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  1. Oh cool, i got some questions! 😉 Shoulder Plates: 1. Pls can you fix the Edo shoulder armor by Nekros Prime. I used them all the time for Nekros. After Nekros Prime came out the shoulder armor looks crooked not really on the upper arm. All the other Armor sets looking good and they are on the right place. thx 2. Can you the Prisma Edo looks like the Prisma Daedalus with the clear flames inside? I imagine the flames are only in the 4 shimmering panels not over the hole middle space. that would be cool! VR-Support: I mean 3rd-Person not 1st-Person. I would love to enjoy your "Warframe World" so i can look around and my frame in front of me!!! I saw a video years ago you tested it in the Orbiter. Pls DE 🤞 Thx Mikroby
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