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  1. So imagine if we got more coins per mission, with a full squad, then. I'd imagine that'd be a real nice amount of standing, if DE allows it.
  2. Oh wow, colour me surprised, I didn't even know fiction was a thing, 'til I asked you.
  3. Every mission I play on Corpus Ship tileset, I always find at least 2-3 prisoners that need rescuing, but I usually only have 1 or 2 Granum Coins to spare for them, due to how rarely the Granum Coin guys can spawn. I understand that much of the Warframe community isn't too morally motivated to help everyone they can, but I find it to be painful having to leave them for dead on a ship that's about to explode (on a successful Corpus Sabotage mission). There's at least 3 ways we can solve this moral dilemma: 1. Tell Corpus to stop kidnapping so many Solaris folks. 2. Tell Corp
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