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  1. what happened? i haven't done anything from deimos apart from the quest.
  2. this reminds me of the siren girl in borderlands 3, with an annoying voice that people were happy that private B.E.A.N. was laughing about her diary.
  3. kind of feel that if in the last act of the glassmaker Nora dies people would be having a party.
  4. Yeah and honestly i'm not angry about the abilities. And some are having a lot of fun even though they are not using the helminth system to be more powerful, i've heard from a bunch of people the lots of fun they are having with a banshee with the Pull of Mag and using sonic boom to throw enemies around.
  5. i understand you were angry, because of what you had to put in the system, but you already there is people who want to make the most broken stuff possible and make everything else obsolete, in addition what did you expect?, because one ability per configuration seems ok, ultimates also seems okay as you said and no 'good' abilities, well actually many of them are very useful, some bring a lot of survivability to frames that needed it.
  6. have it on the foundry, haven't been able to play because of high school, last week and this one were all about projects and exams.
  7. I'm surprised at how many people passed the star chart with prime warframes and weapons.
  8. I stopped playing for some time so i dont know if something happened. And i know some parts of the community everytime something is nerfed people get very angry and want to kill the one who decided to create that nerf, so i wanted to know what was the worst reaction in your opinion?
  9. Why was gas nerfed? I already know that it isn't amazing weapon but i like it's appearence and since i have a riven i decided to try it.
  10. I just want to know how people did on their star chart the initial one or maybe you can include something that you found love for thanks to steel path, which frames you picked up and helped you a lot while playing, also which weapons did you use, have you also used a companion, and other stuff like that. Mine was Gara, tigris, atomos, galatine and heat sword and i used a Shade for most of my starchart
  11. I at first thought the same way you do, i thought that banshee needed a rework, but then i asked how to use it and then this guy: Just answered my question and told me a way of playing her and that changed my way of playing banshee, so now i love banshee, and dont consider banshee in need of a rework.
  12. But that doesn't affect cyanex primary mode, does it? because its gimmick is being like missiles that on contact deal impact damage but when exploding it leaves gas and i think another elemental status you have modded in, so if i were going for a slash build or something it would be for the secondary mode.
  13. I thought of something like corrosive and gas but earlier today i checked nerfs for the cyanex and saw gas got nerfed so the video i checked to see it's performance has probably become outdated. Guess i'm going to check videos in spanish. But i have 2 doubts, first in what does impact affect status? getting enemies out of gas proc? And the second doubt, if you have a very good riven with high stats, but then a meta appears and causes it to become very popular, does DE lowering disposition will affect your already existing riven?
  14. Am i the only one who prefers more Nova Corpra and that actually dislikes nova atomica?
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