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  1. Do you have a recommendation to make it less luck based?
  2. Yeah, that's what I thought people would say, and I now wish I had designed him to be less luck-based, but in my mind when I designed him, that is what I envisioned this frame to be, a risk-taking gambler.
  3. So I know the community hates RNG-based frames, but hear me out. Passive- High Stakes- Every enemy killed (Excluding bosses the drop items, such as Kela de Thayme) has a small chance to have their drops of health and energy tripled, but also an even smaller chance to drop nothing at all, not health, ammo, energy, nor resources. For example, say an enemy would normally drop 100 rubedo, it would have a chance to drop 100, a chance to drop 300, or to drop 0. There could be an augment that allows the tripling of drops to apply to ammo and resources as well. First Ability- Full House- Throw 5 cards in a fan shape that do damage, and have a 3/5 chance to apply a debuff, and a 2/5 chance to apply a buff seperately to each target hit. A 1/5 chance to slow the target hit for x seconds, a 1/5 chance to decrease damage dealt by the target hit, 1/5 chance to apply confusion to the target, a 1/5 chance to increase the speed of the target, and a 1/5 chance to increase the health of the target. Each target can be affected by a different effect, and the effects will apply for different amounts of time. Second Ability- The House Always Wins- Every chance for something to occur that benefits Dineʼé becomes 100%, for x seconds. For Full house, the buffs applied to the enemies will be eliminated, and it will become only possible for debuffs to be inflicted. Third Ability- House of Cards- Build a house out of cards that prevents enemies from crossing. If hit by Card Throwing, the wall will shatter/the cards will shoot out, and each enemy hit will have Full house applied to them. Health of House of Cards will be determined by how long the ability is channeled for. Casting the ability would work similar to Harrow's Thurible. Fourth Ability- Blackjack- Within a radius, a random debuff, possibly the same ones as from full house, or maybe, it could be any of the debuffs that can be applied by any frame that is in the game, that are normally cast with a timer, such as rest, will be applied to every enemy, with a small chance for a buff to be applied instead, possibly one of the ones used in full house. Also, a random buff will be applied to allies within the radius, maybe similar to the debuff, where it can be any buff that is cast by a warframe, and has a timer, such as roar, with a small chance for either confusion or a slowing effect to be applied instead. The visual could look like a Blackjack table, scaled to the range of the ability. Here are somethings I might have forgotten to mention, all effects would be cast with a different duration, and both of the times where I said that effects could be pulled from other Warframes, the effects used in Full House could be used instead, or anyother effects you can think of. P.S. Another name could be Spieler P.P.S. The name Dineʼé comes from the Navajo word for "risk", and the name Spieler comes from the German word for "gambler".
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