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  1. Pls DE, ppl have been trying to bring this to your attention from Day 1.
  2. This has been reported since the launch of lavos on a special lavos feeeback thread they created. But imagine them actually acknowedging the qol issue let alone fixing it. Same issue plagues many other frames the most recent yareli
  3. Mission Timers Still Bugged: Sometimes the mission timer goes crazy and shows 50+ or doesn't reflect actual minutes and something very low and shows 0 secs when u see last mission results screen. Surely a person can't do 4 zones in 2m 8s. Arcane icons Stretched post nidus p update: Yareli Vacuum Still broken: Most of the time if you are playing yareli as a client, vaccum wont work on merulina. Apart from that game doesn't remember whether i was toggle sprinting before getting on to merulina or not and reverts to jogging mode after getting off merulina. Same issue with Lavos vial rush and so many other frames, mentioned time and time again, but in Vain. Nidus Prime butt: Looks like a clenched body builders butt when he's posing, pls fix it, i dont wanna watch it 24/7 and i dont have a decent syandana to cover it. If u can fix mesa, u can fix nidus too. Ghoul Saw: Surely many ppl have mentioned in previous threads, Ghoul saw is a saw, a rotating blade, not a fixed blade, one hit shouldn't just have 1 hit, if i'm cutting wood with circular saw, i dont have to pound it like an axe for it to get multiple hits, i just touch it and it gets multiple hit, so why can't the same logic be applied in the game? i'm sure it'll give the weapon much necessary power. one swing but multiple hits on contact, because of a rotating sawblade.
  4. yeah thats what i've to do, but my issue is for a person like me who does roughly 4-7 trades a day, having to tell them every time is frustrating that pls fast travel here as opposed to directly load into dojo and start the trade without any further pointless conversation like oh u spawned in dojo? if u spawned on rj fast travel here.
  5. Possible Acolyte Suggestion: INCURSIONS: In defence missions, the acolyte would mostly spawn when there is only 1 wave remaining, and that to during the final moments of the mission, when its about to end, please dont end the mission just because all enemeis die, keep it open till acolyte dies, Also make them appear within 30 secs of non endless mission objective completetion, public squads dont wait, they extract. making everyone miss on SE and arcanes. You can make this fix exclusively for incursions so as to avoid any exploits you are worried about in normal non endless
  6. imagine fixing mission timers. This is kind of a frustrating issue, the trading post doesn't display ppl who are far away from the trading post, for example spawning on railjack, Atleast in mycase, we dont know whether they have loaded in the dojo or just not displaying. You have to escort them to trading room everysingle time if they are spawning there. as a youtuber said, more fun than merulina. Speaking of, if you can remove Helminth Infusions, why can't u remove invigorations, if i wanna try a certain build that is different from the invigoration buffs, i can't, because i have to wait one whole week.
  7. i dont understand, if cyanex can do it, why can't diplos?
  8. People having been reporting that since the launch of yareli. This happens when you aren't the host and playing as a client, you've to get off or directly ride over the loot to collect it, but imagine them listening to feedback.
  9. new prime trailers are really misleading and when u use the product ingame u're slight disappointed, likewise the case of octavia prime trailer, her 4 in trailer even the walls lit, and converts the room into a disco room, i expected the 4 to continue from floor to walls too, but in vain, and her energy was plusing to the beat in the trailer, but not ingame
  10. How about fixing the bug that exists from years about excavators not displaying the excavation status half of the time? we literally dk the percentage health or anything, before nerfing anything for being 'rewarding' trying fixing bugs associated with it, most ppl who just play normally without exploiting anything will appreciate it.
  11. When u fixing hemocyte boss being stuck and not opening his mouth and just sitting there doing nothing?
  12. Yareli comes out of her sprint toggle when getting off merulina, it's really annoying at times when you have to disengage merulina to traverse some points quickly, andhave to shift toggle again, breaks the flow. Also happened during lavos, sprint toggle turns off after vial rush, but that feed back fell on deaf ears. Other suggestions: 1) Add aim glide to merulina while jumping 2) shrink her size to atleast ventkid level, just try in your game engine and see, I bet navigation would vastly improve. Its the same reason why titania isn't a full blown archwing sized in her ultimate. That's why she can navigate as easily as she can. Not saying to shrink yareli as small as titania, but atleast the size of those kids. Like by 25%. Will help a lot. she literaly gets stuck on normal grineer and ship corpus maps. u can't afford to crouch every single door. imagine telling ppl to crouch on foot to pass every door. ruins the momentum 3) bug fixes for vaccum on kdrive. When you're not a host, vaccum often doesn't work on clients. You've to get off merulina to collect things. 4) perhaps aqua blades, rip tide dmg can be scaled up to some percentage of dmg absorbed by merulina. Scaling dmg is what's required or else it really doesn't matter how much % dmg increase u give on base stats. Its still gonna be insignificant at some level. 5) let idle sea snares catch enemies once they are ability range. For example my sea snare range is 50m. But if enemies aren't initially in 50m it'll sit idle near some 2-5 m of the ability cast location and it catches enemies only when they are like almost point blank range to the idle sea snare bubble. Why not just let the bubble catch the enemy after its in the idle state. 6) 7) her passive should have a grace time? you literally can't keep moving literally every single time just to get extra cc on ur gun. zephyr doesn't have the condition to only get cc when u in the air but 'also moving' if u stop moving u stop getting cc. zephyr can stay stagnant and get cc .
  13. Why stop at Banshee. They should release a special hotfix for just u, blocking every warframe ability so u can have plane old gun and blade fight
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