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  1. How great would a dance contest for Octavia prime be? and have Danni host it I think that would be great
  2. all i have to say on the subject is SPACE NINJAS <--- hello the game is ninjas in space ninjas don't use guns why are you trying to encourage gun use I'm American I love my guns but this is a game based on Ninjas...
  3. after having made the link i think this is less a DE has decided this is a better way to do things and twitch has made this the new system and DE is running into the old system isnt going to cut it anymore but ya the relink doesnt seem like a big deal unless you cant remember your passwords... (i may have had a small issue but im good now lol)
  4. no one seems interested in here but i already purchased ty
  5. Doing an organized run for high score isn't the same as the simple rush the orphex and pug type of run so the costs to phasic farm isn't to heavily affected by it most random groups aren't getting lower scores the groups that are trying to get high scores and pushing for every point are the ones that are affected by the difference the most and it shows in the leader boards everyone on ps4 seems to be maxing out around 24k a few select players pushing up to 35k(these scores look a little odd as they are a high score but only 2 players got them?) and scores are for a team?) ed
  6. its been a year as mentioned but also that pack had other items in it that aren't being given away for free at the moment like 570 plat, commander emote, a poster, and an arch wing armor set, most notably is the 570 plat you were getting. I personally always view the cosmetics as bonus and the plat as the purchase anytime I spend real money on the game
  7. when i look at the games app it says something about the prismadualheavypistols
  8. i dont belive this is what your supposed to do i think your supposed to private message the bot
  9. big sale on psn right now easiest way is to get it is buy a pack of plat
  10. its a lame answer but its the same reason when you go to the store they want money and not something you have that's similar to the items you are buying. people want versatility and also don't want to risk you backing out because their offer isn't what you expected it takes too long to get in a position to actually do the trade to see oh i thought you had a different weapon. if its just for some plat you can say xx-plat and then expect that once your there it simplfies so may things and like plat can be used for so much
  11. im just bitter because when they did the Deimos update I was really hopeful they would keep the simultaneous releases up but its ok I am certain they are working hard on the game and do try for this i just have spent alot of time playing on ps4 and dont know if im going to get a ps5 so see cross save is a big thing in my mind and i know for that to happen all the systems need to be on the same release at least all the consoles are on the same release so that little glimmer of hope is left Edit: P.S. but i really am excited for the event and want to enjoy it I plan to try my best to f
  12. this is exactly my fear with this new system no actionable information until its live just wait until the update is in cert to tell us don't have us go well were is it for 3 weeks at least but finally excited to get to play month old content
  13. im getting a doors of stone feeling from this update anyone else?
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