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  1. Not sure if it's a design oversight or a control bug. Currently, the dedicated heavy melee attack key doesn't register unless your melee weapon is already out, generally by using a light melee attack that doesn't even hit anything, dramatically reduces the effectiveness of mixing ranged and melee attacks. With heavy attacks clearing your combo count, it would be a perfectly viable strategy to have a melee built for never getting combos, and instead just using heavy attacks for the utility. Weapons with large slam attacks or ranged knockdown would work particularly well for this, especially if they're life stealing at the same time. As is, while I'm sure there's some gimmicky combination of mods that makes for effective heavy attack melee builds, I can't being to imagine what they'd be. I'm always going to avoid heavy attacks with melee-oriented loadouts in order to preserve my combo count, and for any other loadout heavy melee isn't worth the annoyance and risk to set up. I occasionally use it for Life Strike, but I still try to avoid it whenever possible. This is a simple fix that would salvage a lot of builds.
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