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  1. Rather, it just exits the menu with Grandmother, as if you ended the conversation. Also, the introduction and "ending" voice clips played for everyone except Grandmother and Mother, had to sit through them again as if I'd just met, and then just gained rank 5 Entrati. The rest of the family is accessible now as normal, and Grandmother's other options work, but Mend the Family doesn't work. What do? Edit: Spoke to everyone, left Necralisk, came back, still nothing, it's just an exit button
  2. Just wasted my second Razorback cipher on a mission where the Razorback remains unkillable no matter how many bursas I throw at it. I realize you have no intention to address a problem that you've ignored for several years now, but I guess great job designing an unwinnable boss fight gated by a farming prerequisite.
  3. Just happened twice in a row, 10 minutes of loading, aborting, and reloading Edit: Three times in a row. Wow.
  4. It's a crapshoot and half the time I take bounties and enter the Drift, all abilities are locked. Can't enter operator, use weapons, or gear. Reentering Necralisk/aborting mission MAY fix it, but it's frustrating waiting for the map to load only to find that, yet again, the bounty is unplayable because everything is deactivated, doubling, sometimes tripling load times. Happy Naberus.
  5. Just happened again, if you get this mission, may as well force close from the start
  6. Second time experiencing this, no solution but to force close the game if you get stuck in the loop. Looks like it's been around a while, too.
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