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  1. The Archwing Flight/Itzal changes. They seem to be a nice improvement, except for one thing that is not only pointless but also embarrassing. Why grant it a version of 'ripline' when it's a useless ability even for Valkyr? Why are you devs so hooked on using that pointless ability? Sentiment? Please think of a new (and useful) power to compensate for the loss of Itzal's number one ability. About Ripline... it simply needs to be removed from the game completely, or find a way to apply it without ruining the Warframes' movement and powers. Parazons seem like the same tool, so you could have applied the ripline function to that (in addition to what you already did with Parazons). Not Archwings. All warframes could benefit from using it for parkour reasons, which is the only reason why I ever use it on Valkyr. Never for attack. It should be a utility function only, like what a ninja would use it for as seen in movies and such. (If we are still using ninja as a template for ideas in this game.) I believe that this was the original idea for ripline long ago when the game first launched, but then was decided to only place it on Valkyr. About Melee changes... I am fine with the changes, except for one thing. You ruined the keybinds. I can no longer set up my melee buttons the way I always have for years. What was the point in doing that? So channeling is gone. Okay. That doesn't mean keybinds should be limited. That's the keyword here. Limitations. It seems that many 'fixes' lately have been conditioned to be limitations for players, the kind that hinders what makes this game fun for us. Pointless hindrances. Because of the keybinds, I had to learn how to play this game as if i were playing it for the first time. To me, that's ridiculous. Of course i have adapted, but that's not the point. Also some of the weapons were ruined and also the stances, because it seems that some attacks and movements that were useful are no longer useful or were removed entirely. One situation that i can think of is with the Venka and the stances. I can't quite remember which stance, but i couldn't hit anything with the attacks because the movement was so awkward. Good job on the Lich changes. That should help keep players from arguing over Liches during missions. Good job on the Garuda changes and fixes. This is more like it. No pointlessness. No hindrances. About Valkyr... she can be a far better warframe if ripline is removed. Give her a new power, something that works well with her other three (synergy) or what works well for her theme as a melee-focused warframe. Everything else about Valkyr is fine as is. However, there is a problem with Hysteria when switching to gun mode while the ability is activated. Hysteria doesn't work, (as in, it acts as if it was never activated), making her completely vulnerable and confusing to use. I think there is also a bug that continues this vulnerability even when switching back to melee mode while the ability is still activated. This has rendered Hysteria almost useless, and it's due to the melee changes. This definitely needs to be fixed. If this was intentional, then that's another example of pointlessness that i have mentioned in this comment. Please fix.
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