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  1. So if someone wanted to lean more on Bastille, to keep enemies off a defence objective, then building for strength would be fine? Like if hypothetically there was constant energy drain, they could only afford to cast an ability once or twice and they have trouble keeping defence objective safe, in just Nightmare missions? You get my point? I don't doubt your strat... but you are talking about doing Steel Path... the guy in this thread, we don't even know if he has Vauban. On top of energy drain, setting up 3-4 Flechette orbs and frequent Vortexes... and they are struggling with Nightmare high teens/low 20's. Might be better to go for beginner strats for now? Enemies suspended, they can pick enemies off at their own pace/discretion etc (Also OP if you don't have Vauban, let us know what Frames you do have, and we could try suggest other strats)
  2. Oh, yeah I am due for my first vaccination shot in a few days. I have heard from friends and family that it can be pretty brutal. You have my empathy and no worries. I hope you get some rest! We can continue another time for sure, assuming this thread doesn't get locked haha. No worries. I get this topic brings out heated dialogue, and people bring up logic colloquially or the time, without being so strictly specific about it in depth, so I could have been a bit lighter and less academic about it. I wanted more insight and conversation though. Which is what we had, so thank you graciously. Hope you get a good rest once again, I'll know what you mean in a few days too lol. Take care!
  3. Ah okay... sorry I am just skeptical such a strategy would work. You'd figure if someone wanted to try and convince and persuade others, a more friendly approach would work. Like, they'd be more open in hearing you out, well, unless they were really stubborn and defensive and took any of your attempts to be friendly and just threw accusations at you instead. It'd be funny if people did the opposite though, because of escalation.
  4. Doesn't Vauban's Bastille, specifically the amount of enemies it holds affected by strength? I mean... I agree with effectiveness of your strategy, I have a build thats similar, but if the person wanted to play extra safe, wouldn't more enemies suspended and CCed be a more comfortable fit? Mind you, I usually use that build (higher strength) for solo SP Interception where I want them to hang/suspend.
  5. If its an energy drain Defence you are having trouble with, you could try Vauban? Build for Max Range, with a bit of strength and duration. Also if you spam energy pizzas/energy pads, you can produce enough energy to use your abilities. If you are solo, you will also benefit from less enemies, so can feel daunting, but is doable with some practice. Khora could work as well etc Let us know if there are any other Nightmare missions being an issue, there are usually ways to get around them. Good Luck!!
  6. So you want them to change their minds and behaviour right? So everyone gets more efficient farming? Also they will change their minds and behaviour, by realising their mistake... because you call them delusional? Has this tactic ever worked on you? Are you more likely to hear some one out if they accuse you of this? Or lets say I offered you a hundred dollars to make the most convincing argument to try and sway peoples minds... this would be your strategy?
  7. Your emphasis on some doesn't lessen any of my statements. Oh but thanks for the gratitude! I am, hence my questions. Since you use a lot of rhetoric, hyperbole etc some of which of course can't be be disproven either by design or lack of commitment. Since you can lean on the idea you are exaggerating or using bad logic on purpose to echo that of the people you think are applying bad logic. For example the idea that "I understand that you wouldn't have any issue with me walling off a spawn room in defense and going afk afterward right ? I'm free to do anything in pug after all right ?" is what people mean, when they say they are okay with people in PUG's having their own preferences and not necessarily conforming to say the meta. Its a false equivalence. Its disingenuous. Then again you could probably find someone in this thread and quote them saying something along the lines of "I don't mind what others do" and then go... "see, they say they don't care and therefore they are okay with people going AFK and using racial slurs, they have no standards but we should have standards" or something like that... which isn't being logical, its being manipulative and insecure, because you can't apply good sincerity. A lot of your statements and claims operate in a similar way, so if I wanted to demonstrate the flaws, I would have to go into a lot more depth to establish context. Oh totally, I could be wrong. I am a very self critical person. I question myself all the time. What specifically have I said that you would like to explore whether I am wrong about and I can give insight. What makes you think I don't know what objective demonstrable logic is? Maybe if you spent less time kicking puppies to the Moon, you would know what Warframe is? Weird accusation for me to make right? Accusing someone of not knowing something because you claim to know how they spend their time, isn't that good a reply to make to someone. If its not obvious, I don't think you kick puppies to the Moon, I am showing why its an odd way to engage in conversation. It just makes you seem defensive and like you are trying to win points in an argument. Not something people who value logic do, its a kind of emotional response, where you just throw accusations. Results being 100%, out of a small sample size of 7. Do you think it should count? Here is an A+B for you. Thats okay, you don't need to provide a screenshot, I already know the answer. Not everyone in this thread is making claims of the same veracity nor are they making the same judgments about logic as you. Some might, and its not matter of belief or not, but logic. Beliefs by definition aren't supposed to hold up to rigid logic or proof. Many people are also okay with conceding or talking about personal experience, knowing that the variables involved are too complex to draw definitive conclusions. Thank you. Sincerely thank you for acknowledging your example was a bit strong. Your example was strong, so my example was strong. It was intentionally a bad example, because and you acknowledge this, yours was. You wanted to exaggerate to show the stupidity of a situation you deem stupid, but thats not logical. " it was a fix to accomodate a behaviour brought forward by a part of the community." Hmm, can I get a source for that? Dev thread or? Why do you think it was a fix? You don't seem to think it was a fix? As for intent, well your question is leading. If you do a mission and you are about to learn your final requiem in a mission. Its revealed. Then your Lich/Sister shows up. Do you stab it? I mean I wasn't joking when I mentioned being into logic. I enjoy talking about logic, don't you? You can learn a lot about yourself and others by discussing how and why you reason, ration, so on. I mean... you talking about some other people not being able to be influenced by logic, and how they do mental gymnastics and so on doesn't sound like exchanging thoughts and ideas. It seems more like you trying to passively insult people? Which like, if you are frustrated and venting, thats understandable, but its not really because you are incredibly logical and they aren't. Oh I am enjoying the conversation and the current system in the game, works exactly how I want it to. So I am keen on looking at peoples objections and trying to find out whether it has merit or not. You could assume i am not venting, because I haven't made any passive aggressive comments towards your character or behaviour. I haven't implied you are dishonest or that you don't know certain concepts. The closest I have come is implying that you might not be as reasonable as you think you, because myself included, all people are generally susceptible to overestimating their reasonability/logic and underestimating their biases. I don't really want to argue, so I am not really defensive. I have made claims about considering myself reasonable, but not at the expense of others, so its interesting to actually explore the validity and credibility of some of your claims given your position. Makes sense no? Logic should be questioned though, not just by others, but by ourselves. Its how it expands. Its good to know you would be happy to comply though. Plus there is one example thats pretty straight forward above, with the sample size of 7 and whether you think that is enough to go on in your example. Since you seem to imply it is... but then if you don't, then your point is undermined. Thanks for the reply!
  8. How do you know whether or not your grasp of logic is greater than others to make such a claim? There are many kinds of studies and tests which generally conclude that most people generally overestimate how reasonable they are and underestimate how emotional they are. About how people can be prone to thinking they are logical and others aren't, especially those that are quick to assert themselves as logical. Could you talk about human logic and reasoning a bit so we could see your thought processes? So we can determine whether you claims to do with logic are credible? Like instead of saying "some people cannot be influenced by logic" demonstrate it with your explanations? I consider myself pretty good with logic, more so philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science, less so maths. One important lesson I picked up is to be really careful about going around proclaiming myself as some sort of arbiter of logic and to be careful when accusing others of failing to abide by logic. Also that logic shouldn't be treated as an Internet forum "I win" button. Rationality, reasoning, logic are pretty cool aspects of being human, its a tool and way for us to explore and understand our surroundings and each other. For example do you think 7 Sisters is a good sample size statistically speaking? Do you want to take a screenshot of your Sisters stab history, so we can confirm you have experienced getting the worst odds (bad luck with guesses or order as opposed to good luck with order/guesses). I mean that could be one way to explore how much effort you put into being logical. Then you are probably familiar with Devils Advocate position right? Maybe to really flex logic, you could provide a counter point to your last point. about whether all PUB behaviour is equal. Like maybe something like, using a Life Support too early is exactly the same as going AFK and then insulting everyone in the party by using racial slurs? if someone doesn't stab, thats the same as filing a false report and making death threats in PM? Since if people are okay with one thing... it must mean they are okay with everything??!? Also, finally, why do you think DE has this as an option? You seem to have strong views about this, and yet DE still allows this, and people are going to continue to not stab, and you can try to make appeals to being logical, but is it really going to do anything? So are you really applying logic here? Or just venting?
  9. If I had a DE Genie, that could only grant wishes in the form of Tenet weapon releases, my order of wishes would be... 1. Tenet Opticor. Make it beefy, damage over fire rate etc I don't know, but I was content with the Tenet Arca Plasma. 2. Tenet Lenz. Don't know what gimmck they could add, maybe some sort of attraction pull then a secondary explosion?!? 3. Tenet Ferrox. I feel like we have to get this eventually right since it was one of the teased variations? Spear guns are so cool, just a bit underwhelming. 4. Tenet Staticor. Alt fire is... a Shoryuken... 5. Tenet Exergis. Alt fire is a short range charged AOE explosion thats the crystal exploding other crystals that explode. I don't know, I just really want more Tenet weapons (and Kuva weapons, give us Kuva Sobek you cowards!!) Oh but also don't put all these weapons in the same weapon pool either lol.
  10. Assuming the squad wants/needs extra murmurs. You've said that you enjoy level 5 Liches/Sisters right? Would you still have fun if DE removed the bonus murmurs aspect or would would it suddenly become less fun? Or would it not be a factor since it just means playing more, which you are fine with doing anyway? Other posters keep asking "well would you rather play with 3 people that always stab or 3 that don't" and for myself the answer is easy. I don't care/mind. Preferably I would rather play with whichever 3 were most chill and friendly. The stab factor isn't a thing. I've done over 80 Sisters/Liches in solo, groups of friends, PUB, there are a lot of different factors that often change the "optimal" nature and a lot of the time. I could even go into various scenarios but my posts tend to be long enough as it is hehe. Also I think you might be misunderstanding a little... I am not saying that you hurt other people by stabbing your Lich/Sister. I am saying (and some others are as well) that if you (and I don't think you are, but some others do) insist that people should always stab their Sister/Lich, even in situations that 1. Won't benefit them, it creates 2. Scenarios where other people including yourself potentially are inconvenienced (well assuming certain things like efficiency) are the guise that they are helping other people... when, if instead, people acknowledged that some scenarios its better to stab, and some scenarios its better not to stab, and they extended that understanding to others and didn't get aggressive or insulting if a person doesn't go along with their preference, then they play in a way where others should reciprocate. Not necessarily how it works out in practice, but at least that person is being consistent and fair to others. its like if 4 people were offered between getting $1000 each OR helping a Granny cross the road. In many societies the expectations and pressure is that you should help the old person and taking the money is selfish... until the three people help the Granny across and she hits them... since she would have gotten $1000 dollars as well. The more generous action will change scenario to scenario, and be even more generous (and incidentally optimal) if people grouped up and communicated well with each other, but we don't see people demanding that everyone befriend each other and team up from start to finish. Another analogy. Sick days. If someone calls in sick last minute, a team may be frustrated because their work load may be a bit bigger that day or it might inconvenience them. In that instance the majority is negatively impacted... so do we ban sick days/sick leave? No, because we also understand that actually... it does benefit everyone in a larger way, if we realise that over the course of time, the majority have that option. Its actually beneficial to the majority, just not if you only look at one day. Do you play Arbitrations? Are you okay with other players picking whoever they want? Or do you insist that they pick whoever is the Warframe that gets the bonus? Hypothetically you may always pick the Warframe with the bonus buffs, but you might also be okay if people just pick whoever. However... if you insist that you always pick the Warframe with the bonus buff because this is the best way and it would be rude and horrible if you didn't... and this affected how you played with other people, then that would be a bit daft (you don't strike me as the kind of player that does that though, which is why I use this example) so its not the act of you personally playing the Warframe with the bonus buff, but the attitude component that implies/shames other players that they should always play the Warframe wth the bonus buffs. I think you get what I am getting at now though. You seem cool with others choices and play styles and you emphasis on the fun part of the game, so in my mind, regardless of your choices and preferences you aren't "hurting" anyone. Definitely agree with your last point. Though I do think it goes without saying. Like we should assume everyone thinks that. Have not seen anyone argue that they should be allowed to have their Lich/Sister hang around indefinitely, plus most people can take them down pretty fast and send them on their merry way. I think thats definitely fair!
  11. I mean relative to Mag and Volt. Like I feel like they have to spam their powers more for CC and survival. So more like you envisioned with using Excalibur's 4, or specifically not using it. Like yeah, if someone does use the 4 then energy management becomes an issue, I agree too. Also yeah, Mag is my current fav, but only since I went Zenurik and got Arcane Energy lol I use my operator a lot with Magus Lockdown as my emergency button. I have the Arcane that heals the Warframe in Void mode, so if I am in a bad spot I will transfer out, put enemies in Magus lockdown, my health should be topped up, plus energised dash. That being said, I used Excalibur so much in at the beginning, I still have a tendency to not want to pick him out of intuition. I think one of my fav things about Excalibur is that a lot of people do fan art, fan comics etc he often is present, especially when they need to convey a player is new. They are often very cute too, Excalibur is a good boi! Agreed about the skins. I don't even use him that much but I brought his Deluxe skin because its so cool, though I sometimes just use the hat since default Umbra skin is pretty wicked with the wide hat. Was nice talking to you!
  12. I mean... when you are at the endgame, yeah he falls off for many compared to Mag and Volt, but as you allude to, this isn't the case when people start the game or make their way through the star chart. That's Excalibur's niche. Energy requirements for his abilities aren't as restrictive, fairly intuitive and direct abilities. Also if you really like and are dedicated to the character, you can make it work well in most cases, nothing in Warframe is so difficult that you can't work around it with your Frame choice (with our Operator abilities, various Arcanes, weapons etc being able to make up for a lot). I still see a few Excalibut players in Sorties and Steel Path doing their thang like beasts. I think he is a fine place. You want to incentivise players to get more frames and find their own personal style and play style. If Excalibur is too good and flashy, then there is less incentive. Plus he is iconic and a sentimental favourite, being considered the weakest (if he is considered that I feel like a lot of people still undervalue Mag) isn't that bad or an issue, at least in my opinion.
  13. Especially since they have the same voice... well there are two different voices, so its probably the same two people. Both just as incompetent as each other... both pining for the other in secret... waiting for the day they can confess their feelings... except they keep getting caught...
  14. The person you are addressing... does play solo. Not because people aren't playing optimal or for fun... but because people being aggressive and having rude insistent behaviour. So your post has some unintentional irony to it, because based on your past replies, you seem like the kind of person who is totally cool with other players having their own style and just having fun with the whole thing, which I think is a really good attitude to have. Kudos. So you should be fine with this player as they display no elitist or exclusionary behaviour. They explained a scenario upon which its better not to stab. How that affects the group (in the abstract here since they go solo), is perceptions and understandings around peer pressure/coercion. If you are fine with them enjoying themselves, then there is no issue. It may also mean that you extend that to others. I read in one of your posts that you enjoy the occasional level 5 Sister/Lich right? So do I... but we both understand and acknowledge that we would never force other people to do that if they didn't right? I also love Disruption and Defection, I wouldn't pressure or insist people do that content either. Ditto Steel Path. The issue is when people insist/attempt to force a type of behaviour that they want others to conform to. Look at the amount of people in such threads that give a reason and then follow it up with "you shouldn't play the game" like... on the authority of some random player all over their personal preference? Except some people do get affected because they don't want that sort of drama and negativity, so some do end up playing solo, or some do stab in situations they may not want to, and that sucks, because DE have created this system to have the choice. Then has had its Dev team utilise said choices in stream. I'd love to see WarframeMaster69 tell DE Rebecca or DE Marcus to play solo or not at all. Hope that helps clarify (I thought to reply to this since it spun off my original quote, I hope neither of you mind)
  15. Oh yeah I understand and agree with that too. It just seems unfortunate that in such threads, a lot of the people I think would be the most fun to play with, do Sisters/Liches, Eidolon Hunts etc are the kinds of people that get frustrated or jaded by the louder shoutier angry types. Personally the ones that bother me the most are the ones who are like "If you can't handle a level 5 then don't even bother" since to myself, a big part of Warframe's success and reputation is people helping you get better through fire trail and error. Friendly encouragement and helping you do harder content, because one day, that person you help, will go and help someone else too. Eternal cycle forever retold! Yeah I am personally more of a "I can solo this, but its fun with more people" especially because Sisters content has made me realise how much I under appreciated Nyx and Banshee, and they are starting to rise to Warframes I consider regulars in my arsenal. Except playing Nyx or Banshee solo feels... a bit weird. Like I am making the whole experience so much faster and easier... its like whenever I load into a Tridolon and end up soloing, feels good, but probably a lot of players who wish they could be there for just progression value. So what you are saying is that you are open minded to making a chill friend Sister/Lich Hunting group when Cross Play finally happens!! Deal! Hopefully by then they will have a Tenet Ferrox and a Tenet Lenz by then! Though yeah, I appreciate why and how you experienced such situations in the past. I wasn't actually around on the Forums of Liches, so I avoided a lot of arguments and disagreements from the sound of it.
  16. It can also happen if all 4 players find out their last requiem from a thrall in the same mission their Lich/Sister shows up. There are scenarios were you can know the order of your first two Requiems (as well know the order of one and have a Oull in the other spot) but you don't know the final requiem which will be the third slot. Also I know if there is someone doesn't know they will benefit, but in the specific scenario I am suggesting, this isn't the case. Also I know its not a common occurrence, but it is a pretty straight forward example of a situation, when, actually, its most beneficial to all the players to not stab, but if everyone always assumes its etiquette... they end up actually all short changing themselves. Also this isn't myself advocating on peoples behaviour or that you shouldn't stab or should. Just that there are scenarios where a groups benefits are to be aware there are situations its okay to not stab. In simple terms, nothing. In the greater context of the game, and specifically attitudes, etiquette and expectations? It depends why you stabbed your Lich and what expectations you have towards other players. If you don't mind and are friendly to other players and willing to accommodate then nothing, no harm. However if you create an atmosphere of expectation and pressure that demands players adhere to an expectation? Then you also burden yourself and others to play a certain way. So it gets more complicated. For a quick and easy example. Whenever I do the daily Sortie, I don't mind what Warframes people use, as long as they aren't actively trying to sabotage the group. If someone goes Wukong, Mesa, Saryn, Frost, Limbo etc etc I have no issues. People who want to play meta, people who don't care, I'm cool to play with anyone, MR6? MR 30? Doesn't matter. In turn, I feel entitled to pick whatever characters I want to. On the other hand, if I were the kind of person who took issue with others (Saryn and Mesa kill too fast, Wukong is too fast, Mirage with Bramma kills everything) or MR6? "Do they even know what a Sortie is? MR30? Do they ever do something else beside play the game?!?" Then that player is creating an atmosphere which is exclusionary... even if they appeal to some notion of common sense that may have some degrees of substance (this map goes faster with a Saryn, Mesa is bad in Rad Defence cause she'll kill the Objective, this Tridolon capture will be more successful if some people are willing to go Trin or Wisp etc etc) and this atmosphere in turn, may end up excluding them as well at some point. So... its worth making attitude adjustments to be the kind of player you want to play alongside. Or if you want a more specific Sister/Lich example, one time I played with 2 other friends. A group of 3. These are close friends, so waiting for each other is fine. I got the Sister weapon I wanted on first trip to Granum Void and had to wait around 5 or 6 attempts for them to get their candidate. Then we all start the murmur part. The timing of when our Sisters would appear and RNG with stabs, lead to a situation where they were ready for the Railjack segment, but I still needed to find out my final Requiem (Oull was already in slot 1) - at the point of my last Requiem almost being known, I had to remind myself, they had to remind myself... not to stab... because if I did stab, everyone would have to wait longer, than if I just downed and then found out and got them in the next mission. So thats one practical scenario to go along with an abstract. To be clear... if you want to stab, go for it. Just people shouldn't assume that they are doing other people a favour. Yes the extra murmurs are nice, but if everyone is hung up on the murmurs and the expectation is that everyone should always stab, that creates unideal scenarios for everyone, because of a mistaken assumption. Hope that makes sense? I can elaborate if you have questions.
  17. So hypothetically, if you are in a group of 4 people... and you all are going to know all your requiems... you would prefer that all of you inconvenience yourselves... by stabbing and resetting your Sister/Lich anger and moving to a new planet... under the premise you are all benefiting the group, even though in this specific situation, its the opposite? What if the other people in the PUB would actually prefer if you were more discerning, because then the etiquette of the situation would be more situational. I do appreciate that you are playing to etiquette, but is it possible its more complicated than your idea of it in regards to this gameplay feature?
  18. Isn't intent important then? Since any and all behaviour can be self-aggrandising, "I'm not like those others" and also be used to guilt trip and manipulate. Like I don't personally believe this, but people who go solo? "We are above you guys and your petty squabbles, we go it alone to avoid it all", "Oh look at you guys, people suck, guess I have to just go solo... yeah you should feel guilty I don't get to play with others..." again, I don't actually believe that, because 1. Intent matters, whilst that might be true for some solo players, hypothetically, its definitely not the case for all. 2. I often go solo as well, if I am feeling non social, have limited time etc actual sincere reasons. Intent of the person matters a lot. I agree with your given examples. Oh actually the last thread about this topic, that got locked, some replies were deleted. You made a post about it, I was going to reply to you, but figured it might also get deleted. Our conversation was a little similar. I get why people go solo, still see it as a bit of a shame though. There are plenty of sincere and chill people who just enjoy the game and will want to help and enjoy it with others. The idea that some people who might be insulting and aggressive would dissuade the other types of people from playing together is a bit sad? In my post that got deleted in the other thread, I said something along the lines that when cross play comes out, all of us who are fine with whatever other people do should play together, since Sister/Lich hunting is really fun in a premade group from start to end!! Since a lot of us really don't care about stabbing/not stabbing, we just want to enjoy the game/have fun!
  19. Do you mean the "I stab for others, so you should stab for me" or the "I stab for etiquette, but I don't mind how you play"? Since the latter is just... like if you do Eidolons, or ever been new trying to, it can be rough. Some people want you to have a certain amount of caps, and only use Volt, Trinity, Chroma, Harrow, and some sincerely don't mind. Yeah its going to be slower, yeah someone might have to do a lot of the lifting, yeah some lures will die, but it can still be fun and help others. Many of us will remember being the new person, and how nice it is to get help, so will appreciate that attitude of generosity even when we ourselves are the high ranked person. Its not so much self aggrandising just leaning on the spirit of jolly cooperation.
  20. Whilst I agree with your over all sentiment not to blame other players, and think that is the main point of such discussions. I disagree that every player wants the other player to stab their Lich. There are points when other people stabbing their Liches/Sisters doesn't matter. Getting the last requiem you need is only a thrall away, as an example. People blind stabbing won't benefit you or themselves, you already know your next mission is just waiting for your Sister/Lich to appear so you can down it with certainty. So the only benefit in stabbing is that you might get extremely lucky and if you don't you have to spend more time trying to get Lich/Sister to appear. So its not just about being easier, but faster as well. So if someone is trying to get every weapon to max, every Ephemera, it would probably be in their best interest to play that way. The higher rank Sisters/Liches also aren't necessarily about having enough damage output, but also game knowledge since the damage reduction mechanics have stumped a lot of people with high damage builds. If you can play Banshee or Nyx or bring weapons like a Cedo, then the Sister/Lich level doesn't even really matter, but why do an extra 5 or 6 missions? I think the main problem is perception. People have a certain idea of what is motivating others but its not a wholly accurate picture. They make judgment calls based on that though.
  21. DE has designed the system for both approaches. So whilst we may have our personal preferences and insights, we should be chill with other players regardless, even if they aren't acting optimally. If one wants to be critical of the way DE designed it, thats fine too, but seperate from being randomly rude, aggressive/passive aggressive to other players. Speaking of optimal strategy... its actually not black or white. Depends a lot on your situation. Playing in group with randoms, or premade, Lich/Sister behaviour, access/willingness to use Oull/Requiem Ultimatum so on. Depending on certain scenarios, what is meta will change. There are a lot of variables so its not a big surprise that people will often default to what they feel comfortable with or think is best at the time of stabbing, even if its not meta. Which is totally respectable whether you stab or don't, because the whole Lich/Sister was stream lined, its still pretty fast, and individuals perception often means more anyways. Unfortunately such questions also attract Confidently Incorrect type people. People who are unwilling to entertain the possibility that they might be wrong about something and/or if they say something with enough conviction and vehemence, then they must be right. We could have a Supercomputer conclude a certain way is "better" but some people would reject that with a range of reasons from somewhat credible to flimsy. Also... if you characterise the people who disagree with you, with negative attributes, (weak, selfish, miscreants, angry and only looking out for themselves etc) it entitles people to saying some pretty nasty and mean things. Since they can always justify it because those other people "deserve" it. Its an unfortunately common tactic, but also one thats pretty easy to spot. Question is often framed about the in game action, but really its about the personality types of some players. Finally, in PUG's, I personally always stab. I never expect others to stab, since its not always the fastest or most beneficial way to approach Sisters/Liches. I stab because I personally don't mind it potentially taking longer, I always have a Oull and won't run out at the rate I collect them, I have a bunch of Requiem Ultimatum's as well. When others stab, I mean, thats nice sure, but I don't think those that do not are selfish or anything, I would sincerely prefer if they stabbed or didn't stab according to their situation, and what would benefit them. Since a lot of people frame this in a way to suggest one methodology is "morally superior" but its on a mistake assumption. When I play with close friends in private, I actually need to stop myself from stabbing so much, because many scenarios when what benefits the majority is to not stab. All that aside though, its nice to be nice.
  22. I agree. We also need to teach those filthy Orcusian's a lesson! Orcus being destroyed would be that lesson! Its my own business if I want to break oaths or not and those low life Orcus dwellers need to realise that! Down with Orcus!! Destruction upon in!
  23. 1. There are new damage reduction mechanics at work, which weren't the case with older Kuva Liches. As mentioned, this was implemented partially due to the final confrontation taking place in Railjack and semi related developers wanting to ensure final confrontations feeling somewhat climatic and epic as opposed to over in 5 seconds. 2. I don't have a PC to data mine or anything, but the general consensus I have seen from other people, and my own casual testing is that, certain ways of dealing damage that have been traditionally potent, even against Kuva Liches, Mesa's Peacemakers for example, your Ferrox build, Stropha and Redeemer builds, so on, aren't as effective. The damage reduction ramps up too fast. Certain weapons with more pellets/buckshot like the Cedo, aren't affected as negatively. Other weapons which function similarly, should benefit as well. I would name some, but I would only want to name those I can personally vouch for and aside from the Cedo, Oh and the Kuva Hekk. Its alt fire is sweet. I forget the other weapons I tested. Also because... 3. Nyx and Banshee. I know you said you used Nyx to not much success, but I don't know what your build was. Is it also possible your Nyx build could be updated a little and more adapted towards this new task? Like yeah traditionally people haven't really enjoyed Nyx because she can be squishy etc and of course there are better options, so why invest in making a good build for her? Like many of us find Nyx great for Steel Path so when Sisters dropped, well, the enemies are actually easier. Maybe your build or play style just needs a little bit of adjustment? Alternatively Banshee is great as well. If you are playing in a group, having one person be either Banshee or Nyx will greatly help the team. Since I usually use Nyx or Banshee, what guns I bring don't really matter as much. Plus remember we have new Galvanised Mods/Arcanes as well. 4. Its worth noting that sometimes a Sisters powers can make the fight annoying as well, especially if you don't have a way to debuff. Not all level 5 Sisters are equal. Some may have abilities which will let their shields regen (as you experienced with the annoying teleport) and some have Rad abilities, etc so you experiences so far might have just been against especially stubborn/annoying Sisters. Good luck!
  24. Hi. Its not the wording I would have use, but the other person wrote "more certain" which isn't necessarily the same as suggesting something is certain. So if we apply some charitable interpretation, we can conclude that to them, a 90 percent chance, on each individual locker, (90 percent isn't certain, but as far as probabilities, and this game and its other probabilities, 90% is really high) is more valuable than guaranteed 5 lockers... but that being tied to hacking consoles. As not all lockers/tile sets will benefit from this. Additionally many people would rather sacrifice a pet mod slot than a parazon mod spot. I think its a fair point, personally I don't use either, since I don't need the resources, but in testing in the past, Scavenger would usually yield better results/success than Master Key.
  25. No need to be embarrassed. Its actually admirable to ask for help in situations where the social expectations is that you shouldn't. Too many people have unnecessary ego or pride, but that aside. Personally I find Magus Lockdown trivialises Demolishers/Demolysts. I use a Stropha as well. If the enemies are especially tanky/high level, I might bring a Cedo as well and modify my Stropha to be a CO build too. So the combo of all three (Lockdown + Cedo + Stropha) is often overkill. Sometimes I'll alter my build around a bit for variety and circumstance too. Some Helminth abilities like Khora's Ensnare will work/help as well. There are some Warframe abilities that can help too, I am just not personally familiar (I think Nova for example) Good luck!
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