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  1. From answers on reddit it seems that it is barely useful for mid level players. I'll probably try to get a player who has a Nekros so me and him maybe try to help farm orokin cells for lower rank players or new players. But yeah it seems to be the most limited booster, maybe good for newer players but almost useless for everyone else, it is also useful for mutagen samples but i think a drop booster is better if farming on deimos.
  2. Well yeah i know what it does, but what is something useful to be done with a resource drop chance booster?
  3. Yeah, some just slightly change colors and other times they get stuck in places where it is hard to see them. I've gotten many times in which they get stuck behind doors or get stuck below stairs.
  4. Just from google it tells me that those mythical creatures are from Trinidad y Tobago. So probably he/she is from there.
  5. Yeah, but i think he means more on the unexperienced players, because even if they are MR 16 they might not know what stats are better for a certain weapons so they don't know how to price rivens. My main source of income was rivens because you can get them freely and if it is for a popular weapon you can get a decent amount of plat.
  6. It's because it doesn't exist, its highlited because i didn't know how to stop highlihgting something, because i copied the challenge from the wiki, that is why a part of the challenge has quotation marks.
  7. What happened to KOKK IM'M? What did you do to him?
  8. I suppose not to bring melee down to guns' level; but is it to bring guns to the level of melee or is it to find a middle point of power between the point at which melee and guns are in terms of power?
  9. I was able to open it and got a khom riven, thanks
  10. I can't put a photo but the riven says " Land 8 consecutive headshots while in Archwing mode in the Plains of Eidolon." with a shotgun. Ive tried it but it looks like all of the grineer there have missiles which take me out of archwing and the turrets and heavy gunners obliterate me since i have almost no mods for the archwing. I have only the phage, strun wraith, arca plasmor and astilla, i've been using the astilla since it has the least pellets. I thought about using nova and with molecular prime slowing down the enemies.
  11. I've heard "League is entertaining", which happens to many games, that they don't love it or like it much but it is entertaining and time consuming which is something that appeals to many people.
  12. No puedes. En caso de que te refieras a los sindicatos, con ellos para conseguir puntos solo ocupas tener equipados los sellos, así que si se lo quitas a tu Warframe dejas de conseguir esos puntos y tambien dejas de perder puntos en sindicatos enemigos.
  13. I still remember when i tried for like 20 radiant relics to get the nova chassis and i didn't get it. But of course, when i open one intact relic that i only tried to open because i needed void traces i got the gold reward (i got a ballistica part). At least today someone had a relic with the part i needed to make it.
  14. I just hope i get one of these, mainly the Octavia and Ivara
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