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  1. I dont wanna get to 100 runs for the Atmos, i dont want baruuk or hyldy, i just want to gild my amp, nothing more.
  2. I think this is seriously broken. I haven´t encountered a resource to be this hard to get. 40+ runs and I have 35 gyromag systems, 7 repeller systems, the whole strain mod set and no Atmos. This game should be fun to play, and I get we need to farm for resources and whatnot, but this is getting more and more frustrating and is tiring, which is going to make me not to play Fortuna anymore.
  3. No drop today either (just 1 drop this week). The "solution" (unlink-relink) is not working. And we can't be doing this everyday. So, sometimes there's drops, most of the time there's none. Is obvious there's something wrong with the system on DE's end.
  4. This doesn't work... i've been doing it since november and sometimes you get lucky and get the drops, most of the times you get nothing
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