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  1. Ive been followed by an enemy from the over side of the map to my fishing spot, Whilst using my archwing. Damn, These AI Must have Good eyesite.
  2. I’m going to enjoy all my personal data being stolen by the Chinese...
  3. Warframe is face paced, The majority want it to stay that way.
  4. You have to see this from their point of view. New update, Quests, Items = Money and players. Whilst if they don’t update it for a year, People will leave Due to the lack of content, They’ll spread the word, New players may not want to get the game No money, Less players.
  5. Having everything unlocked is endgame IMO. All the palettes, Outfits, Armour pieces, All frames and their primes etc.
  6. This has never happened to me during isolation runs. Either your over exaggerating or I’m just really lucky.
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