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  1. Yeah I know. This post is more for feedback reasons, as opposed to complaining, as feedback is the only way devs (of any game, not just WF) can make informed decisions in the future.
  2. Mhm. I am aware. However, I am also aware that proper feedback is important t developers and that if nobody gives feedback (like in these forums), developers don't know what needs changing or not. I never said it shouldn't be nerfed, and I actually agree that it should. However, in order to make more informed balance decisions in the future, devs need feedback. That is the purpose of this post. No more. No less. There is no need for hostility.
  3. Anyone else notice that there is a HUGE disparity between how much the stats of Tenora and Pandero Prime increased compared to the basic version and the huge drop in riven disposition? It is actually such a huge drop in riven disposition that I can actually get higher DPS with basic Tenora and Pandero than I can with their Prime variants, due to orange criticals. Maybe it is just me, but I honestly feel like a riven disposition of 2 would've been better, as even with a Riven Disposition of 3 on the originals, the Tenora often struggled to stay relevant compared to other primaries, like Soma Pr
  4. Yeah i realized after the fact that i was thinking of how some prime vault packs sometimes have an accessory or two.
  5. Yeah i realized I was thinking of Prime Vault Packs and how they sometimes come with an accessory or two (usually a syndana)
  6. For those of us who purchased prime access already, asking since those usually have the accessories included, will we receive the accessories at that time as well? or will we have to purchase the accessory pack separate?
  7. On the topic of the missing accessories: for those of us h already purchased the prime access pack, since those usually include the accessories as well, will we end up receiving those once this is resolved? or will we need to purchase the accessory pack separate?
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