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  1. Competency Retraining still does nothing. Correction: it brings the cursor to the Repair skill, and then does nothing
  2. TYPE: Corpus Proxima: Venus: Beacon Shield Ring: Volatile DESCRIPTION: Destroy Reactor Weakpoints objective impossible because I need Engineering 4 to produce another dome charge. Why am I allowed to play this mission when I can’t complete it? This has been reported since the update dropped on PC in March, never addressed. Wasted 15 minutes doing the entire mission only to find out there’s no way to finish the mission. EXPECTED RESULT: Gate the mission if players don’t have Engineering 4. OBSERVED RESULT: Forced to abort, can’t finish the mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every t
  3. Aborting mission/returning to dojo does nothing, it's just infinite loading. Was excited to check out the update but this is the second time I've had to force quit in five minutes, previously due to crew screen lockup. Gonna step away and not play for a while until all these kinks get sorted.
  4. Same here, first the cursor started drifting on its own, then the controls just locked. Can't assign points or even exit the screen, no choice but to hard restart
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