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  1. Hi, I invite friends and after accepting, their ships come and go. I can't play together. When I enter a single game, it throws a random group, but I can't be the host.I checked everything. I even created a ticket, but no response. Anybody got such an error?
  2. I'm not the subject, look at the subject before you come or think twice before writing
  3. When you're discussing something, you say your thoughts on it and it's done. You can't judge people, playing a little too much doesn't make you knowledgeable. I've been playing this game for 7 years, sometimes I've played on different profiles, anyway, don't comment on topics you don't know.
  4. I didn't say spend money, I meant if NW develops like BP, nw develops more, now I think nw is very bad or useless.
  5. Attacking others when your thought is incompatible with another is simply powerless.
  6. What if paid NW had platinum as a reward? What if you can get the platinum back from there?
  7. I would like alternative nw
  8. There is a radio in front of Nightwave, paid Nightwave can come there, for example ))
  9. As in every game, the paid content is always more full and beautiful. Warframe will do the best if it does this.
  10. Nightwave is not bad but not enough, the content is not extensive and varied. Why don't you want the company to make money?
  11. Don't take it if you don't want to, but this tour adds to the game. My rank is 30 and I have nothing to do.
  12. I absolutely agree with you
  13. We need a battlepass. Why not? This is a new reason to be able to play the game. It was much needed for endgame players
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