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  1. Zylok rivens still haven't changed their stats. Thanks for the new primes tho 🙂
  2. Hildryn's air dodge during 4 does not work on PS4 controller (using DS4Windows) and Hildryn STILL can't descend while in her 4th (on controller) these two issues are also tied to the same button (roll/crouch is the same as descend on archwing) Also, can't change keybinding on "Share" button on PS4 controller and "melee channeling" is tied to "cycle power right" for some reason making it do nothing. I don't know how challenging it is to fix all these but please, PLEASE try to do it soon, played Warframe for 5+ years on controller, and it's worse than ever 😞 Good luck and thanks for the great (working) content 🙂
  3. Thanks for the fix 🙂 Can we also please be able to descend while in Hildryn's 4th on controller, like archwing works currently.
  4. Thanks a lot but... Cant rebind Share button on PS4(controller). THIS is the real issue!!!
  5. PS4 controller using DS4 Windows. Restored controls to default when update arrived, then changed my controls back but "Melee Channeling" and "Cycle Power Right" were stuck together on the D-pad (it was assigned to D-pad as a last resort as I kept replacing it with my preferred keybindings but couldn't remove it entirely). Now I cannot Melee Channel as it will only "Cycle Power Right" and I cannot change the keybindings as an error message keeps popping up saying "Melee Channel cannot be moved to a different button" Good luck, hope this was helpful Edit: Restarting Steam had no effect. Also cannot re-bind the Share button.
  6. Controller user here (ps4 controller), HAD the problem with losing the Aim function on Left Trigger and I couldn't use "hold block" combos on melee weapons. After restoring defaults, I redid my keybindings but put Melee Channel on the D-pad (previously Left Trigger) and now it defaulted to hold Left Trigger to activate the "hold block" combos for melee and also switching to gun+aim mode works seamlessly.
  7. Ahh glorious controller fixes, much thanks DE 😄
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