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  1. I don't think it should be considered griefing no. As another user mentioned, DE designed the system so not stabbing is a strategy. If you have DE employers playing the game on stream and they make the strategic decision to avoid stabbing, then what of other players? Also, I think its incorrect to assume the motivation of all players, is just gaining murmurs. That is a large part sure, but a larger more general goal, we could say is to vanquish or convert your Sister/Lich. Meaning, that if someone is mid mission, and they learn a new Requiem, they might think its better to down their Sister/Lich if it shows up that same mission. They could try and get lucky, but that means an anger reset, and levelling up the Lich/Sister, that Sister moving to a new Planet. Oh importantly, they should down the Sister/Lich, or be okay with others downing them (just so other peoples Sisters/Liches can appear) Basically there are advantages and disadvantages either way. So like, some people who play with randoms, do think its better for everyone to stab no matter what. There is some merit to that, if 4 peoples Sisters/Liches appear, each random stabs, you all get a lot of progression. So if three do, and one doesn't, they are a leech right? Possibly, but the game doesn't really work like that in practice, since murmur progression isn't always the only goal/priority. Lets say you have 4 randoms, and 3 of them find out their Requiem mid mission, and 1 doesn't, and the three only want to down, but the last guy wants them to stab, and their Sister/Lich doesn't show up, but he is expecting a lot of murmur progress, even if that would make the overall process slower for the other three players? That guy is justified? Less selfish than the person that doesn't want to stab? Sister/Lich system can be complex, sometimes a Lich will appear two missions in a row, then be absent for 5, sometimes randoms will stick together, for 4 or 5 missions, sometimes they disband after 1. There are a lot of factors to consider. Murmur progress happens so much faster now, its not unusual for people to find out Requiems faster and earlier and that can coincide with Sisters/Liches appearing after, combined with how tanky/deadly Sisters can be to some... personally I don't mind if people don't stab. Personally, if I play Public with randoms, I will stab my own, out of courtesy. There is a big distinction between courtesy and obligation though. There are two distinct general strategies/approaches the player base has gravitated towards, indiscriminate stabbing and methodical stabbing, but there is another option too... and thats simply to be accommodating towards other players. I see a lot of accusatory terms thrown around towards other players (this isn't directed to anyone in this thread) about "leechers" but usually those individuals are assuming that they should benefit most, by others acting in a way that will benefit them under the guise that its actually best for everyone... when that isn't actually true. Example, I have played games where the other randoms didn't want to stab there Sister/Lich. Difficulty and Time, are okay for people to value. If I look at a random MR8 player with mid game gear, probably no Arcanes... sure I might personally be fine with killing a Rank 5 Sister solo, but context. I won't mind if they want to play more conservatively. Again, its the assumption axiom of "murmur progression" as the only priority. Everything about the system is much faster now, it may actually be faster scenario dependant to not stab in many situations. Finally, don't expect anything from Public/Randoms. If you want the ideal controlled scenarios and outcomes then solo and or friends. If you want to paint yourself as the good guy and the other randoms as selfish leechers... sure, but in that case, the more selfless play style is actually accommodating and communicating with the other players and understanding if a person wants to stab or doesn't want to stab, since different players priorities are different. Its very possible to be the selfish player if you want others to stab or not stab if ultimately its you own advantages you are pressing for. Thats also valid to feel that way, just, doesn't give you the ethical higher ground when making accusations of others.
  2. No fix yet, and its... actually more complicated about what weapons are effected and which aren't. Rebecca addressed this on the stream a few days ago, but as a rough rough generalised rule, projectile weapons seem overly represented as the buggy ones.
  3. Could be a few reasons, concern over a powerful Lich/Sister, or also just efficiency/time saving. The murmur progression is so fast now, that many people will find out a Requiem mid second mission, then have their Sister appear. Like, they could have a guess, or you could just wait and have a much higher chance of getting some info by slotting in a known quantity (either a correct requiem or order info) plus the time involved in raising the Sisters anger/annoyance vs probability of showing up again soon. Of course there are advantages to just guessing if you are in a group as well, so really comes down to diverging preferences. Personally I don't mind if randoms don't stab their Sister/Lich. Ideally, if thats their strat, they also won't mind if the rest of us down their Sister enough times so they leave (which also means they make some sort of attempt to be there when they are downed, so we know they don't actually want to actively stab them) just so other peoples Sisters will spawn in case they do want to stab. In random groups, I personally always stab, because I don't mind harder Sisters, and I know it can help with others progress. If I am ever in a situation, where I would rather not stab if I am close to some threshold, I just go solo. One exception, is if I learn a Requiem mid mission, and other randoms Sisters appear before mine, and no one stabs, we just down them. Then I don't feel as bad about doing the same, just to save time. Has happened twice so far. That also being said... I mean, I have had games where all three other randoms didn't want to stab, games where all three others did stab, and some with a mix of both. Its clear that there are two distinct play styles with this, and I think with a bit of courtesy and etiquette, both can co-exist. When I play with randoms I expect nothing, if I want a more controlled environment I play solo or with friends.
  4. Don't give up yet! I do not know where you are in terms of game progression, whether you are early or advanced, but there are ways to get the required kills. Some have been mentioned already, but to recap, some Warframe's like Mesa, Protea, Ember, Octavia, make it very easy with certain abilities. Basically any Warframe that has a power that will hone in, auto lock, or just have a large AOE will get you the required kills. Weapons like the Xoris, Kuva Ogris, Bramma, Glaive Prime, Lenz, hard hitting weapons with large AOE will also work, especially if you find a good angle (there is a video going around with one spot you can jump too, that makes this challenge trivial because you shoot down at the Errant Specters, they die fast, respawn, and die again almost as fast) Can also use On Call to bring out one of your crew, and they will just do a lot of the challenge for you as well. You may not have access to some of what I mentioned, or you still might find it hard, but that might just mean, you need a bit more practice and time, and thats alright too. Good luck!
  5. I am personally conflicted, because whilst I can understand why they think it would be too powerful with the Scattered Justice Mod, and I also think it would be too power too... I think this is one of those instances its okay to embrace the fun. This won't really work now, but with hindsight, they should have created the Kuva Hek assuming that people would want to use Scattered Justice on it, and tuned it around that. Just for the fact that people who love the Hek and anticipating it, would likely also already be aware of the Mod and factoring it in. The reason why I think its alright being a bit overpowered is because its still a 'single target' shotgun right? Its competition in the Cedo, Bubonico in shotguns alone, already have AOE functions, and other gimmicks, not to mention all the other weapons. Then again I don't have the Kuva Hek at the moment, so maybe once I try it, I'll swing my opinion from neutral, but I do remember DE's comment inviting people to make good mathematical arguments - unfortunately I am not on PC nor do I feel that strongly about the subject. Nor am I amazing at maths, but maybe someone could make a video showcase of the weapons and make weapon comparisons with some slick maths overlays and hypotheticals about the how the effect if applied to Kuva Hek wouldn't be too silly or game breaking (emphasis on its single target nature vs larger AOE) and it gained traction, DE might let the augment be used. Maybe. I lack the resources, tools and I mean, personally I am going to enjoy the Kuva Hek regardless, so eh.
  6. Stalker markers stack, and if you do Daily Sortie those can accumulate (plus if you are doing Steel Path Dailies, since they have assassinations as well.) Stalker also appears more when you are levelling weapons. So if you are doing Sisters of Parvos content, I assume you are in it for the weapons (or at least using them when you get them), and so are levelling more weapons than usual. There are a few other conditions that makes Stalker extra frisky, like if you are playing with more people who are in similar situation as you racking up Sortie/Steel Path Daily Assassinations, and also levelling) I think Steel Path also has more likely spawns, but right now, I can't remember the exact stats. Plus just playing more. I have been getting more, but I have been playing more too (also for myself, add on Kuva Siphon/Flood nodes that overlap with Assassinations)
  7. I would just say try to synch your progression levels together and then just wait for each other. The new system makes progress really fast, and how much waiting one friend does will probably be evened out, plus if they are a decent friend, they probably wouldn't mind. The benefits generally outweigh any disadvantages. So yeah, like dude, don't do it alone, do it with your friend. Your set up is similar to mine, except I also solo hunt them. My only advice is don't do a Kuva Lich and Granum Sister at the same time. Their final showdowns happen on different planets, and that will split you.
  8. Not really no... I can offer some suggestions of sorts though. If you have some Warframe friends/buddies, you could create a "To Get List" among them, where each of you need a certain Tenet or Kuva weapon, so if you do come across a duplicate weapon you already have... but someone on that list needs it, you can get it, and ideally do a swap with them later. You will want a list though to keep track of what elements people want on which weapons. Thats a possible tricky part, since you want to prioritise the elements they want with the weapons with elements you also want. They changed the system so Fusing weapons is even easier/more convenient, so maxing out weapons is going to be easier and the bonus weapons won't matter as much. Not as far people who just want a weapon, but for those that want to do some Fusing to get a more powerful weapon... just getting dupes, ideally with high percentages is good. So semi related to above... but without the luxury of trust, you could try and trade for the weapon you want. Some Tenet and Kuva weapons are more popular than others, so if your RNG leads you to these weapons and you rather not run Pluto Hydra over and over... could potentially just pick it up, and use it to trade to someone else, either for the weapon you want, or maybe plat so you can then buy the weapon you want. Alternatively could also farm Relics for Plat if you prefer that. Good luck either way, I do recommend my first suggestion a bit more, but only because I personally suck at selling. Don't even need to be close friends, maybe message your clan or probably other PC players in a similar predicament as you, so group effort in general >> RNG.
  9. There are a few of ways to get this done relatively easy. As others have mentioned some, Titania's spellbound. My personal go to is Nidus with larvae, before the pilots even take off. There are a few different Dargyn Riven Challenges, with certain specific limitations, which can make things annoying (have to kill the pilot yourself, if you hot the Dargyn and its explosion kills the pilot, then might not count - or something like that) but worth keeping that in mind, that might be the issue here potentially. Good luck!
  10. I'm keen, thats a fair price, I'll probably reroll it, but thats fine. I'll even throw in a Rubico Riven too (unless you don't want it) Just let me know when you are free to Trade. Or whether you want me to message you in game or so on.
  11. Hello. How much are you looking to sell it for?
  12. DE is anti polygamy. Its the same reason we can't have five Warframe's in a squad or equip two melee weapons, like the Gram at once. I mean we have two hands. That being said, that excuse doesn't justify why we can't have a Kavat and Kubrow at the same time, unless we use Khora, which means we know its possible... !!! More seriously, it would probably require more overhaul and tinkering that isn't worth the effort. Adding another hud screen to have two nemesis, figuring out how to make the parazon combinations work, and also not confusing or a hassle for players, etc how long it would take, VS the simplicity of just limiting players to having one nemesis as per usual. (alternatively why can't we have 10 Kuva Lichs? They are the same faction, but they could work together, and there are more than 10 Kuva weapons, so... point is, we can ask all sorts of questions like this, but realistically it is what it is)
  13. DE is anti polygamy. Its the same reason we can't have five Warframe's in a squad or equip two melee weapons, like the Gram at once. I mean we have two hands. That being said, that excuse doesn't justify why we can't have a Kavat and Kubrow at the same time, unless we use Khora, which means we know its possible... !!! More seriously, it would probably require more overhaul and tinkering that isn't worth the effort. Adding another hud screen to have two nemesis, figuring out how to make the parazon combinations work, and also not confusing or a hassle for players, etc how long it would take, VS the simplicity of just limiting players to having one nemesis as per usual. (alternatively why can't we have 10 Kuva Lichs? They are the same faction, but they could work together, and there are more than 10 Kuva weapons, so... point is, we can ask all sorts of questions like this, but realistically it is what it is)
  14. I like them! The mods are great, the one that steals Eximus powers seems like it has a lot of potential, and one straight up basically gives you robot puppies. The offensive elemental type seems alright too. Only used the heat and electric one, still need to experience the orbital laser one. Still need to test and tinker with some of the others and builds, but yeah, I am a fan. I think they are "ugly" too, but in the cute good way.
  15. OH also one of the mods basically makes your Hound create Puppies! Or mini specter versions of itself... so robot puppies! Like... thats the coolest best thing ever, and hardly anyone is talking about it! Why is no one talking about the robo puppies!
  16. Okay so Hounds are Modular. Basically... there are two ways to get them. 1. When you defeat a Sister of Parvos, you'll get her Hound, whose parts are already set. Also, they drop blueprints for various Hound parts too. With those dropped blueprints, you can 2. Go to Legs in Fortuna and assemble a more specific version of the Hounds with the exact parts you want, if you really want to mix/max everything. They are actually pretty interesting, worth tinkering with, with some interesting mods. If you are trying to get the blueprints, I heard playing in a group when you fight your Sister for the last time is best, as if you have 3 other players Sisters there for you to defeat, you'll get chance to get BP's from their respective hounds. Good luck!
  17. Thank you thank you thank you magical elves that work behind the scenes!!!
  18. Just to reiterate since last thread but Scrolling tab on Text Boxes is broken. Also were the new Sister Ephemera's, are they just for Warframe's or Pets and Operator too? I figured they would follow similar rules to Kuva Lich Ephemera's, then again they seem more complicated, so I am not sure. If they are supposed to work, right now they don't seem to. Thank you.
  19. I still need to do more personal testing, but based on conversation and what I have heard, certain traditionally hard hitting raw DPS slower weapons, are struggling to do as well as they usually have against Sisters because of their new adaption and damage reduction mechanics? Example, Stropha? Arquebex? I believe we can apply status to them, but its a small caped amount, fast hard hitting hit scan?!? weapons that hit multiple times, like certain shotguns, do well, as well as Warframe's that can bypass, minimise or strip defences also do well? In a sleepy haze I have beat two of the Sisters so far, and at rank 5 they (one) felt much much meatier feeling than Kuva Lichs at the same rank. It was both a pleasant surprise, more challenge, more mechanics to learn etc but a slight annoyance since I was sleepy and just wanted to go to bed. Also my load out seemed like it would have been the worst given the new mechanics. The other Sister was much easier, but my load out was different and I wasn't trying to revive my pet every 10 seconds like the other, I relied less on my Stropha and Peacemakers, and ignored all the red markers/specters and void dashed to keep up with the Sisters teleporting. If my understanding of the new mechanics and adaptations is somewhat accurate, I'll know what to use to make it easier/faster, but yeah, I understand and sympathise for those that have play styles, weapons that aren't going to be anywhere as effective, and or the think the new mechanics aren't the good type of 'difficulty'. Personally, I don't like "one shotting" things, but I did like building an arsenal where I used my guns on most regular enemies, and having a boss killer Stropha. That being said, I also like to make a bunch of builds, and use a bunch of different tools, and load outs, so if this is an opportunity to theory craft, min max, etc will be fun. I got to experience more of them though, to have stronger feelings and thoughts.
  20. I mean... same difference. If they/OP were that adverse to the K Drive they probably wouldn't be asking for the 'right configuration' or creating this forum post, because that still requires time and effort as well, so its possible they might be slightly more tolerable to it than you are, and either of your preferences are totally valid. I'm not here to tell you how to feel. I'm just trying to help people who want to try and use it, because their is a new quest and Warframe you can get. Personal complaints, venting, praise, etc aside. I mean I get the frustration, but I personally can't just magically make the Ventkids time worthy to you, so I am not sure what you want me to do exactly.
  21. Not sure if this is the right place, but since last update, I can no longer use the scroll on the text/chat boxes. Can hold down on analog stick to go up and down, but on certain channels (Trade for example) it moves so fast, often better to just hold down the little right side tab to move manually. The scroll on the widget beside it (for usernames or emotes), works normally, so odd. Also not sure if it was there at the beginning of the weeks rotation, but the weekly rotation reward from Teshin is not there right now. (I think is suppose to be Kuva item) Thank you!
  22. If I am wrong, I apologise, but assuming you don't want to talk about mods because you lack the currency to buy them? You could try doing some races first. Should get you enough to buy some, that will help out being able to do tricks. Also if this is to do with the Yareli quest, where you need to get into the thousands for tricks, a popular method is the large pipe near the back of Fortuna in Orb Valllis. Grinding the pipe, and doing flips at the ends, then landing back to grind, lets you build up score and gives you a decent multiplier, and is a pretty chill way to get into the thousands. Having the K Drive mod that increases magnetism (your ability to stick to rails) helps though. Good luck either way.
  23. Whilst I have a different take on the purpose of the Arcanes (I'd phrase it more along the lines of making guns more competitive than necessarily attempting to bring them up to melee, emphasis on 'more') I do think locking the Arcanes behind a currency odd, or basically making them used via limited consumables odd. Since it either discourages people from using them on a variety and assortment of different guns, or it asks those that like variety, to grind more. The intent is probably the latter, but as you say, people will probably just use them on meta weapons, because of the investment required. Personally, I use a lot of guns, I like them, I look for excuses to use them, find different niches, experiment. More than my clanmates, and other people I know who play WF. I'll probably end up using a lot of SE for these Unlockers. I don't mind myself, since I have a lot of SE and consider them decently priced, and I used a lot of weak guns in SP, so I already know I don't need them, still find it a lil odd and sympathise with those who have wide arsenals of guns they regularly play with and love to min/max builds.
  24. I think you are approaching this from a different angle than I am, which is totally valid. Its not really about "wasted standing" to me, its possible that the Relic packs brought by Syndicate Rep could end up providing the Systems, but its RNG. The OP might want the standing for other items, and may want to play other content, especially considering new large update just happened. One way passively. The other requires more active efforts. If they don't, have a large amount of Relics ready to be opened, prefer to use their standing for Relic packs, plan on running a lot of Relic missions (hey, maybe Voidstorms) and are good with RNG nature, then could be more efficient to go that route istead. So depends a bit on what their goals are, what they want to focus on etc, hence the other part of my quote.
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