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  1. That's what annoys me too. Will the nerf stay the way it is? Ok then I can remove all the shards from my nezha. Will they tweak it (as they honestly should) ? Great then I can invest even more into my nezha to make him worthwhile. But there is complete radio silence. As far as I have seen DE never even said if they are evaluating it. If this augment is left as is and forgotten, so will nezha with his <2% usage of players (even though he is really cool and fun to play)
  2. Nothing on the ridiculous nerf on nezha's divine retribution :(
  3. Coming back to this post I must honestly say I really hate how they approached the nerf. They did not nerf the absurd damage potential but instead reduced the range in half resulting in 26.6m at 280% range which requires all 4 range mods. This is just barely bigger than some AOE weapons and still excludes ALL overguarded/CC immune enemies. In order to use this mod somewhat effectively you would need to constantly run around and spam it and one hit enemies which is not only tedious but also just straight up pointless when only a few enemies are actually being impaled. Especially if you have someone with an anti-synergy ability in your team (namely hydroid's tentacles).
  4. Been playing max range either way and with the diminshed range it's a necessity to slot all of them. Divine Retribution is the only reason to play nezha in terms of effectiveness in my opinion. I can't think of a single thing nezha excells compared to other frames.
  5. The consideration in question being even more casting speed? There are still the same 4 range mods to choose from
  6. The range nerf on divine retribution is negligible on small tilesets and detrimental on big tilesets. Should have left the range the same and nerfed the damage output instead. Now you still oneshot everything but just within a smaller radius...
  7. Quick reminder that restricting your loadout selection randomly is not a good way to impose difficulty. Just makes it more luck based. Now I gotta pray to RNGesus that I get one of the 30 out of 540 weapons that are good and I have a build for.
  8. (APRIL FOOLS POST, Look into replies for a more serious discussion) Hello everyone, While there is plenty of feedback on the reworked inaros and other new augments I have yet to see a post dedicated to divine Retribution. Probably because with the mods description it was immediately disregarded by most players as not being of use. Let's look at the mod description: "When a speared enemy suffers from a Status Effect, the Status Effect spreads to all speared enemies. Spear explosions apply 1.5x Status Damage" This may sounds great in theory but is barely noticeable as enemies already die once they get dealt mighty 600 (x2!) damage from divine spears itself. The only use would be for tankier enemies like eximus, but they unfortunately cannot be impaled due to overguard. The 1.5x Status Damage multiplier is very nice though but should have a higher base value to be of use. My rework suggestion for this augment to synergize better with nezhas kit is to store all status effects dealt in nezhas warding halo and continuously deal current damage and status effects to all enemies in warding halo's stagger range as well as on any subsequent spear explosions. This allows for building up damage with each subsequent cast of divine spears and encourages skillful gameplay of avoiding enemies to not loose your built up halo from taking damage. A nice and much needed extra addition would allowing divine spears to impale cc immune enemies so they can be affected by this augment as well. Happy April everyone!
  9. Nourish was just too good compared to other helminth abilities. Before the nerf it was a better version of Grendel's Nourish. Now it is still very good but no longer the best infused ability on every Warframe.
  10. Thank you so much for the quick travel to trading post. This has been a huge pain point for years!
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