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  1. I don't think that's how plat works. Trading depends on demand, and that vareis... ALOT
  2. You'd be right, if Warframe didn't had Skins and customizations. I like Hydroid's style overall but I want to play the game a while using the Waframe and feeling I'm contributing to something. Hydroid is often better not using any of his powers or using his puddle as a panic button. The point is asking for a rework right now is that they tried to buff him in is 1° revision. Not only the feedback was rather negative, mostly with "he's quite boring now", DE just moved on and with each update Hydroid's thing became less and less effective, be in CC, Support, Damage or just usefulne
  3. Saying "Play a different frame" is the same thing as saying play a different game if you have issue with Warframe. People want to play the frame they want and feel they're contributing to something. On topic: Hydroid is on that spot where his abilities are a hindrance to the team and himself. All of his abilities either ragdoll, flail or make enemies hard to hit in some way or another. The abilities themselves have little to no benefits to use (specially after status rework, since he can't fully strip armor anymore). Hydroid's state right now shows how
  4. Example: Saying that "Kokojo" did something but not providing where you find him is just as helpful as not providing the artist name. People will go to you because you know other source, but not to the source itself.
  5. If art is not done by you, credit the creator Necromechs were heavily inspired by Warhammer's aesthetic (and the Entrati weapons too). I see nothing wrong on a old-style mecha Instead of a hyper gundam style. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean I needs changes.
  6. Hydroid gets worst each update they change a old mechanic. His QoL update was SO short visioned and DE's decision to just ignore the community just showed he's in the same spot as Zephry.
  7. I believe tentacle boy to be, yet again, the worst Warframe on the game at the moment for he does not have any real niche, neither solo nor in groups right now... Tempest Barrage regdoll enemies everywhere without any real benefit and since the Status Rework, the augment is really really really bad.... Tidal Surge was never good to begin with. Undertow can somewhat do the thing where it ramps up fast and kill unarmored enemies fast... If you pass their Shield and/or kill the Healer/Disruptor, however I think this ability was the one thing DE focuses because "haha puddle n
  8. Ye with amp I've been doing that. I have loads of fish parts and no ores.
  9. Kill whatever comes close when they are effected by the pillar or just help the pillar kill by themselves, what else I have to do? Throw Platinum at it?
  10. Ok, that doesn't help. Did you do something in specific or just RNG through it? Also the existence part was a joke
  11. Do they even exist in game? Being doing those dumb pillars and Mining for over 4 hours yesterday and today, got 6 Necrathene and 19 Thaumica at total. I legit believe that doesn't exist and what I have is just fruit of my imagination to hold me from just not doing Deimos anything. If you come here and say: "lol do Pillars" save your time, all I got from that was a load generic fish parts. Edit: Posting how many you have and not really helping is the equivalent of telling a wheelchair user who's fallen on the ground that you have working legs but not helping him. Brag
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