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  1. my ps4 says 11.562 gig and im told by some ps5 owning friends its 13 gig also glad we weren't too far behind the others
  2. i was reading the patch notes and it says change reactors with Subroutine that mention flux to new Subroutine but i dont see anywere that says what those are and im just wondering what they are going to be
  3. i could see the plexus being a type of gear you can build like a new archwing that has features like the reactors did with a ratio of bonus mod cap and differing levels of energy
  4. a cool thought would be get some type of elite crew member for completing rescue missions even if it was a rare drop i think it would be cool to have a crew member that is better than others helping because you saved him just a thought for another way to introduce crew members
  5. i dont think they have had a response for this just yet but i get the feeling the 1 in each slot is just a guide to say this is a way you can see if your ok and its more important that you have built 6 parts to boost your railjacks power. the reason i think this is orignaly the requirment was 30 wreakages but they had nothing to tell us how many wreakages we have built and if you got lucky and had all the parts you ever wanted before you had to build 30 it was kind of unfair because your ship is already at your personal max but we have no idea if we made 30 but the grid is something that people should be upgrading reguardless and the other req is a visual oh i got this
  6. for most of this id expect the whole balance to be a totally new deal because its your mods not not the ships so you might not want to run Artillery Cheap Shot/Forward Artillery if your never gonna fire the cannon and also since we will be able to forma the slots Forward Artillery will be 8 now type of thing they just want us to have to work for it a little bit more for it again
  7. 😕 I don't know what to tell you but the same is true in other parts of the game i have to build weapons I dont want to build other weapons. I have to complete a sabotage mission when all I want is the catches rewards. i spend hours and hours opening relics when all i really want is forma bps. in other games with skill trees there are always skills that act as a gate way player a might not want but player b sees and they love it I'm sorry you don't like nechramechs but get over yourself your not the only one that plays this game I love my nechramech and look forward to the day they make it so I can run it in all missions. but i understand that its not your cup of tea and i respect that but intrinsics are easy to farm in fact they are so easy to farm it just happens for playing the game and eventually you have all maxed so might as well get that free S#&$ they gave you or again STFU and go play other missions
  8. How are you "forced" they are releasing new content that isn't a gateway to anything but new content they didn't take a normal mission and say you know what this needs is railjack lets make people play rail jack to get past this node on the star chart. its a whole new thing new paths to go new things to do they are changing the current railjack system because a lot of people didn't like it so they are trying to mix it up and make it more appealing to those players but the lot of you trolls are on here just hating on everything DE tries to do to make the game better for more people i have never understood why people devote their lives to being this negative if you have an issue and don't like a decision point out that piece and offer constructive criticism but otherwise STFU and go spend time playing solo on some bs mission you've run a million times and quit dragging people into your pity party
  9. beautiful words so the goal is to have home time on 29.10
  10. I know, all I meant by what i said was if they haven't said anything its getting close to the time to make a call one way or another
  11. yes I'm not sure what time they end the work day but its getting close to quitting time for me
  12. this was in th dev workshop "The release of Corpus Liches aka Queenpins is still planned for the future in its own update. Think more ‘Update 30.5’ territory. Don’t quote me on that Update number though, it could shift a bit." i dont belive there are any corpus liches in this update of update 30 even i think they said thats pushed further out still
  13. nah leave the crew ships alone until fighters are gone go get stationary targets then deal with crew ships if I haven't already just leave an engineer to back me up if i need flux and to fire dome charges/clear intruder alerts
  14. I disagree when I'm the pilot the only reason I don't want gunners using turrets is because it stops tether working and killing the fighters before they escape the spawn formation. this slows the fight way down, and makes me have to hunt down individual ships. if tether isn't being destroyed by turret fire I'm fine with them being on side guns since it will allows me to line up the heavy cannon on the crew ships sooner. The only reason I ever focus on the gunners first is to keep the space clear for dealing with crew ships. for railjack I'm all about getting the fight done faster if a crowd of 10 ships can be downed in 1-2 tether shots in a matter of seconds great if i have to chase down individual fighters its going to take a few mins each group
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