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  1. Oh cool! I'm bad at names on maps, plus I get them mixed up most of the time. 😋 Thanks for the recommendation on which path to choose, but I think for now I'm safer going back and getting that Rhino up to speed plus farming some more decent mods.
  2. Huh, that's a very interesting point, though I'm not sure I've crossed paths with those types of units. I've only tried the nodes that are opened after you beat Uranus Junction and they just deleted me. Fortunately with some extra farming and the right warframe/weapons I'll be able to get going.
  3. Well, it looks like I have a lot to do! Thanks everyone for the nuanced and quick responses! I will focus primarily on using Rhino then! Btw I noticed that you have a Cohhlition logo, funny how Cohh was the one who made me give warframe a try! Thank you for the video! I'll certainly give it a look and watch more of their videos. Yeah, that's how I've been surviving mostly since Jupiter till now, I'm no space ninja but I think I have the mobility thing fairly nailed down.
  4. I'm fairly new to the game (been playing for close to 2 weeks) and I've been mostly mainlining the game doing whatever quests I can unlock. I did some grinding on the side (mostly to get the warframes/weapons I got from quest rewards) plus the obligatory grind you need to do to unlock the junctions. I'm now at Neptune and I feel like I did something wrong because for the most part I've been surviving without any major issues (just dying a couple of times per mission since europa but it's manageable) but now enemies just shred my shields and HP in seconds. I admit I haven't engaged fully on t
  5. I have the exact same problem on nightwave but for episode 1, There are only 4 pieces of evidence, and if the case is that the body examination counts as a piece of evidence then there's a piece that's not triggering as such.
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