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  1. I was about to suggest the same thing, that´s a way faster way to do it
  2. Yeah, the audio is lost and i´m stuck with grandmother
  3. Thank you! been enjoying the update so far, a few bug through the quest but is okay
  4. Thank you!!!, now, Let´s hope for the others hotfixes next to come quickly... I haven't seen very good comments about the state of the update
  5. Same, i was expecting the delay the moment they sent to cert on a saturday
  6. I don't mean to offend but that's a very weak excuse, from the beginning you guys knew that giving abilities like Roar or Eclipse was going to make players choose those abilities over something like Airbusrt or Temepest Barrage. If you really want players to choose different abilities, then make those abilities that are considered weak a little more attractive or strong.
  7. Well, people cry enough about those abilities been too powerfull, now they are neft but i think making the other abilities more powerful could help the problem of just picking something like Rhino´s roar but what do i know. by the way, MR 8 players don´t have enough alloy plates to make the Kavat segment for the ship, now they a going to be able to use the the Helminth system? i´m not complaining about that, i´m just pointing about something stuff
  8. Should it be Nidus´s parts intect of Ash?
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