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  1. I just bought it, i also did over 15 radiant g6 relics but got nothing, kinda made me angry that my friend got almost every part of gara within less than 10 tries of each relic, the gara bp he got it first try. I think just the chassis took him like 6 tries.
  2. I asked on players helping players and most people said that it was a gray area and that it should be done at your own risk. This is what KIREEK said on that post: A moderator once told me (regarding a discussion) that alt accounts can't be in the same clan or even in the same alliance. If an event happens for example and there is a cap of 100 points per player, a user with 2 accounts in the same clan will be able to do 2x more than any other player. Events also have diminishing results, meaning to get more points, the difficulty increases exponentially (enemy lvl for example), with 2 accounts you can achieve the same combined score way faster and way easier, which is an exploit.
  3. Is it dangerous doing that?, i remember hearing how it could cause a ban. I mainly want to add to my dojo another account because i want to experience the game from the start again and because my dojo has almost all the useful research done. The dojo was founded by me and only has 1 other member.
  4. Which is the best way to farm it, i spent an hour with a drop chance booster in spaceport and only got one vega toroid, recently i discovered i could try it in the exploiter orb mission killing the small spiders, or is there a better way.
  5. I mean the ones that are unvaulted, for example hydroid and banshee i had 4 relics for them but i don't always check relics so i don't know if certain relics were obtained recently or from a long time ago, is there somewhere where i could check it all in the same place.
  6. Xbox Before i took a break i was trying to get gauss but now i only remember that it was in the disruption mission on sedna and in something about rotation c, but i'm not sure, so if someone could remind me how to obtain him i would be very grateful.
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