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  1. Honestly, they could probably cement Ivara's role as "the stealth frame that doesn't like moving too much" just by changing how Prowl's energy cost works. Like, instead of adding a drain per time when moving, make it drain per distance. This would still give it a minimal cost when lying in wait (zero movement means zero added energy cost), but allow for Ivara to move quickly at an ever increasing cost. This would mean that parkouring across a room would cost just as much extra energy as sluggishly jogging across the room does now, but the potential of running through your energy bar too quickly would give it a fun risk vs reward mechanic that's more than measured enough to evoke the word "prowl". If you balance the numbers correctly, Loki would still always come out on top in terms of distance traveled per energy, and Ivara would still have dramatically higher energy efficiency when movement is kept to a minimum. This may require lowering Ivara's base movement speed a bit to make sure she can't easily sprint through Spy missions without regards to energy, but being able to actually use that speed while cloaked means she'll still feel faster. This avoids jeopardizing Loki's stealth speedrun champion position, while giving Ivara enough of a concession that she can reposition midbattle to actually make use of her nifty gadgetry. Nobody loses, everyone wins.
  2. As stated, Prowl loses out in the long-term sustainability department. It does have better consistency, which is very different feature, although that consistency is really only important because Ivara is too slow to hide the mundane way. Loki and Ash's stealth abilities aren't as consistent, but because they can still move, it's easy enough for them to slide behind cover or glide onto a rafter that it doesn't pose much of a problem. If you were to look up the word "prowl", you'll get variations of the word "to move about stealthily as if hunting prey". Speed is nowhere to be found. Ambush predators typically move slowly IRL, but only due to purely IRL restrictions. Loki could be said to be "prowling" while speeding across an empty tile to the next victim, regardless of movement speed.
  3. So as much as I love Titania, especially the ability to fly throughout levels, being limited to the same two weapons every time gets really tedious. As is, Titania is best suited to casting Razorwing at the start of a level and only uncasting it as long as it takes to activate a console, pick up an item, or replenish her razorflies. Since Razorwing replaces your equipped weapons and disables your companion, however, this means that you have basically zero control over your build. While every other frame in the game can have their basic gameplay loop dramatically altered by switching out equipment, Titania will always play pretty much exactly the same. You get some limited influence over your base stats, but Dex Pixia's high damage and status proc will almost always lend itself more towards Corrosive, and Diwata's unimpressive damage will almost always lend itself towards Life Strike fodder. I understand that having Diwata override the melee slot is pretty much unavoidable, since normal melee aren't compatible with archwing, but it would be nice if I had some control over the rest of my build. Letting me switch between Dex Pixia and my normal primary weapon would be nice, since it would at least give me a second option, even if most normal weapons aren't going to stand up to an exalted like Dex Pixia. Alternatively, letting her switch between Dex Pixia and the build's currently equipped archgun would be nice, since the archgun might better compare to an exalted and it would help complete her "archwing but in a normal mission" aesthetic. A slightly more involved third option would be to replace either Spellbind or Lantern (two overly similar abilities, in my opinion) with an ability summoning Dex Pixia separate from her Razorwing and Diwata. This would let her use either one at reduced cost, but more importantly would mean she could use Razorwing in conjunction with normal weapons. I do love Titania quite a bit, but even so I'm starting to dread using her on account of how stale she's gotten. A game like Warframe really needs variety to keep itself interesting, and Titania...just doesn't have it. She's badly in need of attention.
  4. Definitely interesting. The rising use over higher MR is easy to explain by more people actually having her (such a pain to farm >_<), but her having been used more than Ash and Octavia is strange. Could you link me to these statistics you've mentioned? I found a post claiming to have the statistics for Aug 8 - 15, but I can't find the data prior to the March 7 hotfix that fixed the bug allowing bullet jumps during Prowl. She seems to have dropped from 17th to 20th during that time, well below Loki at 5th and Ash at 15th, though I'd believe those numbers a bit more if I could compare two sets of data guaranteed to be from the same source.
  5. Let's compare Ivara's Prowl to Loki's Invisibility to see if it's really that overpowered, shall we? For simplicity's sake, we'll exclude Ash's Smoke Screen on account of Ash not being as purely stealth-centric and his Smoke Screen just being a shorter, more combat-oriented variant of Loki's Invisibility. First, energy consumption. With a maxed Energizing Dash, Loki has enough energy to stay recast Invisibility indefinitely without a single mod improving his abilities. This does require a Void Dash every other recast, though, which is a bit of a bother. To avoid that, Loki can still achieve unlimited Invisibility recasts by running Energy Siphon, Streamline, Fleeting Expertise, and Narrow-Minded. Ivara, meanwhile, has all energy regeneration locked during Prowl, meaning you need to take Streamline and Fleeting Expertise if you want to use any abilities aside from Prowl. This means any energy orb Loki picks up can be freely spent towards abilities other than Invisibility, whereas Ivara has to pray to RNGesus for regular energy orbs just to stay invisible. Additionally, Loki can recover from a run-in with Magnetise or parasitic eximuses just by hiding the mundane way, whereas Ivara will have to fight on in a very vulnerable state. Loki handily wins out on energy consumption. Second, the invisibility itself. Loki is visible for 3/4 of a second every 18 seconds, sure, but that still gives you at least 14 seconds to do stuff unmolested before you need to duck back into cover. In fact, if you're not facing enemies with hitscan weapons, you can safely recast Invisibility during a slide or air glide even in the middle of a firefight. You can still get killed by crossfire, but that's a weakness of all stealth frames. Ivara is of course invisible permanently provided you don't accidentally bring a non-silenced weapon or move faster than a brisk crawl, but it's not a particularly impressive margin of victory. Third, how much each frame can do while invisible. Loki has the highest base sprint speed in the game, easily outpacing pretty much everyone that doesn't have additional movement speed abilities. (I believe just Volt, Nezha, and soon to be Gauss?) When modded for speed and ability duration, he can easily cross two or more tiles during a single cast of Invisibility, and there isn't a Spy vault he can't crack with relative ease. Ivara's Prowl, meanwhile, slows her down well below the slowest frame. (Only a little faster than Loki when he's Hobbled, in fact.) It's basically impossible to keep up with a squad this way, meaning she either has to limit herself to solo play or regular break Prowl to keep up. Even if she loots every enemy on the map, she's not getting doubled level rewards, and she probably spent well over twice the time to complete the level anyway. Loki wins out massively. As it stands, Ivara has limited usefulness in solo play as a beginner frame. She'll never compare to Loki for any kind of stealth approach, but she is certainly easy to use, making it easier to observe the details of Warframe's stealth mechanics in a safer context. Unfortunately, because acquiring Ivara requires extensive farming of stealth-oriented missions, you've undoubtedly already learned those mechanics by the time you've started playing her. To be honest, I'm not actually sure what she's good for outside of fishing and animal captures.
  6. Looking at the in-game descriptions and the lack of visual effects, I'm genuinely not convinced that the healing field left by Oberon's Renewal ability is supposed to be static. It really seems like it's supposed to follow him around, and just fails to do so for some reason. Not being able to re-apply the buff after it's been nulled (from falling into a pit, walking into a nullifier, etc.) also seems like a bug, as if the spell is avoiding applying the buff twice by consulting a list of people it's affected rather than simply checking the target for whether the buff is present. Please review this, as it seems like it would take a relatively simple fix to be a massive quality of life improvement for Oberon players.
  7. I'm experiencing this as well. That and the other scanner bug really makes scanning things a chore post-update 25.
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