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  1. That would be because you don't get Holokeys from Sisters or Liches yet. You get them from Void Storms, and Void Storms only until this change goes live.
  2. Well, the Tenet Melee weapons are complete trash MR fodder - so do a Void Storm here or there or avoid them altogether, you're not missing out on some great weapon.
  3. The new Tenet Melee Weapons, overall, look absolutely horrid when visible in holster. I've tried numerous ways to make them look ok on various frames and the results are always the same... VISIBLE WHEN HOLSTERED NO.
  4. I feel like the only mod that is obsolete now is Berserker, now Berserker Fury. I've removed it from all builds. Funny, they changed it because they said folks were combining it with Primed Fury/Fury and on not a single build did I have that combination.
  5. I did two separate 45 Minute Steel Path Survivals last night and not a single Primary Merciless - I'm not sure I got any Primary Arcanes at all but Merciless was what I was looking for. Also did all of the daily Steel Path Invasions and none either. Could be just RNG but seemed odd.
  6. Yeah, I'm confused as to why his Signature Weapons wouldn't be primed as well. They can Prime Nidus, an Infested Warframe, but priming his weapons is a bridge too far, because they're Infested. What?
  7. They can't fight us if they can't login.
  8. Nice, I did not know that little tidbit, thank you.
  9. Just finished a void Storm but wait, someone, likely on a PS5, loaded into the Railjack after the mission first and started another mission causing all of us to freeze on the rewards screen, so we all had to quit mission as we were frozen and of course we lost ALL of the loot we had just earned in an Axi Survival. Think if you're going to make us do Railjack it could actually work?
  10. My last three attempts at Void Storms: 1. Exterminate counter will not show up for anyone. Mission will not end, forced to abort. 2. Mission refuses to load, all of us standing on Railjack while the Railjack moves forever, forced to abort. 3. Mission freezes at load screen, forced to quit Warframe and restart. This. This is why no one plays Railjack. This.
  11. Shouldn't have said anything, now you're both gonna get five of the same glyph.
  12. I am glad I got the 5 Forma before this decision was inexplicably made. This makes as much sense as the latest update, so I suppose consistency is to be commended.
  13. This bug has existed for a while but now it extends to the newly added Corrupted Holokeys. When you group up for a Void Storm and then decide to stay together for a few more Storms, problems arise. After completion of your 2 or more Storms and return to your Orbiter you will be light a few things, it used to be that you'd only be missing XP from every mission past the first but now...well it seems you will also be missing any corrupted Holokeys you earned in every mission past the first. The XP bug happened to me again on Monday as I was leveling my Acceltra which went to Level 18 in the Storms but on return to Orbiter was at 15, but that sort of thing has happened multiple times since Sevagoth. The Holokeys bug happened last night (I suspect it happened on Monday as well but I wasn't keeping track as closely). I earned 6 keys in two storms (which should have taken me to 23 total) but on return to Orbiter I had received only 3. I have submitted a ticket...waiting for a response.
  14. This update is a colossal mess. The sisters lich fights are ridiculously convoluted. Having to pay Zenith tokens for the opportunity for RNG but only if you pass the Nightmare Granum void is really idiotic. Having to kill your lich to then have to kill it again in a Railjack mission is an insanely ridiculous change - why is this a thing? Overall this update made me turn the game off.
  15. I've not played the update yet, but any "On Kill" mod is absolutely not getting priority on any build of mine - so that throws out all of the Galvanized and Berserker (RIP).
  16. I beg to differ, I have a few Rivens that are Heat, Cold, Toxin (top to bottom - so Viral & Heat) and they are some of my favorites.
  17. When will we be seeing a complete list of the new Tenet Weapons?
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