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  1. I'm all up if DE suddenly started to pay more attention about old and underwhelming Warframes/Weapons archetypes with minor buffs each patch, but so far that never happened. All Yareli hopes now is a sudden random buff (like the new Nyx buffs right now) in a year or two.
  2. Her existence will be forgotten as soon as the title screen change on the next update. Who would've guesses that making a Warframe based on a nearly forgotten aspect of the game would result in such thing?
  3. Am I dumb or the Merina dash is impossible/extremely hard to perform? I tap to Roll/Dash and she just tried to grind or, well, starts dashing
  4. Oh, then I guess Chroma, Inaros and Wukong are really garbage if we go by that.
  5. Damage is not modest, it's as good as Hydroid's puddle, which is to say much. No, 5 enemies are not immobolized, more often than not bubbles will either hit the same enemy or the wall while trying to reach a enemy behind it, both resulting in them just going poof. They gave you a cap of 15 bubbles, then gave a cap to reach this 15 bubbles making you, again just like Hydorid, spend more energy for a "eh" result. Polarizing ability. It's what will make Yerali one of the least played Warframes of the game. Clunky, gives Yareli 75% damage reduction, but Merulina herself does not have a good defense besides being fast, which does not do much when 4/5 of the game does not allow you to use that speed properly. K-Drive mods are so neich that I really don't understand why DE didn't just let us use it really. It's not like any of them will make any difference. "The fodder destroyer" can be given to literally ANY ability of the game that does damage. The ability itself can have more uses, when Yareli is not the user. Slash is good, but when you apply that little, you need Viral or Magnetic to bump it up, and Yareli certainly will nuke enemies with her buffed secundary faster than those slash procs do anything. It's barely a vacuum with that range, much less of a nuke. It's an attempt to give her a proper damaging ability that fails. (and imo, it would've been better if DE just focused on her CC and tanky aspects) It's a bigger "fodder destroyer". Grendel is not the best, but unlike Yareli, he does what he was designed for very well. Amazing CC, decent support with buffs/armor strip, and huge burst when used well. Boring? I find Mesa, Rhino, Valkyr and Chroma boring. I have a blast with Xaku, Zephyr and Harrow. Having fun with a character is subjective. Clunky meatball? Yes, but again, unlike Yareli, it is not forced upon you. You can very well just never use meatball with little to no negatives. "meta bad" is what I'm reading here. Sure, picking the best secundary, with a Riven to make it better, into the "New Game+" to farm double the resources is good. But that doesn't mean it's the only way. DE themselves are starting to release things with the Steel Path in mind, as we can see with the Galvanized mods and gun Arcanes, so I don't see the reason why you wouldn't test stuff in there. I do agree with you about the artificial difficulty, but that's what we got and that's what we have to work with.
  6. Rhino - Iron Skin Redeemer - Spam heavy attack (press R) Good luck
  7. Honestly, I don't really like the theme of Yareli (if there is any). Surfer, Skate, Idol, Anime, Ninja, Magical girl all thrown together and mixed wiht little direction and barely glued together. 1 - Sea Snares There is a cap to reach the cap. They can detect enemies behind walls but will destory themselves in walls. Literally no synergy with any of her abilities and has such a underwhelming concept, sound, animation, effect, everything of this ability is underwhealming. The only thing I can think of positive is that, unlie Hydroid's puddle, you can move. Either removing the max cap or the cap to reach the cap. Basically just lets us spam more bubbles. Reduce energy cost Either let the bubbles pass through walls and objects or just give them LoS. 2 - Merulina Honestly, the fact that DE decided to make K-drive her main gimmick will forever make her polarizing. Titania and Grendel are 2 ways they could make her unique movement better and less intrusive, but DE decided to go balls deep on forcing you to use Merulina while making her way too weak. You can cast all of her base abilities in Merulina while moving, that's neat. Let defensive Warframe mods, buffs and Arcanes effect Merulina. Just let players mod her with K-drive mods. 95% of them literally doesn't do anything to help you in tilesets and even less in combat, but the option is there. Make her abilities have extra effects if cast on Merulina. Maybe an extra ring for Aquablades? MORE bubbles? Anything is a positive at this point 3 - Aquablades Disapointing. Such a cool looking ability, such a cool sounding ability, such a cool concept, such a bad ability. Idk if it was my bad english but I swear this was supposed to reflect damage no? Anyways, it's sad. Increase damage I guess? Extra mechanics added to it. Maybe DR for Merulina? Damage reflection? Anything that plays into her barely defensive/CC focused gameplay 4 - Riptide Idk why but this ability just feels old and generic. It's an ability, it does the job if, much like many other abilities, you somehow get rid of 100% armor. I have no opinion on this since it just sounds and play like a generic ability. Increase range Revert back to when it was shown on the DevStream, and let it hold enemies so we can make some use out of it Some interaction with Sea Snares would be neat, maybe it will gather and scatter double the bubbles, or apply the damage they would've done in total in a single burst. Overall I think, regardless of changes, she will be a polarizing because Merulina is what ties everything together. Good time for testing a Warframe like that, but please, release one with more coherence next time. (I also would wish they didn't made a whole Warframe/Gamemode based on a thing that is popoular currently) Water bad/10
  8. if you mean the dog, I think you can keep (not use) 2 or 3 for free, after that you need to buy slots
  9. Can't get rid of my Sister. Already killed 3 times in Railjack
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