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  1. Can't get rid of my Sister. Already killed 3 times in Railjack
  2. When everybody is special, suddenly nobody is. Again, Umbra did not become Umbra by occasion, Ballas himself made him that way and he mentions that more than once during the Sacrifice quest. Umbra is one of it's kind, a "miracle", he is a Warframe that carries a memory CHOSEN by Ballas. He is not Umbra because he has a traumatic memory, he is Umbra because Ballas made him that way, he would just go "oh S#&$ it worked on him, time to start a mass production"
  3. Nah. Sacrifice story was more heavy and Umbra is not sentient by occasion, Ballas himself made him that way. Everything else is just a copy paste of the Sacrifice quest that would make it redundant VERY quickly.
  4. Looks like the Fix for the missing images throughout the game didn't really fixed everything. Railjack armaments, Intrinsics and about half of the weapons icon are still missing. Another bonus is that any icon in your arsenal also goes missing if you try to change in the Dojo
  5. Damage mods exists to increase the damage dealt by X thing as far as I am aware. Dissolving them into wepaons will just make more room to people fit more stuff to deal more damage. (also 99% of the game can be completed by bruteforcing your way with damage, so there is not really any incentive to use anything else.)
  6. New Corpus tilesets, and the 3 open worlds has been suffering from FPS drops since introduction (open worlds are less frequent now, but the game runs at below 480p constantly) and now and the Corpus Railjack can't even keep a steady 30fps most of the time even with everything disables/at lowest. Isn't it time to take a deep look into it already? Deimos already feels horrible to play since you can't see anything properly and now the new Railjack you can't even keep a steady 30fps.
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