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  1. It should be implemeted but I dont know.
  2. It just gives more fps, is exculusive but doesnt change anything of the appareance... Also isnt hard to put DLSS, DE just need to put an algorithm that allows AI Intelligence to do the tech.....
  3. We know Ray-Traicing isnt gona be implemented, but what about DLSS? or any new tech that we can get more FPS from this game, I would love to run warframe in QHD-240hz.
  4. someone that buy it, show as a glyph, idk if there it was some animation in the sigil
  5. Please we need a revert, we need the resource farm.
  6. Please REVERT, REVERT we need that, is a real pain to get resources........
  7. Can F2A emails work? Please i've been waiting to trade or get the ephemera from the update day, I havent got any answer in support....
  8. btw, we cant do somet fishing beacuse is really bugged, stays at black screen @[DE]Megan
  9. cant deploy extractor in planets now bugs fixed, got other bugs. RIP
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