, and having developers that know this and can sift through it to avoid the noise to find such value is a good thing... such processes aren't easy, quick or hassle free. This is what I think a lot of people underestimate. Personally, if people are working away at fixing issues, I don't really mind if they aren't as active in informing us. Then again I already consider DE relatively good at addressing fans concerns. Thats not to say I don't think other peoples personal stance isn't valid, but when people say things like "please please respond, its not a good look, it makes us frustrated" etc... I am not frustrated, I don't think its a bad look, also I do think they respond, just evidently not as much as some wish they did. So different perspectives and that is fine, but then what of our ability to take other peoples perspectives into account? Like this might not be accurate, but there is probably someone working on the game who is aware of certain bugs, and if they happen to see a fan talking about them, being like "I know I know... but in order to fix that, this person needs to be here, they need to do this, this other person needs to approve, then we need this persons help, then we need to actually get a third party to approve, but also... this other issue is more pressing." like... do we think that people working on the game, don't experience frustration, tiredness, fatigue, annoyance? Except their outlets to vent are much more limited. Most of us should be able to relate here if we have ever been in a position where we have more technical knowledge than others, and those others wonder why something isn't done faster/better. I do not want to diminish any fans time, efforts and consideration into giving feedback to improve something they enjoy, something I enjoy and something I also benefit from as well. I know its cliche to say, but ultimately Warframe is "just a game" and since it is cliche to say, I will expand on what I mean. When people start talking or inferring about how depressing/sad the situation is, as far as lack of acknowledgement and notice, that concerns me. I think that person might be way too invested in this. Like yeah, as a fan if you spend that much time, energy and thought to try report bugs/issues, and acknowledgment isn't happening as much as you would like... yeah, that would be sad/tiring and frustrating... but in my mind, thats not a sign that the developers/workers should be more prompt and frequent with communication. Its a sign that person should take a break from the game, and ease up. I don't want people who work on the game to feel 'Crunch' I definitely don't want fans who aren't getting paid to feel its effects either. I like Warframe as it currently is, I am happy for improvements/fixes. If I were ever unhappy with the rate of progress with fixes etc I could see the value of trying to make noise about it. At some point if it started negatively affecting me, to the extent some people talk about, would be healthier to take a break or leave the game for undisclosed period of time.
  5. Oh okay thats fair! That is your experience and that is valid. Now, I am also saying that I, and many others have easily soloed Sisters with a bunch of different Warframe's without a Trinity. Telling people who have already done over 40 Sisters that Trinity is needed when Trinity wasn't there for 40, just comes off a bit odd. It would be like if I insisted that you always had to be Inaros. You have to be Inaros for Sisters! No other way! Take care!
  6. Semi relevant tip for any who might want it. Dropping down a Vapor spectre near the door on the middle of your Railjack, and telling it to hold position provides a pretty good bodyguard for your Engineer. If you plan on doing a bit of Railjack missions, they will stay there the whole time, so decent value as well. Additionally if you make it a Wisp spectre you occasionally pop over to it to get buffs now and then. I can't remember off the top of my head, but if your crew mates run near them, they should be buffed. This way you can choose/build your Engineer for Repair and Endurance (though combat works fine too).
  7. I agree with you OP. I have the best amp set ups, can solo Tridolon, yadda yadda. Still agree. In fact, I actually get a bit excited when I get paired with players that seem new or inexperienced with Eidolon's. More fun that way. I mean its fun anyway usually, today i got paired in a PUG that consisted of a Trinity and two Chroma (I was the Volt) and we slammed Tridolon. They were great too, but something a bit more special about helping someone who you know needs the help. They will ask questions, be confused, be grateful, send friend requests, its great! Whether someone is efficient or not efficient is a seperate issue to whether someone is going to have attitude, and how they justify that attitude. Unfortunately the set up of Eidolon's doesn't really help either, time restraints and all that. I tend to think if you want efficiency you got to make a pre made organised group. After all if you don't arrange and organise a group before you head out the doors, you will often end up with an inefficient team mathematically speaking. You go random, PUG/PUB, except new people, people looking to be carried, etc its why I go random. I am usually looking to help.
  8. Combination of factors, some of which I feel are commonly overlooked or not really articulated by a lot of players. Sound design for example. Gauss's 4? Adds a lot to my enjoyability, as well as ties into his aesthetic. Like there are also a lot of Frames that have abilities that clump enemies together, but I especially like the crunch sound Nidus makes when he slams his foot down and hits all those enemies. It feels satisfying. Now larvae is a good ability, but sometimes its more about the feel you get when playing which can be an important factor as to why you play with them, thats seperate from visual look or abilities. Applies with guns as well, and their sound design and rumble feeling etc That also being said, I actually like how a lot of the Warframe's look, or they have a skin that I think makes them look good. So I tend to play a lot. Ditto with abilities. When I think of the Warframe's i play the least... Frost, Inaros, Nova, Rhino, its because I don't have a good skin for them yet, and I find them a bit plain abilities wise. Even then I will still use them with some good guns/melee. Is fun reading different viewpoints on this!
  9. Hey there! So Steel Path can seem daunting at first, but it starts to become more manageable. You just need to acclimatise and possibly refine your builds a little. Like the other comments suggest, there are ways to get through missions easy using certain Warframe's and weapons... but now we are running the same exact issue as you referenced, because you have seen videos with recommendations already. Also what if you aren't a big fan of the Warframe, or don't want to use just one Warframe the whole time? Basically I think you would benefit the most from some personal experimentation and identifying what you need to improve on. Like if you like Oberon right? You know how to use him to strip armour? Now one of the most difficult aspects of Steel Path, as in the beefiness of Grineer armour values is no longer an issue. I mean its more complicated than that... you mentioned a lack of Arcanes, does that mean you do not have Arcane Energise? A lot of videos, recommendations and builds etc might assume you are running Arcane Energise. Like if you had to guess why the Bubonico is so popular/strong? What would your guess be? I don't ask that to be cryptic or obtuse, just that how you start to mentally questioning yourself about builds and what is effective/not effective will make it easier to create your own personal builds that will make Steel Path easy, with your widest selection of choice with Warframes and weapons. Does that kind of make sense? Practice and experimentation will help you build game sense/knowledge which you can then apply to lots of different scenarios. Bubonico is popular because its alt fire is amazing at inflicting status, and it comes with innate viral, so you can mod the weapon for corrosive/heat. The alt fire also hits a lot of enemies. Its an amazing primer. Now that we have Galvanised Savvy? Its even more potent, plus the Primary fire has good crit/IPS. So the two modes synergise really well together. The same way many players liked to prime enemies with statuses with say the Kuva Nukor to then destroy them with a Condition Overload melee build, but now you are doing that with one weapon (and you can still do that with the Nukor and melee if you want). Buonico also regens ammo. So it effectively has unlimited ammo. The reason Primed Bane mods are being used or more specifically are more popular now, doesn't/won't really apply for you just yet, is because with the introduction of the Primary Merciless Arcanes (which you don't have yet). Now that we can get a reliable amount of boosted damage, mods like Serration and Hornet Strike aren't as vital as they use to be, and so can be replaced. Bane mods unlike... or to oversimplify things, its to do with multiplicative damage vs additive damage. Since you do not have those Arcanes yet, I would just worry about this sort of thing for another day. First priority should just be about getting comfortable in Steel Path I think. As to your questions... 1. I use a lot of different weapons, Cedo, is similar to Bubonico in that its alt fire does a lot of status, hits a lot of enemies and its Primary fire is good for tougher/tankier enemies. Epitaph is a bit similar, but its a secondary. Stahlta, Trumna, Phantasma, Probiscus Cernos,, Quellor, Stropha, but actually a lot of melees are pretty potent if you build them well. Melee did get several of its good mods nerfed, but they are still really powerful. Stropha specifically though I loved for Steel Path disruption. I also purposefully avoided mentioning Sister/Kuva weapons, but a lot of them are amazing in Steel Path. 2. You just kill the Acolytes when they spawn. Can bring your Smeeta to increase the chances of Steel Essence you might get if you want, but isn't really any way to increase the Arcanes you get, with like a Khora or Nekros. Probably better to just take a Warframe you feel comfortable with, like a lot, and stay for a while in Steel Path missions, so Acolyte spawns, you kill it etc. Personally I will do the dailies, wait for 1 or two to spawn, kill. Occasionally do an Extermination or Survival here or there. 3. Personally I like variety. Excavation I like to use Vauban, Khora, Wisp. Defense? Nidus, Mag, Saryn, Vauban, Oberon. Depends on the map and enemy faction as well. Also a good offence being a good defence etc. Interception, Vauban. Vauban is great at just CCing enemies/keeping them suspended/occupied. Rescue? Loki, Wisp, Ash. I like being fast and invisible and having ways to CC enemies so they don't harm the rescue operI am uative. Capture and Exterminate I'll use every and any Warframe depending on mood. I am quite fond of Nyx, Banshee, and some of the Frames I neglected, since they are rather strong here with their armor strip/debuff abilities. Good luck!
  10. Are you saying this though, because this is your personal experience? How many Sister's/Liches have you done? Solo in group, etc? Have you finished Steel Path? Trinity is absolutely not that vital. Not in a hypothetical "maybe way" most people who do Liches aren't bringing a Trinity. If you like Trinity, thats totally fine and something different.
  11. Hello. Ah well some things to consider. 1. These are the Riven stats for the regular Nukor, that stats for the Kuva Nukor, the popular weapon (as in when you equip it on that weapon), will be much much lower. 2. Damage does seem like a stat that would be sought after and valued right? Except uh... its not really? Especially not since we got Arcane's for Primary and Secondary weapons which boost raw damage. So much so that its not actually uncommon for people to forgo certain damage boosting mods (Serration, Hornet Strike etc). 3. Even though we do have harder/studier Corpus enemies, + Damage to them still isn't really seen as a huge benefit, though there are some builds you could make work with it. Also - Ammo Maximum could be a bit annoying, there are work arounds, but if there was one issue Kuva Nukor could occasionally have for some people, is that it ran out of ammo fast. On the plus side, its a Riven that can go in the Kuva Nukor, and many people will want one and pay for one, even if they have to re-roll it. Though the weapon did get nerfed a few months ago. Its still great weapon and very potent but we are talking about peoples perceptions and what they are willing to pay for. My advice is to keep it, use on the Kuva Nukor, reroll it as you see fit. When you are familiar with how good it can be, and whether or not you really like it... then sell it for how much you would buy it for.
  12. Like the other user mentions, if you hover over the weapon at the top, it should show you the element percentage. Little widget should pop up (meaning if you just look at the screen you may not realise the option exists).
  13. In addition to Hydroid, Titania and Wisp, Nezha and Volt... Let Grendel eat all the water, then walk across the newly dry land! Nova should also be able to slow the water, enough to walk on it.
  14. One of those Nezha is a genetic freak. They say all Nezha are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Nezha Joe, and I am not normal. See I am 25 percent better than other Nezha at the least, but then you add in Speedy Vauban in the background? Nezha Joe height go down drastic. The numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for you at New War!
  15. I'm very fond of the following. Primary: Quellor, Stahlta, Phantasma, Daikyu, T Arca Plasma, K Hek, Cedo, Lanka. Secondary: Epitaph, Knell, Staticor. Melee: Stropha, Glaive P, Redeemer, Tatsu/Pennant. I mean I like more, but if I had to narrow down and off the top of my head.
  16. Well its worth remembering that some of your examples are recent changes, and that they didn't use to be Exilus. Also some Exilus mods, got powerful upgraded versions recently, which personally, I am happy about. I haven't thought about it comprehensively, but the weapons that seem to benefit the most from those, don't seem excessively OP. I am thinking about Shotguns specifically, its just really nice. Weapon builds that most benefit from increased area of effect... Primed Firestorm, I mean, they are already pretty powerful with those mods taking a regular slot. I can't really think of many where there is a choice between them and say Projectile Speed. Like... you can use Exilus mods in regular spots. If Primed Firestorm was mad an Exilus many builds would still put it in a regular spot anyway instead of unlocking the Exilus, thats how potent it is. So what it could do... is make certain powerful weapons even more powerful. Your Zarr's, Brammas, Envoy's etc since you are freeing up a slot, and the other Exilus choices, benefits can be gained other ways/mitigated (ammo pads Energised Munitions). So we have Galvanised Acceleration as an Exilus Slot, and on some weapons like Arca Plasma, Astilla, this feels really nice and a nice buff. To me, it doesn't feel excessive though. Your meta AOE weapons would get a much bugger buff if something like Primed Firestorm was Exilus. I understand the logic, behind the idea of the change, but yeah. I think DE won't change. I mean i am actually surprised they even made the beam extension mods Exilus (mmn Phantasma) but as powerful as that gun is, its still not as crazy as your top AOE guns generally.
  17. I just mean for getting a Sister candidate from Granum Void. Totally different load out and recommendations for actually taking on a Sister or Lich. Personally I'm fond of Nyx since she insta deleted Shields/Armour, and makes the Sisters damage resistance mechanics/adaptation moot. You can also cast Chaos for CC. Getting a Lich candidate is much easier/requires less thought. Just run Cassini with whoever matches the element of the weapon you want. Trin is great though in general.
  18. Personally, I'd really like this. For a few reasons, Steel Path MP spawns even if you are solo. It means, I can play public on some of the less popular mission types, and still have a lot of enemies to get corrupted/kill for Reactant. I do agree with some of the mentioned issues that would exist, (certain people like to say speed run captures and waiting for Acolyte is counter intuitive... it is) but in that case... prioritise what you want. Like just do normal Fissure Captures for speed. So people have more choices. Like it doesn't seem like it would be hard to incorporate, just give more options. Win/win. My personal preference could also be because I default to SP for new builds etc, test out stuff, when I play solo. Sometimes its nice to go slow, work on builds/synergies, about two Acolytes will appear without me actively waiting for them, just doing mission at casual pace. If I could unlock more Relics at time same time... as opposed to doing normal Fissures which are so easy often my goal is to just unlock stuff fast than enjoy the gameplay/weapons, powers etc etc
  19. So as already established/mentioned, Xoris, Glaive Prime are good, certain weapons like K Ogris, K Zarr, are great as well. Using the On Call command, all good Warframe independent ways to get a Sister. Personally, I also like to use the following. For Impact - Gauss, Wukong, Zephyr. If you are going for a specific weapon, then doing the process fast helps, Gauss and Wukong are fast, Gauss has a power that stops knockdowns if you don't have PSF, handy for explosive AOE weapons, Wukong has a Twin, Zeph has a wide area hitting ability. Heat - Ember, Nezha, Protea. Embers 4 works well, Protea's Turret as well. Nezha for speed/knockdown immunity. Cold - Gara, Revenant, Titania. Revenants 4, Gara's Splinter Storm and 4, Titania speed and 4. Electricity - Volt. Speed/4. Also my only experiences with getting Electric Lich/Sisters. Others could be good. Toxin - Khora, Nidus, Oberon. Khora with whipclaw augment, Nidus for anti CC and using explosive weapons. Oberon similar plus 1. Magnetic - Mesa. Mesa. Mesa. Its Mesa. Xaku and Mag do alright though too. Radiation - Garuda, Mirage, Octavia. Garuda's 4, Mirage's 1 with strong weapons. Again its achievable with any Frame, but I like to use above, to help our a bit powers wise.
  20. Personally, I don't think one of them is heads and shoulders better than the others. All of them are pretty strong, so could actually just be your personal preference on how they "feel" to use, deciding which is 'better'. Like I know people who just like the simplicity of the Karak and how straightforward it is. I like to use it a lot in Arbitrations, its great against the A Drones. Then the Hind has its versatility, but many people also preferring its feel. The mode switching factor also being subjective, whether you like it or don't. Quartakk was the one I used least personally, and knew the least about, but now its probably my personal fav. Though that may just be because I didn't use it a lot and got tired of the other two weapons. Not necessarily because its so much better. Worth having all three in your Arsenal!
  21. I know a special trick you can do, to stop the Saryn's and make them really upset. You want to craft Energy Pads. The large ones. This is a special trick btw, not even the wikia knows about it. Anyway, to stop those annoying Saryn's from levelling people at Hydron, where everyone knows, you go to test new weapons, you want to sneak around them, and then drop the energy pads. Those poor Saryn's won't even know what hit them! They will probably just quit the game right then and there. Then and you and the rest of the players can finally be free and actually be able to earn XP. I mean, uh test out the strong weapons. On Hydron. This won't work on ESO though, but i bet no one will use Saryn there, since what is the point right?
  22. Depends on the situation and context. Often I will just default to being friendly and helpful, in case the other person is new or unsure. or maybe even having a bad day. Uf they have a negative reaction to that, I'll usually have a apathetic/neutral response, then finish the round and then leave. I don't really get bothered much personally, and usually if there is an in game behaviour they are trying to troll with, I know an in game solution. However if they are bothering or harassing other players, I will usually address the victim/support them, check on them, and defuse the situation that way. If the harassment is bad enough I might consider recording the moment and reporting the player, but I have never had to do that.
  23. Hello. I do this solo whenever it comes up. With some planning and prep, I think my method can be replicated for other solo players. I use Gara with a Cedo, Tenet Cycron (Kuva Nukor will work), your fav/best melee. I alt between Stropha/Tenet Livia. Pick the easiest Index tier since you aren't in it for credits, just Nightwave. Basic strategy is to cast your Mass Vitrify (remember to jump up to get height, and create a barrier that should block entry to your goal area. Then place your Spectrorage around the goal as well, for extra layer of security. Since you usually have to wait for some Energy to spawn, to do this, by the time I finish, some enemies are usually on their way, so I'll stay on defense so they don't do too much damage to Mass Vitrify Glass Walls. At first it can be tricky, as far as timing and knowing when to leave to get more energy, when to score a goal, I failed the first time I attempted, but after that was pretty chill and relaxing affair. I recommend people give it a try or build your owns strategy. Oh the outside/white map feels "easier" but might just be personal preference. Could also be even easier ways, I hear people mention Limbo a lot, but I suck at Limbo, Gara is pretty easy in my experiences. Oh having Zenurik school definitely helps out though too, as does having Magus Lockdown. Try not put too much pressure on yourselves, plus ultimately its just one challenge. Also I can see how people are annoyed by it as well. Good luck either way!
  24. They should let Sentinels and Hounds Gestalt/Combiner. Give them both extra utility. 1. Would look cool to see the designs. 2. Smeeta and Panzer Vulpaphyla would probably still be used more anyway. 3. I want to see a Hek Hound with a Helios Head!
  25. As a console user, I'd take all all the time saving I can. Especially for endless missions, when there is limited time for choosing before next round. I'd be more likely to Radiant a Relic I have favourited, instead of using a random Relic, so my squad would benefit as well.
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