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  1. How two different people tend to play Warframe than one person managing two accounts for nefarious purposes tends to be very different in a way that people who check accounts can discern. Lots of people I play with have people who play Warframe from the same IP as them, usually tends to be couples in my instance, than family, but yeah. They never have issues. I am not personally familiar with Warframe's systems but I have experience from other websites that deal with similar. Example 1. Account A took a few months to accumulate items and Warframes and weapons and often played with Account B. Account B has played longer, has more items, and would often give Account A some Prime pieces like Paris Prime and other lower level Prime gear. Seems like a player making natural progression through a game, learning and getting items that would be useless to the interests of someone looking to do what DE isn't okay with. Can't trade base frame parts for example. Example 2. Account A gets to a high MR fast, gets gifted Wukong Prime and a bunch of Riven's from Account B, never plays at the same time as Account B, often gives Rivens back to Account B and or Plat traded from Rivens. Shows a lot of interest in GotL events, or events you can get rare/tradable weapons, and trading in general. Seems like someone whose played the game before trying to beeline it to a point they can store and trade Rivens, Prime parts for Plat, working in conjunction with... themselves. They have a lot of data on how people play the game. There are lots of patterns that can be automatic and manual discerned and checked for investigation for suspicious activity. I mean my example is kind of obvious example, but yeah, my main point is there are ways to distinguish that a lot of people tend to think about. Some behaviour generates more suspicion than others. Same IP on its own, isn't likely going to get people auto banned.
  2. My set up is... 1 x Engineer, thats built for repair and combat, and a bit of endurance. 1 x Gunner, thats built for gunnery and endurance primarily. 1 x Gunner/Pilot hybrid, thats built for gunnery and piloting primarily. I frequently throw down a Wisp Spectre somewhere near where the Engineer paths and operates. I have like over 200 of the Vapor type so might as well use them. Depending on the mission type and difficulty, I'll either park Railjack somewhere behind some sort of cover when I need to go outside, The two gunners are great at killing most things. If there is more open space and a few more high level crewships around, I'll let the Gunner/Pilot Pilot. In the latter sometimes Ramsleds get through but Engineer and Wisp Spectre deal with them. If I am around, I'll run and get some Wisp buffs myself. Always have a pretty carefree and chill time. Am thinking about adding Defender though, because would be nice to bring some of my converted Lichs and Sisters along sometime.
  3. I am heading off to bed, but yeah thats strange. If you search Youtube for something like "Warframe Sister Nyx" you should definitely get some videos showing Nyx's Bolts removing all shields and armour in one cast. I would link a video, but the first one that showed it had terrible music, I wouldn't want to inflict on anyone. I've also killed about 18 Sisters with Nyx alone. Oh were you host? That could be another reason, like maybe lag was a factor? Or maybe its a bug or maybe they did it on purpose in last hotfix, a lot of people thought Banshee and Nyx were too good against Sisters and that their abilities should be nerfed in this regard. Maybe DE agreed? I hope not though. Also totally on the crossplay!! Hopefully by this time next year!
  4. Yes they, well... they did. Unless something has changed in a Hotfix in the last week or so? I have not killed a Sister in almost 2 weeks. They should be able to. I am trying to think of reasons why they might not have? Am assuming you had enough Ability Strength? Were there lots of enemies around that might have intercepted the Bolts? Oh man, I hope they didn't change it.
  5. Could just be a playstyle and preference issue? I was never the biggest Nyx fan. She used to be in to 3 least played Warframe's category. Then I started using her for a few Steel Path missions and she did better than I expected, and I started to become a fan when I did Sisters of Parvos content. She lets me two shot Sisters in the final confrontation by removing their shields and armour. I agree she is squishy, but I don't play her with Assimilate, and maybe I should. I just rely on Chaos for CC and stay alive that way. Though I do also use spoiler mode a lot, and one of the arcanes that heals Warframes when you are in spoiler mode, and all the waybounds, plus lockdown, so that definitely helps survivability. To be clear I wouldn't claim she is like a top tier Warframe, nor do I disagree with any of your points. Personally I find her and Banshee to be the best Sister killers. I also like where she is, but wouldn't be opposed if they buffed her base stats or armour.
  6. To add on. Running Hydra Pluto is a great way to be self sustaining. The Treasurer that will spawn in that mission, will drop a Zenith Granum Token, which is the one you need. Then to note, ideally the earlier on in the quest you find the Golden Hand and complete the Granum Void segment, the better, as you do need time and forward space to spawn a candidate, since some players who do the Granum Void near the end of the mission report not getting a Candidate. Finally the same element types for Kuva Liches applies here, but if you weren't aware they did make a change where its easier to choose what element you want for a weapon when you do Valence Fusion, so you might have a Cold weapon for now, but will be easy to change.
  7. Woah, thats really cool. I liked the look of the Tenet Arca Plasma to use any of the skins, so I wouldn't have realised. I agree, I hope this is testing the waters and we get more of this sort of thing.
  8. Okay so I can see that you have already gotten a lot of advice you find helps, so I will try not give advice thats already given. You might already get this, but the game has a lot of different things you could be doing. Being able to overlap your goals, can really help out, and you want to find out what you enjoy about the game, and what you don't enjoy. For example, the problem of taking a weak new weapon into missions it can't handle, to level it up. You might not like it, so you don't want to invest a Catalyst or Forma, but you need to level it for mastery. Well there are some Warframe's that will get you through missions with their abilities. Do you have those Warframe's right now? Maybe not... but once you do, levelling those weapons becomes much easier, especially if you play modes that you know are popular for levelling, since you will play with others with a similar goal. Some people mentioned Hydron and Helene, which are good places, personally I get bored there, unless its a Relic Fissure mission, which means cracking open Relics, which means getting Primed Weapons and Frames, and this is an example of what I mean about having goals and being able to complete multiple at the same time. You can also make Plat this way by selling stuff you open. Of course its easy for me to say this, as I have played for a while so have a lot of relics. My point though, is that you should try and find what you enjoy, and set some goals for yourself around that. Personally I think Taxon is pretty useful, especially for newer players, for its protective abilities. There is a reason you get him so early. Helios is great for scanning and can do so automatically, in my opinion, until you get into the game later, most companions are good just for Vacuum/Fetch and Animal Sense. They will extend how much loot you can pick up, and you can see enemies/items on your mini map. Picking the one that survives the best being a good choice. I am also impartial to the Sahasa Kubrow, which can dig, which can give you energy, which is really useful, but Sahasa Kubrow was the first Kubrow I made, so I got lucky. That also being said, I brought one of the Warframe packs that comes with Platinum for money. Then used a lot of that Platinum just to buy slots, because the idea of getting rid of stuff, sounded so unintuitive and wrong to my game sense...I like to hoard stuff, plus what if I accidentally sell the best weapon in the game? Also when I went to forums looking for advice a lot of people said getting slots was important (using your initial 50 platinum to buy slots etc) SO... if you are going the free to play route, at least at the beginning, you might have to be more selective about what to get and more ruthless in getting rid of other stuff. Its worth noting that if you like Boltor, Boltor Prime is currently available in Relics and you can get Telos Boltor from Hexis Syndicate eventually, so you might not want to invest too much into Boltor if in 3 weeks you might be able to get the Prime version and invest more into that. Unless of course Boltor is what is getting you through current content. So yeah, try to have goals, multiple goals per what interests you, and try to passively accomplish them. Get through starchart, level up weapons, do new quests, unlock relics, experiment with new weapons, do Nightwave where you can, try get Archwing, try and get into a clan. Try and get some friends. I am not on PC unfortunately, but if I could, I'd gift you some Weapon and Warframe slots, for long time players its cheap, but for new players it makes a huge difference. Good luck! Plus ask more questions if you an unsure/confused about anything. The game kind of is unfriendly, and does sort of rely on us the Community to make up for that. Help each other and so on, so a lot of us will be eager to try help out new players since we were there too..
  9. Yeah my terminology but not have been the best, but the idea is, you want to try increase how much damage you can do per shot/instance. Some weapon's effectiveness will diminish faster. The ones I have seen people find success with (I can only really personally vouch for the Cedo, prior to switching to Nyx) - there are a bunch of threads about this, around the forum, thats good for reference. I found in personal experimentation Mesa's Peacemakers were pretty good to see how the mechanic works. You'll see the damage being done to the shields/health dramatically de-accelerate.
  10. You know how some people describe people who have legs that go all the way up? That's Wally but with fingers! Might be like a Junji Ito story, just fingers, infinite fingers, all the fingers. Just a hypothesis. He might also have heads, knees and toes.
  11. I don't know the specific mechanics at play here, but they have an adaptation, damage resistance mechanic at play. Which should feel different to how old Kuva Lichs were and most regular enemies. They discussed this on stream, should be a page somewhere on the wikia about it. Basically they didn't want the Sister confrontations to be too easy. In testing, jumping in their Necramech's and using Arquebex would trivialise the Sister fight. So they introduced new mechanics. What are these new mechanics and more importantly, how do we approach such encounters? Well traditionally effective weapons and builds may not be as optimal anymore compared to others, they should still work...but at a much slower pace than you might figure. Mesa's Peacemakers for example take longer, her damage will reduce itself to nothing, but if you stop damaging the Sister for a while, you'll do more damage again... of course that inbetween part is annoying. Certain weapons like Stropha, Rubico, won't be as effective, maybe what ever you were using. Guns with high spread count/pellets that are high damage, and apply it relatively quickly, should do okay/good. Weapons like Cedo, Bubonico, Pyrana Prime, Kuva Hek. Alternatively, using a Frame like Nyx or Banshee and their ability to circumvent Sisters shields/armour make it pretty easy, but in a way DE seem okay with, versus jumping in your Necramech. Of course using other Warframe's, I'd recommend trying weapons with high spread, rapid firing. Modding for the Sister weakness should help, but I feel like people overstate how helpful that is versus the mechanics the Sisters have, and picking around that. Personally I am lazy so I just go Nyx and can usually one or two shot Sisters with Kuva Hek alt fire. Experimentation should also yield favourable results. Not sure if you fought a Sister earlier, but they actually reduced how much certain Sisters would teleport around. Imagine fighting one, thats teleporting into different rooms, then regaining its shields whilst you search for it, lol.
  12. Its like when someone says something, that is technically one thing, but its suggestive of another thing entirely. In this case something risqué and evocative. Like you are familiar with slang? Take some of what you consider slang in your language, that adults know, but then change the words around so it is more innocent and obscure. Hope that helps make sense.
  13. Its like when a giant cryptid whale is out in the middle of the ocean and goes to eat a ship full of merchants or sailors. Its like if the Marvel superhero the Whizzer ran into the lasers from the Resident Evil movie, and was all over the floor, and you only had a bucket and mop, for all that Whizz. Its like if you play Oberon, with Phoenix Renewal Augment and you see your team mates Saryn, Wisp and Karst Skin Atlas all go down... and you need to Seed the area with Hallowed Ground.
  14. Yeah if you are playing with multiple people it can actually be harder, especially if they aren't killing as fast as you are. So not only do you have to kill extra Spectres, but the few that you might come across, will stagger themselves (so you kill 2, so 2 more appear...do you kill those 2... or do you look for 6 somewhere else... if you kill 2, then 2 more will re-spawn close by... but if you go searching, thats time you could be using to kill) If you are playing with just one other person, not a bad idea to go where they are and then start killing, unless all the Spectres start where you are too, in which case ideally the other player will come where you are. Or better yet, just go solo. Good luck in any case.
  15. Is it possible you just had a bad run with Mesa? Are you playing with multiple people? Occasionally when I was playing with multiple people, and playing as Mesa, the other people would spawn on the other side of the Granum Void and the Spectors would spawn nearer to them, and occasionally if they were harder to locate to kill, we wouldn't get max rewards, but that was only occasionally. It does mean you sometimes have to run around for a solid group of them, instead of constantly killing a trickling few. (especially if the people you are playing with, aren't killing as fast as you are, but the enemies are spawning where they are) I don't know the mechanics for the dropped time crystals (like if there is a set percentage for them to drop, on a kill) usually I didn't pay attention or need them to get max reward as Mesa. I would maybe pick up 1 or 2 by accident (going solo, which I do most when going to Granum Void). Last week I was using non Mesa characters to try and get different Ephemera and plenty of time crystals dropped, one time, over 10. I just assumed it was RNG (meaning sometimes a minimal, other times, a flood) I mean, you can say similar about specifically using the Xoris. If say someone prefers more choice with their melee weapon. I agree if someone is struggling with a Warframe, then like yeah, use the Xoris, but there are plenty of Frames across the diff elements that are great to use, and so players who don't have any problems using them or the Xoris. So it stands to say, if you don't have problems, when you do use different Frames, then the reliance (or insistence) on the Xoris isn't necessary.
  16. You know as someone who likes the Ambassador in theory, as in the animations and all that, it always makes me happy to see your posts that mention in, man I wish it was buffed. Also as far as the Stahlta, yeah its an amazing weapon. I am currently conflicted because I like the square bladed projective thing look of default, but also love the new UT skin as well. Its one of the weapons I blame for warming me to Rivens. You can get some weird rolls, that make the gun behave in wacky ways.
  17. You should be able to now, with the last Hotfix. (though I don't follow the X-Box hotfix notes, so I might be wrong here) in which case sorry!!
  18. Yep I can relate. Though I consider the Lich/Sister RNG normal/standard, and such results typical (even if outliers/bad or good luck). Took around 3 hours for me to get the Zarr when I wanted it, but I also got the Hek on the first go, when I went for it. I didn't really care about the Grattler, so picked it up after around 7 attempts to get the Zarr when it popped up instead. Brute forcing a specific individual Sister/Lich weapon never feels great when its the only goal you have, so is always nice to try and do something else at the same time, level up, practice a different Warframe, etc and if there is nothing in game you can do, then listen to a podcast. Thankfully right now Cassini is easy to run and to get a Candidate which somewhat balances out that there are so many Kuva weapons, VS Sister weapons reduced drop pool, but more time consuming process... Which is to say I am dreading when they eventually add more Sister weapons, because I will definitely want them, but really hope they introduce some sort of way to be more selective/get more choice.
  19. I have Atlas + 100% Ability Duration, +75% Reload Speed. Mag + 200% Secondary Critical Chance, +75 Sprint Speed. Yareli +200% Ability Strength, +1000 Armour. However I can also choose this week too. Just not really sure... does anyone know if Secondary Critical Chance buff on a Frame will buff Titania and Mesa's Exalted weapons? Am thinking that I could get some Plague Star runs with Titania, with the + 200% Secondary Critical Chance, +75 Sprint Speed, but doing some Railjack runs for Holokeys with Mesa might be nice. Not sure yet. Suggestions or opinions welcome!
  20. Worth it? I'd say it depends on you. For example, myself, personally, for most of them I don't think its worth it per say, but I actually enjoy Lich/Sister hunting and quite a few Sister/Kuva weapons are my favs, and I also want to get all the Ephemera. They also made a change on how you get to chose the bonus element with the Sister update, as far as Fusing. So with that all in mind, I am keen on maxing out some weapons, like the Tenet Arca Plasma. At the moment I have all the Kuva/Sister weapons in the element I want, so when I look for a candidate, if its for a weapon I like, I will take it, if its not, I won't. There are maybe 7 or so weapons I would like to max out, but def not doing that for every weapon. Also I could max out one or two more then decide I don't care and stop. If you are at 58 percent yeah you only need one more weapon of any percent to get to max. You can now separately chose the element between the two weapons you fuse, without any drawback. That was a nice change. So yeah go for any element if your preexisting weapon already has the element you want. As for the 49% Zarr... really up to you. Do you like the Zarr and use it a lot? Personally I would be fine with that, but if it was the Kuva Hek or Tenet Arca Plasma, I'd probably try to max. Thats just me though and my pref. As for which element is best... uhh depends. Like how you want to mod the weapon or if you have a Riven or whether its status based etc whether the weapon also has an innate element aside from the bonus. Some weapons I want a lot of status on, so I will go Heat, since I know I will mod for viral or corrosive. If I know I am trying to build for more AOE/HM etc plus have a Riven, then will usually go Toxin to save on that mod spot.
  21. What's MR fodder can be pretty subjective. There is a lot of content in Warframe, where if you invest into a weapon, mod it correctly, it will kill the enemies in a straight forward manner. So if you enjoy the feel, sound, look, design of a weapon? Worth keeping around, even if it can't necessarily do 2 hour long Steel Path Survivals by itself. High Riven Disposition is parts user popularity and parts methodical manoeuvring by DE. Also, as far as I know, we don't really an in-depth transparent understanding of this system. Like for example, we know that Kuva Nukor is really popular and thus has a low dispo, thats really easy to track, its an outlier. When we look at the least popular weapons though, at some point its hard to distinguish how much less these guns that are being used are in comparison to each other. Which of course is why so many weapons are in the lower dispo categories (between strong and neutral) which would be slanted even higher if we didn't get so many new weapons regularly, but like.... for another example, Snipetron is used less than Flux Rifle, but is in a different tier of Riven Dispo. Though its also much harder to get than the Flux Rifle so thats probably a factor. Which is a variable we can apply to all weapons. How does there accessibility factor in. Harpak as well is used quite a significant amount than a lot of other Primaries, yet has one of the highest Riven Dispos. I get the spirit of the question though, where the underrated guns with high dispo at? Personally I have always been fond of the vanilla Flux Rifle. It was my first attempt at taking an unpopular weapon and seeing if I invested enough forma and time into it, whether it could be effective, and it was for the content I was doing at the time (Kuva Lich hunting/Sortie). More objectively I think Phage, Convectrix, Quanta Vandal, Synapse are pretty strong. I think their high dispos are a holdover from the status changes that happened like early 2020, these weapons benefitted, but its taking time for the player base to pick up on it. Same reason Phantasma has started to become popular in recent months.
  22. You can only have one at a time. They use the same UI and Requiem Mod system etc though depending on when the last time you did Liches/Sisters were, they have improved the system for both. As in how fast you get murmurs/progress and some QOL features like Oull and Requiem Ultimatum. The former is like a freebie Requiem spot, and the latter lets you summon your Lich/Sister if you want them to appear sooner/in a mission you pick.
  23. Oh hey. Woah good thinking on putting the Jump Reset on Wisp. That does sound like a really good combo! Plus with her speed buff to weapons and the primary damage. Sounds pretty sweet! I believe +2 Energy Rate is similar to Energy Siphon effects. I have had it before, but didn't really pay attention, since Zenurik and Arcane Energise featuring in most of my builds and when they don't (Eidolon's etc), I spam Energy Pizzas like crazy.
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