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    How to kill the biggy spider?

    G r i n d on them.
  2. Mrmelada

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    Changing mod configurations places? Like moving your "B" mod setup of your frame, before your "A".
  3. Mrmelada

    Operation: Shadow Debt

    Unfortunlly im home only for 2 days, once per 2 weeks, Would you kindly, please, extend this event for this duration? I already missed the formorian threat and other stuff, though luckily, im always home for baro, But please, if you could extendthis for 2 weeks, or make a system that is "Stacking" events, so we could complete them without a time limit, it would be perfect, I am in a boarding school, and i can return home only once per 2 weeks, and when i do, i play warframe and i dont sleep at all, wellfare put me in there, so its out of my choice, to be there or not, i just have to. Sorry for my bad english or drama,I just really hope that someone could see that, And maybe, Just maybe, A de employee will see that, And will be kind enough to help me. ( and its not the first time, for example, when i wanted to get nezha, i had to buy him,becausei couldn't get the parts in time for the duration of my staying... , and another one is with the daily reward system, though in my opinion a solution would be an option to get the daily reward from the nexus app...) \i've played this game since it came out of open beta, I remember it all like it was yesterday, only 4 months ago i entered the boarding school, De please...
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    Theory On What The Umbras Are