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  1. Not really. As per DE's official response they've never banned for ReShade/SweetFX but there's still an inherent risk due to automatic detection and also they could always do that on a whim later on. There's a pinned topic up there about third-party software with a more detailed explanation of their current stance. That being said I've had no problems so far (for a few years now). As regards the reason you gave, just to clarify the technical side of it - ReShade does not modify any of the original files, but with the wording that DE's EULA has they could easily ban you for using your video drivers if they suddenly had the urge, so there's always a risk as I said above.
  2. Make the file read-only. EDIT: by the way, deleting files outside of the game files proper on a user's file system is an evident violation of the user's rights. The game could refuse to launch, but instead they choose to delete files as they see fit. I intend to address this issue in due time.
  3. I would recommend to choose between Saryn and Oberon. The thing with Octavia is that she is simply boring, incredibly so. When her deluxe skin came out I thought it would make me use her more, but not even the looks can help that playstyle. She's way too passive. Saryn has much less survivability potential but has one of the best damage abilities in the game, while Oberon can be made pretty tanky and can help the squad at the same time. I have to say that I very much enjoy them both. I think you should watch a few videos showcasing each of them and then decide, who knows, maybe you will even like Octavia the way she is, to each his own as they say.
  4. 1. Lazy facetank build, Oberon's little sister. Focused around her 1st ability and the HP->Energy cycle ftw. There's probably no way to make her any tankier without dumping duration. 2. A versatile build focused around her 3rd ability with longer duration on her 1st, situational use of 2nd. My preferred build. Works great against high levels. If you want to - you could lower duration in favour of some more strength. Natural Talent is the staple of this build because you are supposed to be casting 3 very often. Not intended for facetanking but can still take some beating. Her 3rd and her invisibility while in the air and invincibility on her 2nd will give you all the survivability you need.
  5. For very high levels aka camping you'll want moderate Range around 160-190, high Strength 200+, Efficiency at 100 or 130 if you plan to apply viral with her 4th instead of weapons or you can drop it below 100% if you don't, I'd rather use the weapons. Primed Flow for the energy pool. Can use QT or Vitality mod to help a little bit with one-shots when moving out to get LS/energy and just occasional hits if you're going to have an Ancient Healer up, if you aren't - those might not be worth it. Anyway, I find those so-called endurance runs pretty boring. It's a lot more fun to run around killing enemies until you can't than stand in one place pressing the same buttons for hours.
  6. Primed Sure Footed has a 50ms faster animation than Handspring. You decide.
  7. Pain Threshold has no effect on Gauss particularly when using with Quick Thinking (which is unaffected by his 2nd ability on purpose, I suppose).
  8. Mostly you're good with just one, unless you really want to spam your abilities a lot. But there are situations where you might wanna have two. Like full on Hysteria Valkyr because of the high upkeep if you don't want to recast or some hybrid Roar and Stomp Rhino because of his lowish energy pool and the need to use the slots for strength and duration but not much efficiency, and because you have the Iron Skin some other good arcanes are irrelevant. Stuff like that.
  9. I must have gotten very lucky because I got both BPs on my first run and a short one at that, couldn't have been longer than 20-30 minutes. I remember thinking about how generous DE was with the drop rates this time.
  10. It's a bit more than that considering the animation. If used right Banshee is actually pretty good at surviving, I've had no trouble taking her until around 200 Mot with a random squad (armour present), no camping, and while I did get downed once or twice so did our Chroma. Banshee's problem are nullies because she is instantly naked without Silence and no amount of survivability mods or arcanes can help that, which is why I wouldn't bother with more than one of each.
  11. Here's mine. The main principle is that you can't have a lot of range because you will rely on Silence to survive, so you can't have the enemies recover from the stun by the time you approach. Control the distance by moving forward and stepping back to reapply it if you're camping. If not - choose a short route that you'll be constantly moving along so that you always stun new enemies and whoever doesn't get killed before recovering simply gets left behind and will get stunned again when you get back to them or if they catch up to you, just stay on the move. Other than that it all comes down to personal preference, but with the number of 2nd casts she has to do I really like Natural Talent, also helps to cast 1 faster so you're less exposed. If you're in a tight spot - just op dash away to reposition, which is the best defensive move for almost all frames. EDIT: concerning range - you want to stay somewhere between 100 and 130/145%, my sweet spot is 115%, you might choose to have a bit more or less. So you see any enemies - they get stunned you kill whomever you can and move on before they come round. As such she's best paired with AoE weapons. And one more thing - the Resonance augment is mandatory.
  12. A list can never be final, so in such matters they want to be able to always act at their discretion. According to the EULA they could ban you for the use of video drivers if they suddenly had the urge. 1. Instead of banning for the use of software, bans should be issued for prohibited actions proper. 2. In the event that any software is "blacklisted" - upon automatic detection the launcher or the game should terminate with a warning because a user can have CE or AHK or any other such software running in the background without ever intending to use it in respect of Warframe.
  13. Amazing, now to resolve the issue where the paste shortcut stops working after alt-tabbing under unknown circumstances. Current workaround it to change video settings to reinitialize the video system. (Or maybe it was the same piece of code that caused both issues...)
  14. Windowed Fullscreen no longer recognizes available display resolutions.
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