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  1. First of all, read this topic: Then there's the link to Bear's post above where he said they had never banned for SweetFX/ReShade. Then there's the fact that I've been using SweetFX and then ReShade for years safely so far. The takeaway in my interpretation: DE have never specifically banned for SweetFX or ReShade, but there still exists an ever so slight possibility that you get banned due to a false positive. In which case the support may or may not help you, depending on who you will be dealing with. I want to elaborate a bit on my last statement. Imagine a tech support worker that can see that you got banned because the anti-cheat mechanism got triggered while scanning your RAM. He's got his instructions and he's not there to argue whether the company's policy is right or wrong. He might have info saying that what triggered it was ReShade and he might have some memo on unbanning people who get false positively banned for that, or he might not. Not everyone in support is tech savvy, they could simply say something stupid like modifying game files violates the EULA so you are banned without appeal. Which is nonsense because SweetFX/ReShade does not replace or modify any game files. There is however a clause in the EULA that speaks of "Game experience" which can be construed however you like. In that sense one could say that it does alter the Game experience by altering the image, however the same can be done by the graphics card drivers and the same can be done by almost any display nowadays. This means if you choose to construe Game experience that way - they could ban you for using your graphics drivers alone because they are capable of altering the game's image output even at a lower level than ReShade which only does post-processing of the image. Anyone with a lick of sense should understand that going that way with the interpretation of modifying the Game experience is ridiculous. But as far as I can see this is the only thing in the EULA that could support issuing a ban for using ReShade. Which is why I believe ReShade users are not acting in violation of the current EULA because it does not replace or modify any of the game files and the visual output is post-processed after the game has output the image. Let's say I attach a colour filter onto my display - this will change the Game experience in the same way that ReShade does except it cannot be detected, then what? Should they send people knocking on the doors and checking if you have one attached? What about different displays with different colour gamuts and all the new fancy algorithms for image enhancement? What about the image altering capabilities of the video card driver? What if you want to play wearing sunglasses? Unless you admit that all those and similar cases can be treated as violation of the EULA you cannot ban for ReShade or SweetFX.
  2. Ivara has a whopping 65 armor and 225 hp, adding Vitality onto that is completely useless same as Loki. If you wish to to improve survivability - replace with Quick Thinking possibly paired with Arcane Guardian - great for regular gameplay where you will get shot every now and again due to crossfire and AoE. For very high levels you won't need any survivability mods or arcanes because you will get one-shot no matter what.
  3. I didn't see anything in the patch notes to that effect, have you tried it yourself? Because the only thing the patch mentions is increasing the bonus damage through fusion.
  4. It was never found by labour of man, but it, by teaching or revelation began.
  5. Scoliac has mediocre crit chance and low crit multiplier and the riven comes with a bad negative stat. Status could be recrified through 60/60 mods and Weeping Wounds, so that at 12x combo you might have it high enough, but all in all it's not a good roll. As it is the only value it carries is in the fact that it fits the Scoliac.
  6. Viewed from chat link: Viewed in the mod list: Self-explanatory.
  7. That little duration is good for 235-max range builds where you go 2-1-2-1... Great for farming and lower levels. When your 1 stops killing in one or two hits you'll want something like 155% duration (P. Continuity) for 3 and 4.
  8. Ash, Banshee, Trinity, Hydroid, Mag, Nyx, Saryn, might have missed some more. EDIT: Yeah, the new Ember too. I'm not counting Revenant's 4 (or any other similar abilities) because it's impractical and cannot be used in real gameplay.
  9. You don't need any of the shield mods, there are but a few frames in the whole game for which those are or could be worth a slot and Excal is definitely not one of them. Shields do not benefit from armor, which is what you should be focusing on. Rank up Steel Fibre and Vitality. Chromatic Blade is a very powerful augment - you want it for his 4th. You definitely need Stretch there to increase the range for his 2nd ability - it's your bread and butter for higher levels. You need some strength. The mods that are there just taking up space - Gale Kick, Redirection, Speed Drift, Augur Accord. Replace with - Chromatic Blade, Stretch, the remaining two could be Intensify and Streamline. Gladiator Aegis is also not worth a slot - the benefit is way too small. Could be replaced for more strength. Basically, the only two survivability mods that you need are Vitality and Steel Fibre, but since you don't have them ranked up at this time you can keep the Primed Vigor and Gladiator Aegis for now and remove them later. You could keep Primed Vigor for some more HP, but frankly there are far better options. Like Primed Continuity.
  10. I cannot tell you the exact price range since I'm on PC and even on PC I would have to check trading sites and the trading chat first, but I can tell you it's a very nice roll, not the best but definitely worth a good price. If I had to speculate I'd say about 500-600p on PC as a fair price, some people could be selling something like it for a lot more, but I'm one of those people that don't like overpricing rivens, on XBox I haven't a clue.
  11. In general, Condition Overload can now be used instead of [Primed] Pressure Point (PPP) for higher levels where you no longer can kill an enemy in one-two swings. Most weapons will apply at least 2 physical procs very quickly due to damage distribution or stance. The free slot from PPP can be used to boost attack speed, critical damage or add an elemental mod to form a combo (like viral) which would otherwise be unavailable for lack of slots. Even CC mods that are no longer nearly as useful as before have some value, if you use Blood Rush and they guarantee the next tier of critical damage at 12x combo - that you would have to calculate individually for each weapon (see the formula at the Blood Rush page of the wiki and then check if adding the extra crit from the CC mod would bring the weapon over to the next tier). As concerns Glaive Prime in particular - if you use the throw attack I have nothing to say because in all my time playing Warframe I've never really used thrown weapons. But if you just swing it then you can definitely drop PPP and add something with more value.
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