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  1. Cool! I wish we could get Loki next as he is basically unaffordable on all platforms
  2. Every warframe in the list are warframes I see in the majority of missions. Ivara not only has quiver and her stealth toggle but artemis bow is amazing too. Octavia has gotten a lot worse through AI being dumber than ever(and her mallet not hitting through walls) and I don't see how people can see ember as weak at all. She is the strongest she has ever been.
  3. Mesa is great, cool and mostly simple to use but so are other frames like: Ember, Octavia, Loki, Volt, Saryn, Ivara, Wisp, Khora, Rhino and probably a few more. I get that on the other hand. I want frames like Garuda or Nezha to be good because I like them. They sadly aren't.
  4. product owners/game designers aka. "Devs" have no problem with nuking itself but if it's an overwhelmingly better choice than any other thing it should not exist in that way.
  5. DE will probably nerf helminth breach surge as it's very good on a lot of frames. And it takes quite a while to build up. But I'll try that.
  6. That's what I meant with staying on 2hp. well that doesn't help much as the projectile count stays the same. I tried going with natural talent and speed drift and high efficiency but spamming the ability is just way too much work.
  7. I like Garuda stylewise and the abilities are actually unique and interesting but they are just very underwhelming. I tried using her as: a Tank: With 300 base hp and armor at rank 30 and blood altar she can surely survive but either standing still or constantly recasting as you go along is the most exhausting way to play just to survive.. a DPS: her 4 and 1 have an interesting synergy as you can get good stacks from marked armored enemies and you can even kill marked enemies with the AOE of your 1 but the 4 only shoots EIGHT projectiles which is unaffected by mods. Not a good
  8. I would just like if fissure missions weren't broken and if you could upgrade relics even further so that you are actually likely to get a rare part.
  9. I agree. Banshee and Mag would be neat. Loki too.
  10. Yeah but volt is less than 200p on ps4 and pc. Loki is the most expensive on all platforms anyways.
  11. Frame A is the hardest to get vaulted frame right now Frame B is the longest vaulted frame right now Frame C is neither as hard to get as Frame A but also not as long vaulted as Frame B Why should Frame C(Ember, Frost) be chosen over Frame A(Loki) or B(Mag) ? You are not making any sense. There is no publicly known factor for why Ember or Frost should get chosen. If it's by longest vaulted date it's Mag (from the previously already unvaulted ones), if it's by difficulty to obtain(price) it's Loki.
  12. What mods? When do they not work? Please specify.
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