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  1. Was testing Protea in the index and in both medium and low risk index, using Protea's dispensary within approx 20-30 secs of each other seems to bug out ALL of the built in map energy dispensers. I'm unclear as to whether or not there is a limited amount of energy allowed to spawn on the map, but energizing dash does not seem to cause the energy dispensers to stop producing energy. Stopping use of the dispensers does not seem to cause the energy points to being working again. When energy dispenser is not used, the energy spawn points work fine. This was on three runs of the cold map. two
  2. The map tileset for the invasions on Telesto, Saturn, has a portal you need to jump through to continue the map. The portal regularly glitches and puts the player into a loop. The player has to parkour until they can force themselves out of the portal to the starting side. Then there is no choice but to abort the mission because there is no other way to the objective.
  3. Because of the server overload (over 300K people tuning in) They gave everything to everyone who was registered as watching the stream. Which is awesome! 🙂 Enjoy your Hydroid Prime, he can be a game changer for a lower level player who doesn't have a good survival/defense AOE character, the Athodai changed my game for the better. Make sure to grab yourself a pilfering swarm mod for your Hydroid Prime as soon as you can find one!
  4. Having a problem where every other run or so on the Helene Fissure Defense Map where the Mission completion screen locks up. Someone in the squad has to Alt+F4 out of the game in order for the rest of the group to exit the Mission completion screen. It does not appear that whoever Alt+F4's out of the game loses any mission rewards or relics.
  5. Just looked over the 28.3.2 Hotfix notes doesn't seem to include a fix for the revive bug.
  6. Not likely to happen. It helps to control the plat market.
  7. Just ran the mission on the Olympus, Mars tileset with 3 players. One of the players froze in game, they couldn't use any buttons or activate anything. We sent the host to extraction, when he extracted and was removed from the squad, the frozen player unfroze and we were able to extract. Unsure what the trigger might have been, mission was completed and extraction was open at that point. This also happened in on of the fissure extraction missions.
  8. OK, good info to know. I know all the fissure missions are not functioning.
  9. Looks like all the fissure missions are borked in the patch update. Good information for support though.
  10. Are you in a fissure mission/relic crack mission when this happens? Or a standard map mission?
  11. Maybe 5 minutes post new update? Relic Fissure Excavation mission didn't display rewards and froze all players on third excavator. We didn't lose our relics, but had to force quite the game.
  12. Just had an Excavation mission that didn't bring up the reward screen and froze all the players in the squad. We didn't lose our relic though. Mission would not complete.
  13. I was literally just jumping into the forums to make a similar request. I can be right on top of a cache and not hear the sound that my teammates can hear. It's like just outside my hearing frequency. I have made game volume adjustments. Maybe it's possible to make a blanket "secret" sound option in the game menu, where you can pick what the sound should be so everyone can have a chance of hearing it. I also like the rhythmic pulsing idea for people who have lost most of their hearing or are deaf. TY
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