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  1. Klavinmour

    Rivens are implemented very poorly and I don't know if DE cares

    Many games have random stat rolling mechanics, and none are able to balance it properly. If you have ANY control over the stats that a Riven will give, you will then be sitting on an item that becomes mandatory for builds. Keeping Rivens purely RNG based is the only way to keep them fair and balanced. Another game right now that has a good example of this is Vermintide 2. The max level gear has it's stats at the highest possible rating for those stats, but you can reroll those stats as many times as you want to get the stats you want. Which of course makes certain stats more preferable when you know that they will be at the highest possible amount for it, thus creating a fixed meta. DE is pretty damn good, but I doubt they could be the one company that finally balances a system like stat rolling.
  2. Klavinmour

    Dear DE, Please Fix Chroma

    They did fix Chroma's broken mechanics. Chroma is fine and perfectly playable, if he's going to get any changes it'll be announced soon anyways since he's the next Prime. But he is in no way weak now, he's perfectly viable.
  3. You do realise you're not meant to use them in place of the "better" mods, you're supposed to use them along side, giving you more options to boost your strength rather than use mods like the Corrupted Mods which take away from a stat you might want to keep in a healthy positive. You're not meant to replace Intensify with Augur Secrets, it's there to be used WITH Intensify.
  4. Klavinmour

    Arcane Helmets: Function Over Form?

    How about I take away from you, one of the only remaining items in the game that proves you've been here since month one of the invite only beta? Let's take away everything special from those of us who've been in the game the longest, who've contributed to the game's development for nearly 6 damn years, even if they couldn't afford at the time to get the title of Founder. There is NOTHING that can compensate that. You take away Arcane Helmets I know 10+ Founders with Excal Prime who will quit and have enough influence to make at least 100 other players quit. That might not be a lot compared to the 31 million registered users, but that's something DE has been struggling with the past couple of years keeping us who've been here since the start coming back. Trading doesn't count because that Plat can come from anywhere, it's not money going directly from the player to DE. Yes someone somewhere paid for that plat at some point, but it's not the same as an era where you COULDN'T trade, and therefore all plat went straight into the game. Oh my, players spent resources acquiring something they weren't supposed to be able to get? I'm guessing people who hacked Primed Streamline and Excalibur Umbra Prime onto their accounts should be compensated too since DE took those away. A Legendary Core for Arcane Helmets isn't the same because it's not comparable. A mod is comparable to a Legendary Core because it's the same investment, levels of a mod and credits, it's pure time investment.
  5. Klavinmour

    Arcane Helmets: Function Over Form?

    Mods are different. You can't buy a mod for platinum or direct money. (trading doesn't count and neither do mod packs which likely will be removed in the future) And why would DE not removed the Two Handed Nikana stance mod? The weapon for it isn't even in the game yet, so no one should have the mod. The times when DE has removed mods, they've compensated the playerbase by giving each player Legendary Cores to make up for the investment. To us older players Arcane Helmets are the exact same thing as Excalibur Prime, they are a symbol of our time supporting this game, the only reason anyone would have to want them removed is jealousy. There is also no possible way that DE can compensate us if they do take away Arcane Helmets unlike when they do mods.
  6. Klavinmour

    Arcane Helmets: Function Over Form?

    A lot of us old hats PAID for our Arcane Helmets in the early days for fashion and because it was a way to get more power before mods existed. Deleting them would be a kick in the underside DE has promised again and again to never do.
  7. Ping barely means anything in Warframe. I stream the game a fair bit (and play with other international streamers) and have people from all over the world play with me, if your internet is stable people connecting to you can have an enjoyable experience with 300-400 ping. What the problem you're having is that the host has bad internet, or they are downloading something while playing. You can have 40 ping to someone with bad internet and doors wont open, you'll glitch through walls like crazy and all sorts of S#&$ happens.
  8. The point of DNA Stabilisers is to be a credit sink. Credit and Resource sinks are horribly lacking in the game causing veteran players to accumulate ridiculous amounts that we can never possibly use. How will I ever use 1 billion Ferrite and 800 Orokin Cells?
  9. I never said anything about bugs. I said CONTENT. Specifically unfinished content. I even made an example of PoE still being unfinished and needing to be completed. And I've been around Warframe long enough that content being buggy for 2 weeks on release doesn't bother me, because I know how to deal with it or avoid the bugs entirely.
  10. They were hard are work on PoE which they released unfinished and is still unfinished today with at least 2 or 3 enemies left to implement like the Grineer Thumper Tank which has a physical model on the plains but now animations or AI hooked up to it. PoE was rushed, and while the creation of it's base features make creating Fortuna easier, that doesn't mean DE are going to rush such a large project again. To prevent that from happening the team needs to focus on it and the other major content more while it is in development. There's only so many ways you can split a Dev team before it's overworked.
  11. Klavinmour

    Never realized Limbo was hated so much.

    Maybe read what OP says before comparing it to another thread.
  12. Klavinmour

    Riven Rerolls Overpriced as Hell

    Maybe stop trying to get a "perfect" or "god" roll and you wont care about the cost, two + stats are all you need to make most mods you normally use irrelevant anyway. Once you hit the 3.5K cost to reroll it stays at that level, it's fairly easy to manage at this point.
  13. Klavinmour

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    People will easily buy D3 when it comes out. Because D2 will get better over the next 4 DLC just like D1 did. Unfortunately that doesn't mean Team A knows how to make a game, so you're going to get exactly the same cycle of salt. Team B though have earned some respect, especially for being able to put up with the disgusting mess that is the Destiny Engine.
  14. Klavinmour

    Can I ask all warframe YouTubers stop

    6 Years technically.