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  1. It's just like a spova, maybe the augment would only make it affect allies, but in its normal state, it would be useful in XP farming and other missions like that.
  2. I like the idea of it reacting to the new types of orbs, but increasing its base damage would make it way too good, and if was able to scale down, then it would become even more situational.
  3. This isn't that big an issue, since you can get rid of how annoying combined elements are by holding both ability buttons at the same time, but the few times I tried this it didn't work. I do like the idea of maybe the element staying for a certain number of abilities, and you can override it.
  4. I was just saying the progression would be similar, instead of colorless armor, it would be a shield or something like that, maybe in the energy color of the warframe. If it were a shield, maybe it would become more opaque as you gained more armor, or the colors more distinguished or vibrant.
  5. Because I didn’t even know about this feature until I had played Vauban for about a month, and I usually spend about 5 minutes every other game checking my abilities making sure I didn’t miss anything, and when I saw “buff duration” I disregarded it because it didn’t say anywhere what the buff is (since they were added the tips might, but I subsumed my Vauban so I can’t check, but even then not everybody reads the tips for some reason), so I had to look it up. Also, I never said this was something that NEEDED to happen, just something that would bring more attention to Vauban’s utility, and b
  6. This isn’t a major change just something I think would be useful for drawing attention to a specific part of Bastille’s effects. What if there was an effect (like a shield or something) that was applied similar to Atlas’ armor based off of the armor granted to any frames within Bastille’s radius. This is just a visual effect that would bring attention to a part of Vauban’s kit that not many people realize exists, because usually when I see Vauban being played, people bypass the part that gives armor and just activate the vortex, which halves the possible use a team could get out of Bastille.
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