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  1. Got a ps4 pro. Tossed another SSD in that $#!T Got new router. Still on gigabit. Redid static IP for console, and PSN/Warframe-specific port forwards. Still having problems. Still no reply from DE.
  2. I had this problem yesterday and twice the day before that. Yesterday I spent about ten minutes stuck in the airlock between the open world and the necralisk. Had to turn off my console to leave the mission. The first time, I waited almost 30min- walked away and came back later.
  3. Yes. Go into your settings and edit the matchmaking ping limit.
  4. Having the exact same issue. I saw someone up there say something about switching from hardwire to wifi but I really don't see how this will help. Until about two weeks ago, I had always played hardwired (still do) and everything worked swimmingly.
  5. Hi, Not sure why there's no in-game bug report functions yet but whatever, I'm sure tptb will care enough to add it by 2030. Title is pretty self explanatory- these are the issues I'm having. It all began when I started the New War. I finished the first two chapters back to back and then immediately after returning to my orbiter, I selected the third chapter and watched the cutscene. After that, I went to my navigation to see if there were any quest leads- there were none. The next day, I went to play and I can't remember what it was I wanted to do exactly, but I think I equippe
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