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  1. why can I not trade it to a player who is already mastery 13
  2. I agree I mostly have great experiences with other players where sometimes I keep playing and interacting with the same squad for almost my entire session.
  3. I'm not trying to break your image of that tenno but acolyte mods are worth almost nothing since heart of deimos
  4. I think these build requirements will haunt me in my sleep tonight. such a resource dump would make me rather forma around my entire frame every time I change my build than every consider using an umbra forma. Doesn't this make it even harder for newer players to utilize their frame right?
  5. My opinion on this is that in a game that will run for a long time trying to keep everything up to date. And Warframe has some kind of solution for that which is weapon variants. I think regular weapons don't have to be good, they should be fine for where they are used: for Example a weapon with mr < 4 requirement does not have to be effective in MOT or requiem fissures. If it can clear the early planets it already does it's job well. It fulfills it's purpose. weapon variants like wraith/vandal and syndicate weapons should imo be used to give old and forgotten weapons an
  6. I'd recommend trying to get to the index as fast as possible and if you run out of credits on your way there sell duplicate mods and non-tradeable duplicate items. (some people have a hundred oberon sets without even knowing)
  7. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Prime_Vault#Current_Items_Retired_to_the_Prime_Vault click on "View Retired Item List" and you can see all prime warframes that had been vaulted. ~2 of them will be farmable again in ~3 months. Generally I'd recommend reading through the wiki as it explains most topics better than people over here could spontaneously.
  8. yeah I play him with primed Continuity overextended, stretch, streamline and the rest is utility/hp/armor. That still doesn't make him good imo.
  9. "plenty of cc" his 1 got a small aoe his 2 allows you to actively cc a single enemy. wow. his 3 is so slow it's not even worth mentioning. and even if you were to go for the abilities that would make him a worse tank as you have less mods for hp,armor. Inaros is just garbage if you want to minmax. all he can really do is to be a braindead tank.
  10. from the little context you gave I guess you or someone you know received an email that asks inactive players why they left. Such mails gather info about leaving players directly from players that left. If that's not the case maybe just state what you are talking about. There is no point asking the public something when you give no context to it.
  11. That's problem of armor scaling right now. It's only worth using a single mod as mod slots are precious and you get diminishing returns for additional mods used. As pretty much all armor mods scale multiplicative and not additive it is only useful to use a single mod (preferrably umbra/steel fibre) on frames with a good base armor. Armor mods can be useful if they scale onto abilities like Rhino's Iron Skin. If you want to survive against enemies from steel path or even harder armor alone won't suffice. CC, invis, evasion, shield gating or all of them combined are needed. :
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