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  1. Hello! I am the Founding Warlord of our Shadow Clan on PC, Flux Virtus. I do not have a video but from the posted rules, I am using Images! The images are unaltered, save for a reference map in the corner. I will organize the images by main rooms we would like to show off. Main Grand Hall, Restaurant and Lobby Hanging Gardens Lounge Barracks Night Club Laboratory Entryways: Tropics and Ice Gardens Tea Garden Trading Hall and Entryway Warlord Office and Waiting Room P.S. Please DE, consider adding more domestic decorations to the dojo. Things that would transform these large alien rooms into actual livable spaces. Please consider adding furniture, clutter, domestic detailing like rugs, intractable items, even sitting emotes so that we can interact with our interior surroundings. Please consider the vast amount of people I am sure would enjoy investing into their own virtual homes, there is an audience for design, crafting, building in the industry. (Just look at the housing community in FFXIV for just a single example!) Perhaps to engage the clan, why not have decor that is donated to the dojo unlock blueprints that can be funded much like weapons in laboratories, that can then be built as decor endlessly? Grinding 50,000 Cetus reputation to purchase a single basket of fruit or cup seems impossible if an Interior Decorator is trying to stock their built restaurants in their dojo. So is purchasing endless groups of market decor for platinum to then donate one by one.
  2. Thank you for taking our words of consideration! I think it means a lot to smooth out his animations and allow Nezha to be constantly moving, after all that is his design and having several abilities that constantly break his movement is frustrating! Do go forward!
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