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  1. Bah! We should get Umbra forma to compensate for weeks of no drops! 😉 😈 🤪
  2. Do a simultaneous release on all platforms they said, it'll be fun they said! 😵
  3. I can't invite anybody to my session. Uhh, thanks?
  4. There were some changes made to the user interface in the last big update. The stats text on the left in the equipment mods interface seems smaller. Since the update, I started to feel a tingle in the back of my eyes from my them straining. In the Invasions menu, the reward description is now absurdly small! Not all Warframe players are in their teens and twenties. Pleeeeease kindly make those texts bigger, there's plenty of room in the UI.
  5. Bro! I was about to farm this 'cause I got a Riven ❤️😍❤️
  6. DEVs, you really need to specify what time an events end, not just the date!
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