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...staring right back at you.


Words do not make a man understand; it takes the man to understand the words.  --Alan Watts


Only fools love a fool.  No fool will ever love me.  Only a fool will mistake misunderstanding for stupidity or ignorance.  I'm often ignored due to misunderstandings.  I'm often thought of as a fool and even called one or treated as one, but if that were true, then why don't those fools love me?


(Down below is old news, but i don't want to erase it.  I have a different attitude now, but my words still ring true.)

Not that anyone cares, but... after interacting with the warfare community on the forum and in-game, I came to the conclusion over the years that there is something deeply wrong.  I don't discuss it because I wish not to provoke negativity (despite anyone that may claim or believe I'm a negative person and so on).  Things are easily misinterpreted on the net, especially by people too immature to actually think about what they read.  I'm a person that keeps it real and say exactly what is on my mind.  I don't care about emotions or sympathy or even empathy.  Those things never bring forth a solution to problem and instead make it more of a problem.  Can't blame anyone though, it's just human nature that a community will turn sour or rotten after a while despite positive efforts from positive people.  One rotten part can infect the entire body.  For me, it seems the game of warframe is circling the drain and same goes for the community.  I care about Warframe, but it is starting to feel like a sinking ship.  I see no reason to stay onboard.  I will keep an eye on it, but I think I'm pretty much done with everything that is Warframe.  Got to move forward.

To those that hate or despise me.  Rejoice.

To those that understand or even respect me.  Thank you.

To those that don't care or just a jerk about this.  Oh well.  What goes around, comes back around.  You just don't see it yet.

To those that don't know or have not realize what is actually going on.  I hope you all wake up or have some clarity at least, if you don't wish to be unplugged.

I'm not mad at or angry with anyone.  I'm just tired and done.  One day you will be too.

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