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  1. Whelp that pretty much sums up the entire thing. If you believe Banshee is not working all the time why are you investing time on her? The game has tons of Warframes and customizations for them because people like using them, regardless of how "mastery fodder" they are. A person will show up with a Nyx in your mission if you run public, a person will prefer Grendel over Inaros, some people like using Mirage over Chroma in Profit Taker, others like using Ivara's Navigator for Eidolons, regardless if that's the most efficient way it not, because while some people like seeing numbers, others
  2. For one we don't know Zephyr Crit buff numbers, let's not assume things. That "bring something to the table" is simply called Jack of all trades, which Oberon, Gara, Rhino and Ivara are the best example of Jack of all trades. They all have something for every mission, but still they have drawbacks just like every other Warframe. Taking Banshee's HP to a non-existent amount then trying to fix that by giving her literally invincibility and sudo-invisibility is nothing but bad design, because you'll either be untouchable or dying by enemies coughing in the air you breathe. 8 or 80 is ne
  3. I believe you are missing the purpose of why the game has multiple Warframes and not only one End-all Be-all character. Each Warframe has a role, each Warframe has positives and negatives, this incentivize you to seek others and diversify your style to whatever you need. All I'm getting from this is not how you made Banshee one of the best designed Warframes, but basically you just bumping her up to 11, even at the cost of her theme, so she can become the "Meta". If the gamemode calls for a Huge Health pool, and you know Banshee is no tank, you can consider using Grendel, Inaros
  4. That's hot stuff right there. Wish DE had more care with his rework, but instead with got a short-lived "lul puddle".
  5. I know you are already aware of this. But obligatory Zephry call. @Birdframe_Prime
  6. Nora store broke. Guess we have to wait until the intermission starts /shrug
  7. Ye, that's why this is posted on Switch Bug Reports, not on Xbox
  8. Same here, her store isn't opening. Well, another update, another thing that breaks on Switch Version. Noice
  9. PoE has Ghouls (that diesn't really gives anything) OV has Thermia, that gives access to a boss that drops Hidryn. I guess Deimos will have Orphix Venom consistently too
  10. Wolf Sledge Boomerang Heavy Attack is not working, it perfrorms a generic Heavy attack instead. There it goes my fun I guess. Maybe next patch by february? EDIT: Seems like it was changed to Hold A to throw and the Heavy Attack now is just a generic Heavy Attack.
  11. Woah now, don't need to get all aggressive at people just replying at your post. Having different opinions is not a call for war neither a offence to your exsitence. I myself stopped using Long Swords because the combos feels horrible. Sure, it can do damage, but the ammount of brain damage I get for not going foward with the foward combo or having myself halted in the neutral combo is just not for me. I honoestly prefer the pre-Melee changes combos for this one, they felt easy to use and had more of a "flow" to them.
  12. I do believe he's THAT terrible. 2/4 abilities are borderline RNG based and the other 2 are extremely clunky. In a team base scenario, the group will be better off without Hydroid's abilities, since most of them makes the enemies flail around, toss them into oblivion or just "hide" them. In solo play you can use him, but I believe without specific types of weapons, explosives in particular, you are also better off not using his abilities that much (maybe panic button?)
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