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  1. Kuva.. I'm not sure, I think level 200 appear somewhere around 90 minutes or so, maybe a bit later.
  2. It's because against armor almost no damage is coming from the hits themselves (all IPS damage and viral too are reduced to nothing), it's coming from the bleed procs which ignore armor and shields. With corrosive you're proccing bleed less often and compensate it with straight up damage. Also, on the one hand it's another status for Condition Overload for more damage output if both corrosive and viral proc. On the other hand viral already has a rather low chance to proc (since physical procs have 4 times the chance to occur as compared to elemental) and adding corrosive makes viral proc even less often. The higher the levels the less effective straight up damage is because of the huge amounts of armor the enemies gain. It is hard to say exactly how both builds would perform against high levels compared to each other. I don't think you'd see much difference until at least 200-250, except in the way they work.
  3. Weeping Wounds needs a combo counter, I usually use 3x as the minimum reasonable number which can be achieved very quickly in gameplay and it will perform still better as the combo increases (4x is to be expected for long missions). Straight up corrosive damage will perform steadier at low combo when the status chance is still low. However, Berserker also adds a ton to the convenience as without it the weapon is incredibly slow - not an option for me. Combo counter is absolutely crucial for damage, not to mention the added status from DC.
  4. Remove elemental mods. Replace with Weeping Wounds and Organ Shatter Riven. Innate viral will proc reliably on anything that needs more than a couple of hits and there will be more slash procs which is the whole point. Into the empty slot goes Berserker. Or Buzz Kill to improve slash proc chance, or Gladiator Might to increase damage further if you're fine with the speed, or might go with something else useful like Body Count for even more combo duration or Lasting Sting to greatly increase damage against really high level targets that live for more than 6 seconds. Also get a Primed Pressure Point instead of the regular one. There might be other options to explore, but you get the general idea. No wiggle room here with just 2 slots. EDIT: I was sleepy and thought there were 3 slots available because I forgot about the Riven. Nothing is going to beat Berserker there. Btw, that Riven is incredibly good unless melee 3.0 will incorporate a lot of finishers.
  5. Same glitch, relogging helps.
  6. If you intend to do survival runs into levels 150+ then yes, Aegis is great. But the general "endgame" is focused around lvl100, for which you don't even need a properly modded frame. Most missions you can go in with a bare frame without any mods and have no trouble whatsoever as long as you have strong weapons. And Hildryn isn't that squishy without Aegis. Make sure you use Adaptation and cast 2 all the time. I've two builds for her. First is focused on her 2nd (without the use of dragon key) Adaptation, Rolling Guard (to add time for shield regeneration), Natural Talent, Stretch Fast Deflection, Fortitude, Vigilante Vigor, Streamline Second is a more conventional caster build: Adaptation, Redirection, Primed Continuity, Primed Vigor Augur Reach, Stretch, Fleeting Expertise(2 or 3), Streamline Both can be tweaked to you liking.
  7. Yes, I built it the same way, but I have no riven so last slot for a 90 (corrosive build). And I see no way to improve it against armor unless you decide to drop P. Shred, which leaves you with 0.5m innate punch through and pretty low fire rate which can be improved by timing your shots right but that is unreliable and certainly uncomfortable. 1. Check how good your build is against a build without a riven. If you see that a pure corrosive without a riven isn't doing much worse than a riven build - roll some more. If it's a problem because of your polarities - as a reference - the build above (with P. Shred) kills a Corrupted H. Gunner lvl160 in about 10-11 shots to the head from 10m. A level 120 - in about 6 shots. Viral/Slash will be weaker against armor because I suppose you have some good amount of cold there to shift the procs away from slash to viral and generally because the ticks aren't that high or many. Also viral can wear off and some enemies are immune to procs. 2&3. I'd be happy with any combination of Dmg, MS, CC, CD, maybe some status as well. I say if you like the gun - keep rolling. It's actually quite decent and has a good riven disposition. Certainly better than for example Fulmin that people have been going on about lately and selling rivens for it for astronomical prices.
  8. In practice you won't see any difference at all, on bows or any other weapons, but especially on bows because you have to release the button manually, so P. Shred of course.
  9. Currently bleed procs are the best for the most part, so anything that lets you apply more of those faster is great, and if you can pair it with viral damage would be twice as good. There are many melee weapons which make easy work of high level enemies, however a lot of people have their heads so stuck up in the meta arse that they cannot see past builds focused around slide crit. I hope that the coming melee rework will change things in this regard. Anyway, for now you must have a decent status and a weapon that can reliably proc bleed from that status, and as my tests have shown on many weapons attack speed is the most important thing once you've installed the mandatory mods.
  10. Amazing, now to resolve the issue where the paste shortcut stops working after alt-tabbing under unknown circumstances. Current workaround it to change video settings to reinitialize the video system. (Or maybe it was the same piece of code that caused both issues...)
  11. You try a QT build instead? I run this one for the tank build: Blind Rage, P. Cont, Rage+HA + QT + P. Flow, Adaptation. For the last slot I mostly use Rolling Guard but it can be swapped for Vitality (if you want a bit more protection against sudden oneshots or expect more energy drain than usual). And 2xGuardians, of course. Armor is very important for this build. You can basically do something very similar with Wisp. Except she's gonna have less armor.
  12. Was it ever? I've seen two such claims (or maybe one and the same - because of duplicate topics) but we cannot confirm them. I mean, there's a story in which a guy allegedly had ReShade installed for a while, but it never worked until Day X and on that day "it suddenly popped up" and he instantly got banned. And the support's reply mentions "3rd party software designed for the sole purpose of cheating" without expressly naming such software. While I'm not saying it's a completely implausible story that could involve an accidental press of the hotkey for the injector that had been dormant all that time (loaded but inactive and not detected in such state) followed by a false anti-cheat trigger and incompetence and/or unwillingness to deal with the situation in a reasonable manner on the part of support, it could also have a different explanation. In light of the fact that I've used both SweetFX and ReShade over the past few years and [DE]Bear's response to the effect that they've never banned for ReShade I see no reason for myself to be concerned over rumours which can be spread very easily when people hear someone cry wolf and are quick to relay that to their neighbours. In any case, there is no new information on the matter to discuss. As I wrote in the starting post - use your own judgment.
  13. Look two posts up before the last update. [DE]Bear replied that DE have never banned for ReShade.
  14. UPDATE: * Synced with ReShade * Added info on patching default AmbientLight.fx to remove striped pattern artifacts to readme * Updated Warframe preset, added presets for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (not Director's Cut!) and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (I've to say I'm quite proud of the last two) P.S. My Warframe preset, should you chose to use it, relies on FXAA in the game settings (which is the best AA method the game has to offer despite it being the lowest setting) and filmgrain being disabled (because it uses filmgrain of its own)
  15. I regularly see them appear in Kuva survival. If you're not in big a hurry - you can just farm kuva and the Ash part will drop eventually, I got tons of them from there because I farm a lot of kuva.
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