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  1. Welp tested in simulacrum and guess what it feels awful to use. I don't understand why would you still vouch for nerfing khora when they got rid of SE farming? Thats the prime reason for her nerf which is gone.
  2. Not new to warframe and here, just never felt like saying anything until now. Of course there is nerfing in all games, but if they already removed SE farming, what is the need for nerfing khora?
  3. Completely disagree, there are other ways of achieving even higher damage than this with frames that are called "crappy" and take an even lesser effort to pull off than khora. Won't mention anything specific for people like you once again jumping on those frames and taking them to the nerfwagon
  4. Khora to begin with has a very weird and highly unreliable whipclaw but the strangledome made up for all of its problems, by letting you whip through without aiming anywhere, specifically as long as it hits the dome and being one of the most interactive frames it felt so much fun to play her, now in simulacrum my khora can't do shiz against strangled enemies, even having a line of sight at an angle is so weird, it doesn't hit at all.
  5. Why y'all nerf khora?? I spent time and plat for her, devs thats a bad move. God this feels horrible -- please revert her changes WHY THE FLIIPPING HELL NOONE TALKING ABOUT THISS
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