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  1. Failed to load URL http://launcher/agreement.html?page=EULA&language=en&steam=1&cluster=http://content.warframe.com with error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (-105).
  2. You should remember that every time you don't crit (most of the time) the damage remains the same and the crit occurs only 16% more often than without the mod. But if you have a damage mod on it gets added every time, including when you crit. So between a 90% elemental and blunderbuss it's not even close, 90% elemental is going to win hands down. Also, until the target loses all armor corrosive damage will have a +75%multiplier against many armored units and it cause more corrosive procs, which are tremendously important. The only reservation you might have about not using another +90% to
  3. You're right about Blaze, it's out of the question, except for Radiation/Viral builds, which require you to have other means to deal with armor. I feel that the best choice would probably be Charged Shell / Contagious Spread to increase the corrosive damage and its proc weight. I never min-maxed Strun Wraith, because I don't like it visually, so I cannot give you a definitive answer, consider this an educated guess. I would test the other 3 mods too, of course, of which I'd anticipate Blunderbuss to be the weakest. So my ranking, based solely on gut feeling and experience,would be:
  4. 2 x Guardian or Grace+Guardian. Unless you really want to use something for the weapons.
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