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  1. I'm going to try to respond to some of the common themes I'm seeing in posts critical of altering how forma polarity works. First theme: forma polarity adds complexity to the build system. With respect, I don't see how this is true on a per build basis. For a particular build, you choose the mods you want, regardless of polarity, and then figure out which mods need to be half cost in order to sum up to < 74 / 78 points. Then you just polarize slots for those mods. This is no more complex than that game where kids have to stick the blocks into the correctly shaped hole. Polarity co
  2. I just had a concrete example of this happen. I wanted to make a "just for fun" experimental build for Inaros that includes Negation Swarm, which has the = polarity. Literally the only way I can fit that mod into my current build is either swapping out an umbral mod, which makes testing the build pointless because it's gimped, or leaving 2 mod slots empty, which, again, makes testing the build pointless because it's gimped. My only choices are reformaing a mod slot, which I'm not going to do because it'll break the build I, y'know, actually use, or farming another inaros and dumping a bun
  3. Yeah I like this idea too. Added it to the OP. As long as Helminth can do per config slot formaing for weapons / companions / archwings / mechs / etc
  4. TLDR: AFAICT the only thing forma polarization does is promote build lock in, which is, IMO, a Bad Game Mechanic. I'm sure forma polarization has been discussed before, but I feel strongly enough about it I want to add my $0.02 to the probably enormous pile. I don't understand why forma polarization is in the game. To the best of my ability to tell, the only purpose it serves is to lock in builds and prevent build experimentation and build flexibility. For instance, I have a Frost build that maximizes armor for high HP bubbles. I can't swap Chilling Globe for an armor mod without ref
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